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CJ Warehouses Home and Abroad

CJ has 8 warehouses in total, including three domestic warehouses (Jinhua, Yiwu, and Shenzhen) and five overseas warehouses (Chino and New Jersey in the US, Indonesia, Thailand, and Germany). Among them, the Indonesia warehouse is our cooperated warehouse, and the rest is our own warehouses. Here we

CJ Warehouse

All the Possible Fees to Work with CJ

CJ is an all-in-one dropshipping solution provider, who is devoted to offering a solution for store owners. Basically, we don't charge any fees for our general services like store authorization, product listing, or order synchronization. For other add-on services, we will charge fees to some extent.

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How to Get in Touch with My Agent?

When you have problems while using CJ, we are always there to help anytime. To make sure we can provide support as fast as we can, we have 24/7 online agents for every user. Generally, there are three main ways that you can get in touch with the agent: 1. Go to the Chat Room: Click the icon on

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New Features with Updated CJ.

CJ always tries to offer a better service for you. Therefore, we optimize our page and offer a fresh CJ to you. Then, how does the new CJ look like? The fresh and simpler CJ includes: 1. The New Navigation Bar. 2. The Advanced Search Engine. 3. The Brand-New Functional Icons. 4. The Simplified St

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X Ways to Get Traffic-Influencer Marketing(DROPSHIPPING TIPS)

Influencer marketing is a major source of traffic, in addition to Google ads and Facebook ads. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc., are the leading platforms that work for the “converting influencer power effect." In this article, we will take Instagram as an example to show how influencer m


How to Pay for My Orders?

You may feel confused about the payment procedure on our new version platform when your orders are synced, imported, or created. No worries. Here we have a detailed introduction about the operation. The general steps are: 1. Imported Orders > Select the orders > Add to cart; 2. Click "Cart"

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What You Need to Know About Customized Packaging

As we offer the custom packaging service for dropshipping orders, many customers show their interests. To make the process clear, here we summarize some problems you may encounter and how to proceed. Here are the general steps. 1. Check the types of packaging; 2. Choose the packaging you prefer a

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How to Fix the Orders are Failed to Import to CJ?

You may find that some of the orders are

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How to Get Tracking Numbers?

When an order has been successfully placed on CJ APP, you or your clients will need to know the status of the order. So the tracking numbers are necessary. Then how to get the tracking numbers? We summarize two situations for you. Here are the two situations: 1. eCommerce Stores connected to CJ A

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Find US & EU Suppliers for Your Dropshipping Business around Christmas | 3-7 Days Local Delivery

It's too late to prepare for Christmas, no time to waste on looking for products, creating pages, and testing products. So in this post, I am not going to show you what products are trending and suggest you guys list them. I just checked those products on our overseas warehouses and picked out th


How to Buy Products from CJ US Warehouses?

You can refer to this tutorial if you want to buy products from CJ US Warehouse. Before reading the instructions below, please make sure you have chosen the inventory in US Warehouse. We prepared two instructions considering different conditions: 1. You already authorized your store to CJ. Yo

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Order Logs Available! Get All Your Orders' Status in Hand

For a better understanding of how CJ processes your orders, we added a feature for you to check the status of each order. With that feature, you can clearly know if we have prepared and stocked the products, or if we have shipped it out. The general steps should be: 1. Choose the order; 2. Click "

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