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What is e-commerce drop surfing?

Drop surfing is concept finding more suppliers once you have a winning product. Drop surfing is a made up term which is part of the dropshipping system. Over the last year, the term "Drop Surfing" has been appearing as a marketing term for a few 'fake gurus' to push their online courses. You

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How to Choose the Trending Products for Drop Shipping

Did you find that successful e-commerce merchants often have products that well meet the needs of the consumers? They always get hot products to lead the whole markets. Are they more intelligent? Absolutely not. They are the men who take time to analyze the trending products of the new season via m

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Top 5 Festive Items To Sell All Year Round

In a year around, we may have many important occasions to be remembered, such as birthday parties, weddings, or festivals, etc. Each of these celebrations requires a special type of gifts, decorations, tableware, etc. Therefore, you can fill your party with hundreds of amazing items that are a g

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Recommended Dropshipping Products That Make Exercise Easier

As the weather is getting warmer each day, we begin to take off the heavy winter coat and expose our real figure to the public. This marks we’re moving into a peak season for a workout so that we can get rid of the muffin top and look pretty with fashion clothes on. So what are the products best su

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We Make Drop Shipping Much Simple as Drop Shipping Supplier

Drop shipping is a new fulfillment method in recent years on international e-business. It is a new modality between B2C and B2B. The drop shipping suppliers directly help the merchants to fulfill orders and ship items to their customer, which decrease the stock cost and order-processing time for me

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How to Use CJ Drop Shipping and Aliexpress Better at the Same Time?

It is undeniable that Aliexpress is the best choice for beginners to start drop shipping. There are many different kinds of products and vendors in Aliexpress. Unlike CJ Drop Shipping, most stores owned by couples or brothers in Aliexpress don't have many stocks. Most factories in China sell only t

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The Difference Between CJ Shipping and Shopify Shipping

Understanding the best ways to ship your products to your customers is an important part of managing your business. Before you take your first order, you need to decide what shipping methods you want to apply, and then set up your store’s shipping so that your customers can choose a delivery

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CJ Affiliate Program – New Interface for Being Dropshipping Suppliers

Is there anyone interested in being a dropshipping supplier but having no clues about all the involved stuff you have to deal with, such as the supply of goods, warehousing and shipment, etc.? If you are just the one who’s been in the situation above, then you should definitely check our affili

Shipping Method by Special Line for Drop Shipping ePacket Alternative

It's pretty common that you will find it difficult to choose the proper shipping method to dropship from China. In this passage I will introduce epacket, which is widely used and other alternative special lines, whcih are alternative methods. A common way chosen by most dropshippers is epacket


How to Sync CJ’s Inventory Levels to Your Shopify Store

For Shopify merchants who have been working with CJ to fulfill the store orders, we're glad to inform you that now we can help you manage the inventory level on every product variant. Let's move on to how to enable this feature. There are 2 methods to sync the inventory: 1. Go to My CJ > Authori

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How to Issue Ticket to CJ Management?

This is a message carrying important information to introduce the function of CJ Ticket in CJDropshipping. When you are using CJDropshipping to connect your business, you may have doubts and questions on different aspects, then you have two ways to contact us. The first one is to click the "CHAT

How Much Can You Earn From Drop Shipping?

As you know, drop shipping is one of the easiest ways to make a great profit online. For one, it does not require a huge budget. But how much can you earn from drop shipping? To be honest, it’s hard to determine an accurate number you can make each month. However, we can answer related questions

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