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50% OFF! Practical Dropshipping Courses for Beginners | Step-by-step Dropshipping Guide Online!

50% OFF! Practical Dropshipping Courses for Beginners | Step-by-step Dropshipping Guide Online!
CJSep. 28, 2021 11:21:485977

How to learn about some practical and realistic dropshipping skills is one of the most important questions that many beginners are worried about.


Recently, CJ Academy launched a new series of dropshipping online courses from Elliott Prendy, a professional dropshipping mentor to help all the dropshipping beginners to learn from scratch.


Here we prepared a 50% discount for the first 100 applications! Unlock whole courses for only $14.35.



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50% discount only for the top 100



How is this course like?


- About the mentor:


Elliott Prendy. 



Elliott started his career as a digital marketer at British Airways. He has run various dropshipping stores over the last four years, starting from a beginner to generating enough income to quit his full-time job.


He specializes in creating niche & one-product stores and has now transitioned from dropshipping into branded e-commerce, running his own suit brand Finley Brice, Elliott believes in a pragmatic & realistic approach to dropshipping, where you build up your store over time & slowly generate enough income to make it your full-time wage.


-About the course:



▪ You will learn the types of dropshipping stores that work best for you.


▪ You will learn how to source products from suppliers.


▪ You will learn how to create your dropshipping store with Shopify from scratch.


▪ You will learn how to market your store using the two best strategies for beginners, Influencers & Google Shopping.



This course is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme but a realistic approach to building up a side income with dropshipping over time.

It is very practical, so you will be shown the exact step-by-step process in setting up a dropshipping business from scratch.


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