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Overstocking is Over! A New Method Selling Overstocked Products

Overstocking is Over! A New Method Selling Overstocked Products
CJAug. 14, 2020 08:55:27383


Do you have overstock goods in an overseas warehouse that need to get rid of? Are you concern about the high monthly fee and storage fee when you are checking the bill, especially during off-Season? No need to worry about it, CJ will help you out.


We have launched our new supplier system in the last few weeks. As we know, CJ is a B2B cross-border platform for retailers without the supplier chain. If you have product sources and inventory from overseas warehouses, you can put your products on the CJ platform for sale, and CJ users (sellers without sources) will display your products in their stores for sale. After the order is issued, you will ship the product to the end customer.


Goal: Dropshipping from Worldwide to Worldwide

Due to the rapid growth of orders and the continuous expansion of business scale, to improve delivery timeliness and increase user experience, to achieve the goal of "Dropshipping from Worldwide to Worldwide." CJ initiated the investment plan for the supplier project.


After overseas warehouse suppliers put their products on CJ, sellers from all over the world will display and sell them in their stores. They will emphasize that the products come from local overseas warehouses, which have more advantages in terms of timeliness. Suppliers don't need to worry about internet flow, CJ's sellers will divert traffic and create orders for you.



How Can CJ Dropshipper Benefit from this Program?

For CJ users, local delivery from overseas warehouses will speed up the timeliness, not only highly improving the end customer consumer experience, but also strengthen the competitiveness of stores. Generally, if we ship from China warehouse to the end customer will take around 7-15 days with 1-5 days processing time. However, having suppliers with real overseas local stocks, the shipping time will be significantly reduced to 2-3 days with 1-3 days processing time. And there is no additional charge to CJ users, unlike Spocket, which charges users a monthly subscription fee from 19$ up to 299$. Same service but without a monthly subscription fee, Which one will you prefer?



What's the CJ Supplier Plan Bring for Overseas Supplier?

First, our platform has more than 100,000 registered users, more than 10,000 daily active users, and more than 1,000 customers who place orders on a regular base. These customers are full of interest in overseas warehouse products. After the suppliers settle in, CJ will allocate a special section to promote foreign warehouse products.


Second, the user group from CJ is B-end users, most of them have one or multiple online shops. Users like them get steady orders and attract traffic continuously. Once we have established our cooperation, the repurchase rate will be extremely high. In the following chart, you will have a better view of how CJ's operation mechanism attracts internet flow.

Third, the supplier will only need to focus on the quality of the product and be responsible for the delivery and after-sales. There is no need to concern about marketing strategy, which saves tons of effect in time and money costs. You maybe have product inventory in your garage or perhaps in your home basement, as long as you could provide traceable logistics and able to dispatch parcels in time. You have met our requirements to become one of our supplier members.


Last but not least, supplier projects can significantly reduce the inventory pressure of overseas warehouse users. Especially in the current off-season, it allows the backlog and overstock inventory remaining in guaranteed daily exposure and available for sale.



Who are We Looking for?

Any home-based retailers and foreign companies with overseas warehouses have inventories.


It can be an Amazon FBA seller, a third-party overseas warehouse user, or a foreign retailer, etc.


How to Become a CJ Supplier?

There are over 100,000 merchants on CJ looking to grow their businesses with new products! If you meet the following requirements, please don't hesitate to become a CJ supplier today.


For whoever interested in our supplier program, the following requirements must be met:

1) Have real inventory in the overseas warehouse to ensure the dispatching time will be in 3 days;

2) The product can be shipped one by one with traceable self-delivered logistics, and there is no minimum order quantity requirement;

3) You will need to be responsible for after-sales service. We have a point system to scale the supplier's overall level.


To become a supplier on CJ, you will need to provide the following documents:

1) Legal person ID;

2) Company business license;

3) It is necessary to communicate with the CJ supplier department in advance about the location of the inventory and the method of delivery.



How about the Fee Standard?

· Free settlement

· 8% of the transaction fee will be charged after orders have been issued

· No other fees



All the guidelines and requirements mentioned above helps us to build a long-term healthy and stable cooperative relationship. Our goal is to support your business growth with CJ. If you any any questions or concerns mentions about our supplier program, feel free to contact our supplier department( Sherlyn Zhan/ Skype: live:bf628b12de5d491a/ Wechat: sherlyn233 OR Howard Wang/ Skype: live:.cid.111ee83df9dc2378/ Wechat:  CJ-Howard) for further details.