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What to Sell in August? Trending Dropshipping Niches Recommendation

What to Sell in August? Trending Dropshipping Niches Recommendation
CJAug. 03, 2020 07:26:22278

Here's the list of the top 100 search keywords from July 16th to July 30th on CJ Dropshipping.



The ranking is in descending order by the searches, I marked the same niche with the same color. We can find that half of the items were on negative growth, so I made their font in a lighter color. From the table we can see that though some keywords had great search numbers, they were on negative growth. So I made another table ranked by the growth.





The items on the left side were on positive growth, items on the right side were on negative growth. This table clearly shows that all of the search keywords of three niches were on the negative growth side, they were fitness products, pet supplies, and bike products, not a single search keyword of these niches was on the positive growth side.


Fitness and bike products had crazy growths in the previous months, as more and more competitors came in, the market has been saturated, the sales of these two niches were not very good over the previous month. But the sales of pet products were still good. The keywords under the personal protective equipment niche were mask, face mask, air purifier, soap dispenser, and thermometer, they had a good performance in searches, but they didn't get good sales, even the masks were not on the top100 seller list. So the three niches I do not recommend is fitness products, bike products, and personal protective equipment.


There are many niches had a good performance in both searches and growth, I selected 6 niches to recommend, they are kitchen products, baby products, massage products, jewelry, home improvement, and pet supplies. Though the search keywords under the pet niche were on negative growths, the number of the searches was on the top, and the sales were good, so this niche is on my recommendation list.


Let's see what you can sell under each niche.


Niche 1: kitchen Products

The kitchen niche ranks top 1 on the list, I marked this niched in pale gold. The keywords are kitchen, knife, coffee, can opener, blender, and water bottle, three of them were on the top 30 growth list. The sales of this niche increased massively since the outbreak of the COVID-19. Kitchen knives are "evergreen" products on our platform, this set of knives ranked #17 on the top seller list of the previous two weeks. This BBQ mat ranked #25, and this ice maker ranked #63. Kitchen products are still a promising niche in August.




Niche 2: Baby Products

The keywords under this niche are baby, baby bag, baby carrier, and diaper bag. We can see the keywords under this niche focused on two products, diaper bags, and baby carriers. This diaper bag is the newest design one, you can turn it into a baby bed then put the baby on the bed so you can change the baby's diaper conveniently. Baby carriers have great demand, and there are many options, you can find 65 records on the CJ marketplace.



Niche 3: Massage Products

There are four keywords under massage product niche, the keyword "massage gun" far prevails over other keywords, got 154 grows. Massage guns boomed last year, but the demand for this kind of product does not fall in 2020.



Niche 4: Pet Supplies

Pet products always have a place in niche recommendation list, this niche never do badly on our platform. The hot sellers are pet bowls, traction ropes, pet safety belts, and so on. The dog supplies perform better than cat supplies, for more hot products, you can check the hot-selling categories on the CJ homepage, these categories are recommended according to big data.




Niche 5: Jewelry

The keywords under this niche are jewelry, ring, bracelet, and necklace. Fashion jewelry is a high profitable niche for dropshipping, as it is tiny, the shipping costs would not be high, this is especially important as the shipping costs are very high for now, and you can sell at a high price by proper marketing.



Niche 6: Home Improvement

Home improvement is a big niche, there are so many sub-niches under this niche. Humidifiers, lumbar support, pillows, and lamps saw an increasing demand for the past weeks. The sales of humidifiers rocketed as summer came, they are needed when air conditioner on. Lumbar support products have an increasing demand, this kind of lumbar support has great potential for summer, it is adjustable, when you move, it fits and supports your waist perfectly, I think it's a great product to sell.



Mosquito repellers were hot in the past months, but over the past two weeks, the sales declined sharply, now it seems not a good time to sell mosquito repellers.





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