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Unboxing 8 Dropshipping Winning Products / Product Trial 2020

Unboxing 8 Dropshipping Winning Products / Product Trial 2020
CJAug. 25, 2020 09:47:41470

This post is the script of the following video on our YouTube Channel, you can copy and paste on Google Translate to translate it the script into the language you need.  


Hey guys, box opening video again. Today, I will test 8 winning products and show you how they work, so you can tell if they worth you to market. If you think this video is helpful, please leave a comment below or smash the like to let me know, so I am going to make more videos like this.



The first product I picked is a Rechargeable Callus Remover. The first time I saw this product was several months ago, it was a FB video Ad, like this, the vacuum cleaning system is the selling point of this callus remover, the callus will not pollute the sofa, carpet or bed sheet when consumers are using it.


The packaging is very beautiful, like a gift box, because this is a luxury one, there is plain one for option. The printing on the box is in both Chinese and English. Open the box, we got a remover, and it seems there is something on the bottom, we got a box of accessories, oh a full box of accessories, we got two replaceable heads, a headcover, a bag of USB cable and some gadgets, two bags of foot salt and foot cream, and a user's guide. This user's guide is in Chinese. But if you need, CJ custom packaging team can make an English version for you. As far as I know, the plain model, which is a white one is packed with Enligh manual and package, and many sellers are branding this product with a customized logo and package.



Now let's see how the product works. There is a button on the bottom, push it, no reaction? Ok let me try long pressing it, ok works, the noise is a little loud, I think it mainly comes from the high-speed rotating motor. Press the button one more time, it turned to a faster speed, long press to turn it off. The head is replaceable, and this hoop can be taken off to clean inside.


The surface is covered with matte paint, and the color is gorgeous, if you are running a gift store, it is a good choice with the good-looking appearance and nice packaging. But for a general store, the plain one may be a better choice, for the price is much cheaper.



The next product is a Mobile Tripod & Selfie Stick. It is a super hot product, cuz it's super useful. And the market potential is tremendous, people love taking selfies. It is a selfie stick with a tripod, so it can be held or put on a table or a flat platform to record. For a product under $5, the quality is not bad, here is a design on the stick, and here is a remote controller, it can be connected to mobile via Bluetooth, then you can take pictures for yourself even if you are traveling alone, these two pictures were taken with a selfie stick like this. And I found this is also a perfect phone holder, the clip is adjustable, it supports landscape and portrait screen mode, when keeping the mobile upright, it's comfortable to make a video call, to have live streaming or watch Tik Tok videos. And it stands stable and clips tight, so the possibility of falling and mobile damaged could be excluded from consideration. I have to thumbs up to this gadget because I'd already got one 5 months ago, and it's all real comments from my usage experience.



This Pet Bed has been on the top sellers for more than a year, but the sales are still going up. There are dozens of color options and 7 sizes available. This one is 60cm(centimeter), and this one I suppose is 80cm. The largest one is 120cm, like this wide, as large as a small bed, big enough for large breed dogs. It is fluffy and soft, no pungent smell. The only shortcoming of this pet bed, I think is that, I find no zipper to peel the cover off, so you can’t remove the padding, you need to have it washed as a whole.




The sales of this Kitchen Sink Basket rocketed about three months ago, it got crazy sales in past months, and on Aliexpress, many sellers got thousands of orders for this product. This product is very simple, nothing special, a basket and a sucker, suck it on the sink, and the basket can be easily taken off and hook on. I got a beige one, and a blue one, but I think there are color differences from how they look like on the screen, not that bright. We got the inventories in both our US warehouse and Thailand warehouse, delivery time promising. And now we have a promotion for this product, 50% off, only 50cents each, you can sell in a set to increase profits to cover the current high shipping costs.


The first time I saw this Tablet Holder was also on a FB video Ad, I was not into this product cuz I have got a lighter and foldable one, so I think this one takes up too much space. When I got this product, I still thought it was useless, until I put my iPad on it, OMG, there is no wonder this tablet holder got great sales, it is so comfortable to use it. It is soft and stands steadily, and there are three angles, whether you are sitting or lying, you’ll find a comfortable angle with the holder.


Here is a mesh pocket to put earphones, and the cover can be taken off so you can wash it. And there is no pungent smell. I think it is a good product to sell that will hardly get bad reviews.


Next product, a U Shaped Cushion. This seat cushion is pretty well made, mesh cover and non-slip design on the bottom. Here is a zipper, you can take off the cover for clean need. We can see the padding is high-density memory foam, and the upper layer is gel. Let me try it. Wow, it’s super comfortable, and I can feel the cool gel, this design is great when using this cushion in summer.



And I checked the selling price, the total prices for this product are no lower than $25 on Aliexpress, but on CJ, the total dropshipping price is less than $20 for the black one with faster delivery time, and replaceable covers in different colors are available. I have posted the product links on the video description, you can go to list or buy the products I showed in this video if you like.


The next product I want to show you is a 3-in-1 Wireless Charger. This product is used to charge iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch. The surface is in matte black, looks gorgeous and feels great. Different from flat wireless chargers, you can use the mobile while charging with this charger. The total dropshipping price is $22, I think the quality is definitely worth the price.



Today's last product, Electric Vacuum Sealer. This one is a Chinese type, cuz I need to test it with a Chinese standard plug, so you can see Chinese on the machine, but you can choose the type you need, the marks will all be in English.


When I first saw this product, I thought it will be very complicated to use. I have no idea how it works. But I was wrong, it's super easy and fun to use. Let me show you. Put the item on the bag, the item shouldn't be too big, and should not be liquid or powder, or it will not work. Put the pocket month between the two sponge lines, then lock the machine, push on the button, just wait for a moment, it will stop automatically, then pull this button to release the pressure. Look, it's very easy, interesting and cool to seal food or anything you want to seal. And you can choose only to seal the bag without pumping the air out, it is perfect to seal chips. Bags with different sizes are available on the same page, it's better to set bundle sales. All in all, it could be a promising product, sell it before too many competitors join in.


That's all for today's video, hope guys enjoy it. If you like this video, just leave a comment or smash the like to let me know, I am going to make more videos like this. Subscribe to us and ring the bell to make sure you won't miss any updates. Thanks so much for watching, I'm Demi, see you soon in the next video.