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What to sell-Dropshipping Winning Products Box Opening 2020

What to sell-Dropshipping Winning Products Box Opening 2020
CJAug. 03, 2020 08:37:47794

This post is the script of the following video on our YouTube Channel, you can copy and paste on Google Translate to translate it the script into the language you need.



Hey guys, today I'm going to unbox 8 winning products for dropshipping 2020. Before we start today's topic, I would love to share a piece of great news with you guys-the shipping costs of CJPacket lines decreased AGAIN, 4% cheaper to the US, and 8% cheaper to other main countries. This is another big promotion after we announced a large-scale price reduction two weeks ago. We hope this promotion helps dropshipping business easier under the tough circumstance.


This bunch of products are what I would try on today, some have long been a winning product you may see lots of sellers selling them, like this self-stirring mug, and some are new trending products. I picked them out from hundreds of thousands of products from our warehouse, what you see in this video is what your customers will get, so if you want me to test something you are interested, just leave a comment with the product link, maybe you will see it in our coming videos. And smash the like to let me know you like this video, so I can tell whether to make more box opening videos or not, I would really really appreciate your engagement.



Fitness products have an impressive increase since the outbreak of the coronavirus, resistant bands, and yoga products got very good sales for past months, but the competition is too fierce. So I found something new something special, guess what is this snake-like chain? It's the Newest Design Hula Hoop. I find the quality is quite good, it is solid, the surface is smooth, no sharp edge, there is a bouncy massage button of every block. I got an instruction of how to use it, my instruction is in Chinese, but there is an English version, your customers will receive this product with an English manual, as well as English packaging box, no worry about it. This hula hoop seems fun to play, now let me have a try. First, put this pulley on the slide rail, then fit it around the waist, then shake the body, shake the body, shake...oops, what's the problem? The length of the hoop is adjustable, I should make it perfectly fit my waist. Ok, got it. So I should take some blocks off... ok, now it's fit, and the rope is also adjustable, I think it's better to make it as short as possible, got it. Now let me try again, woohoo, I did it! To tell you the truth, I really enjoy playing it, I would love to get one for myself. And it will not hurt my hipbone as old-designed hula hoops do, and will never fall down, very good product. Thumbs up.  



Next, I would like to test a product that is perfect to use after workout-ta-da, a Massage Gun. It has an English version user's manual, four heads, and a charger. This kind of massage guns boom last year, and still sell well this year. The texture of the material I feel is not gorgeous, because I have tried a luxury one before. I think it's high-density foam, and these three plastic, but it is all because of the price, this set is $28, if you want a more luxury material, like carbon fiber, the price will be $60 or more, and now the shipping costs are still at a high quotation, so the margin left for you will be limited. So this massage gun could be a choice to set as an easier to get deals one. It works as well as the luxury ones, I'm feeling good as it makes my muscles released.



Next is a Waterproof Wireless Speaker, there are manual in English, a USB cable for charging the speaker, and a ring buckle. This speaker works perfectly when taking a shower, or camping, you can stick it to a smooth tile wall or glass in the bathroom, or hang the speaker with the ring buckle in a tent. Here is a sucking disc attached to the speaker, it can be removed. Long press turn on the speaker, then connect via Bluetooth, let's enjoy the music! Not bad, but I think the design is too masculine, so the target consumers should be male, as a girl, I don't really into this design.




The fourth product is a typical dropshipping product that customers can not find from off-line stores, it's a Self Stirring Mug. The packaging box is in English, and multi-language on the bottom. This product is very easy to market, the total dropshipping price is only about $6. It is made of plastic and stainless steel, it has a lid with a month so you can drink with the lid on. It's operated by two triple-A batteries, I happen to got two, and I happen to get a bag of milk powder, and a kettle of hot water, let the stir begin. It works well.



The next product I would like to try is a hot product under the beauty niche, it's a Comedo Suction Beauty Device. We got an English manual, a beauty device, four heads, a USB cable, and a bag of consumption parts. It seems quite simple to use, here is a start button, two control buttons, and a digital screen. The screen shows the electric quantity and the suction degree. Put the head on the skin, we can see it suck the skin up, and make a vacuum suction. The suction force is adjustable, we can see it's powerful enough to clean the skin. I think it's a great product to do the facial clean at home, especially when people are not able to do a facial clean at a beauty salon because salons shut down during the quarantine.  



Next is a novel digital product, a product combined with phone case and power bank, let's call it Battery Phone Case. There is a user manual in both English and Chinese. And this case is for iPhone X, so I borrow an iPhone X from my co-worker. These battery phone cases are only for iPhones, from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11, no Samsung or other types available. It's not so heavy as some power banks do, remove the top cover, slide the phone into the bottom, then replace the top cover, the top cover is a magnetic type, very user friendly. Then hold this button for 3 seconds to start charging. As a product around $10, the quality is quite good, the surface is matte, feels wonderful.    




Yoga Mat with Position Lines got very good sales in the past few months, many dropshippers are marketing on this product, so I pick one to check for you guys. I love this mat at once when I touched it, guys the texture is gorgeous, the pattern is beautiful, and it has no pungent smell. The lines are very clear, and the thickness is perfect, it's about 6mm, a very comfortable thickness to do yoga. And there is a wave pattern on the back to increase the friction. All in all, it's a high-quality yoga mat.



The last product is a High Capacity Backpack for business travel. It is fit for a 17.3-inch laptop and 3-5 days of clothes. It is well made, the quality is super good. It is multi-layer, many pockets for different use. This pocket is for smartphone, and this is a key ring, listen to the click, I love this sound. In the main chamber, here is a layer designed for a laptop, there are pads on both sides to protect the laptop.



The shoulder straps can be hidden in this zipper pocket, then it turns into a handbag, this band is designed for a trolley case. And here is a simple anti-thief device. There is no logo on the bag, only a tag attached. You can make a custom packaging for this product, our staff will remove this tag and replace with a tag in your logo. And you can make a custom dust bag printed with your logo for this backpack, make this product looks more expensive to the customers. 


That's all for today's video, hope guys enjoy it. Leave a comment to let me know if you have interests in any hot products and want to see in our videos. Subscribe to us and ring the bell to make sure you won't miss any updates. Smash the like to let me know you like this video. Thanks so much for watching, I’m Demi, see you soon in the next video.