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12 Easiest Ways to Get More Sales on Etsy

12 Easiest Ways to Get More Sales on Etsy
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Etsy is a brilliant place to sell your arts and crafts. But it isn't enough to just open a shop on Etsy and wait for the customers to storm in and order your products. In order to increase sales on Etsy,  you need to be a savvy marketer. In this article, we’ve listed various tips and tricks to increase sales on Etsy and to increase the visibility of your products and store.


Let’s dive in!




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1. Optimize Your Product's Title and Description with Frequent Searched Keywords

To get noticed in the Etsy search results - and on Google - it's essential to make your title and description stand out. Doing so will help attract customers to your product. To get started, use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find keywords people use to search for products in your niche.


You can also search on Etsy to find keyword phrases. For example, you're selling leggings. To get keyword ideas to use, use Etsy search and type "leggings". From there you'll see a list of keywords that buyers tend to use. Here's an example:




2. Write High Converting Product Description

A good and compelling product description will greatly improve your conversion rate.


There are 3 main purposes of product description:

 Entice and capture shopper's attention

 Show how the product can improve shopper's life or solve their problem

 Remove barriers of purchase


Many Etsy sellers forget about these points and start writing the things they want to say, like the color, size, etc. They are good information, but you have to ask yourself, what's in it for your customer?


Let's look at this example from Dyson:



It perfectly blends the cleaner's features with benefits for the user. The customer knows how this fan can improve their home. There are a lot of other big brands that you can learn how to write compelling descriptions from. Lush, Dyson, Reebok, etc.



3. Set up abandoned cart coupon

Go to Marketing > Sales and Coupons to find this function. You need to have something appealing like 15 to 25% off to get those who abandoned the checkout process to come back and convert it into a sale. The higher you can swing, the higher the likelihood of them finishing their purchase. With this tactic, it's not about how much money you're squeezing out of each sale. It's about generating a higher volume of sales overall that you would not have had otherwise.



4. Free shipping

If you can add the price to the item and not bring up the price very much, it's a good idea to use free shipping. That is always a draw and it makes people want to purchase.



5. Abandoned shopping carts

That is when someone goes to purchase an item but they have second thoughts. There is a feature on Etsy where you can send out a coupon code for a person who is about to leave the shopping cart before finalizing the sale. This is an excellent feature and it works very often. It's worth the little discount you offer (10 to 15% maybe), in order to get the sale. A discounted sale is better than no sale.



6. Offer a seamless return and refund process

Building trust with your customers is crucial for steady growth. Offering an easy return and refund process is one of the many ways of achieving it.


Therefore, add a seamless return and refund policy to your products. You can go the extra mile and offer returns with no shipping fees for your customer. If you take this approach, you must be mindful of the cost to you and the impact on your profits.



7. Utilize Social Media

Social media networks are your friend. Etsy is a very visual platform. Therefore, it's good to establish a social media presence on platforms that predominantly use photos.


For example, you can use Instagram and Pinterest to promote your Etsy shop. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions. You can use other social media networks as well.


Explore all the benefits a particular platform can offer and capitalize upon those features. For example, becoming a pin master on Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic to your store.



8. Free giveaways

Who doesn't love getting stuff for free? Well, take advantage of this fact about human nature to create buzz about your online store on Etsy and attract new potential customers by running contests and giveaways.


You can give a special gift of some of your handmade goods to anyone who comments on your blog post and shares it on social media. This way, it increases the reach of your site and raises awareness of your crafts.



9. Encourage Repeat Buyers

Compared to getting new customers, reaching repeat buyers can be way more easily.  Therefore, apart from constantly finding new customers to keep your business growing, always pay some extra effort on maintaining great relationships with your current customers.


First, encourage buyers to join your mailing list. Include the link with your shipping notification, in your packaging, and even create a reason-such as a tutorial or opt-in for them to visit your blog.


You can also boost the likelihood of your customer returning with a thank you coupon. This coupon code is sent 24 hours after the customer completes their purchase. It includes a discount or special offer on their next purchase.  You can set up a thank you coupon in the Marketing section of your Etsy shop.




10. Try Etsy Ads

Yes, it costs money, but Etsy advertising is one of the most direct ways of putting your product in front of potential customers.


Some simple tactics when using Etsy promotion:

 Advertise your bestsellers first as shoppers are more likely to click and buy them

 Then promote your mid-range products (those get sales but not as much)

 Check consistently especially in the beginning and turn off the promoted products that don't sell (especially high views and no sales)

 Make sure the cost doesn't outweigh your profit

 A good tool to use when you are running a sale as shoppers are more likely to convert


You can read more about the Etsy ads system in deciding whether it is a suitable strategy for you to implement to increase sales on your Etsy store.


11. Set Up An Email List

If you haven't sent any emails to your customers yet, write a warm-up email to let your list know what your shop is up to and apologize for being so quiet. After that, send another email the following week. And then another. And another. Until your list gets comfortable hearing from you again. And if you make your emails really valuable, they'll end up high on your customer's list to open.


12. Research Your Competitors

By regularly checking out your competitors, you can know how they are marketing and listing their products. For example, what kind of keywords they are using and where these words are being placed in the tags and description of the listing. Additionally, you can also analyze what you can do better in terms of quality of products, packaging, and shipping and return policies. These little things will help you stand out from your competitors.


Final Thoughts:

You don't need to do everything at once, you can work through these tips one at a time, and see what works best for you and the products you are selling. Just remember, know your target market, take sensational photos, connect with your audience, and network with other Etsy sellers.



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