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How to Create an Automatic Order on CJ?

Are you still doubt how CJ helps you deal with the orders in your store? Please follow the steps and create automatic orders on the CJ platform. Main Steps: 1. Store Authorization. 2. Product Searching/Sourcing. 3. Product Listing/Connection. 4. Add to cart & Pay. Here is a flowchart for

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How to Edit Product Stock in Your WooCommerce Store?

CJ inventory will not be synced to your WooCommerce store when you list a product. In other words, if the product inventory in CJ is 5, the number will not be automatically set in your store after you add the item, and you have an option to edit the product stock. Note: Even though CJ inventory is t

8 Evergreen Dropshipping Winning Products to Sell 2020

Selecting products are one of the main steps in dropshipping. Have you ever heard of "evergreen products"? It might be lots of dropshippers' dream products. Once you are listing it to your store and do your advertising, then you are good to go. Orders will continuously flow in like snowflakes whi

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How to Split Overweight Orders on CJ APP?

The customers can split synced orders on the CJ platform. If you want to change the quantity or weight of the package before placing the orders, the function will make everything easy. Note: Shipping methods like ePacket only allow the weight of packages under 2000g, so you can use the function to

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What You May Need to Get Your Paypal Account Back

When you realize your Paypal account has been limited, you need to figure it out and get your account back. Here is some knowledge that can help you. It includes: · What are account limitations; · Why are limitations placed on an account; · Proofs needed to get an account bac


How to Sync Store Orders?

Orders will be automatically synced to CJ if you have authorized your store to CJ and connected your products with CJ's. Sometimes, orders may be failed to be synced to CJ for some reasons. You can sync store orders manually in two ways: 1. Sync from all stores; 2. Set optional stores. 1. Sync s

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6 New Icons for Better Service

CJ has added 6 icons for better service. They offer new or useful functions at Dropshipping Center > Imported Orders. Respectively, let's go through them with brief introductions. 1. Split orders; 2. Order combination; 3. Create orders; 4. Import orders; 5. Export orders; 6. Failed orders m

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How to Email Customers When Orders have been Fulfilled on Shopify?

CJ can fulfill your orders automatically if you have connected your Shopify store to CJ. Now, your Shopify store can automatically send emails to your customers when their order is fulfilled by CJ. Simply follow those steps: 1. Authorize your Shopify store to CJ; 2. Allow Email Permission on CJ; 3

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How to Connect Packages with your Products on CJ Platform?

Many CJ customers prefer to attach packages to the products to make the items exquisite. However, they are stopped by the confusing operation of the packaging connection on the CJ platform. To make everything clear, the article presents a detailed introduction to the aspect. Here are the major st


How to Find Products on CJ?

Whether you're looking for a winning product or to make a connection with CJ, you must find the product on CJ if you want to place orders. On CJ, there are many methods to find a product that you will be interested in. In the following parts, we will introduce some frequently used methods to find

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12 Great Winning Product Ideas to Sell around Christmas

As Christmas is on the corner, you guys must be busy with the Christmas season. Have you found your winning products for the Christmas season? If not, this post is just for you. I spent two days searching for the trendy products, looking for new ideas on Odditymall, Facebook, top dropshipping stores

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Facebook Ads Account Banned? What to Do If Facebook Ad Account Been Disabled | Solutions

As CJ Dropshipping's business grows bigger and bigger, our agents always receive complaints from our customers like these. "Oh, my Facebook ads got blocked, my business has been destroyed," " I just purchased a lot of private inventory, but suddenly my Facebook ads have been banned, all my money we



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