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Shipping Lines Comparison Mid 2020-CJPacket/ePacket/CNE/Yanwen/4PX/Yun Express

Shipping Lines Comparison Mid 2020-CJPacket/ePacket/CNE/Yanwen/4PX/Yun Express
CJSep. 11, 2020 02:03:232429

In this article, we're going to compare 6 hot shipping lines for dropshipping in 2020. They are CJPacket, ePacket, CNE, Yanwen, 4PX, and Yun Express. We will compare their delivery times, shipping costs as well as dispute policies.

First, let's see the current delivery times of these 6 shipping lines, we check 20 tracking numbers randomly for every line to 7 major countries. These data were processed from real tracking numbers in the past two months for those orders placed on the CJ platform. Because the tracking numbers picked were just a random part of all, so the shipping times don't stand for all orders, a few may be faster, a several may be slower, but this table stands for the general shipping times for these 6 lines. 

We didn't have many parcels to Australia, Canada, and Italy by CNE, for a precise purpose, We did not provide the estimated shipping times of CNE to these 3 countries. 

We can see that to all these countries, CJPacket had very good shipping times, CNE and 4PX had not a bad performance, but Yun Express and Yanwen had obvious longer shipping times, and ePacket had the longest shipping times, that its fastest times were even longer than CJPacket's slowest times. There is a comment on the ePacket that the "e" stands for eternity, funny.

The US is the biggest market for dropshipping, so the delivery times to the US are concerned by many dropshippers.Shipping Lines Comparison MidIt had delays during the past months, but now it has very promising shipping times than other lines, with amazing numbers, 3-5 days! The delivery times of CJPacket were 6-15 days before, but now it got big progress in shipping times.

Next came Yanwen, the delivery times are 6-14 in August, many of the orders were shipped for more than 20 days by ePacket, more than 15 days by Yun Express, and no less than 10 days by CNE and 4PX.

France is the second biggest market of dropshipping business regarding CJ, so the delivery times to France by CJPacket were obvious faster than other lines, 7-10days, many in 7 days. For other European countries, CNE and 4PX got competitive shipping times as CJPacket.

A good news is, the shipping times to Canada were back to normal, 6-15 days by CJPacket, it had horrible delays in the past few months, 15-25days by CJPacket. But other shipping lines still got very long shipping times, most were not delivered in 15 days.

Next, let's check the delivery times trends of CJPacket, ePacket, Yun Express, and Yanwen to the US from Jan. To August 2020. Yun Express had better performance than CJPacket in the first 3 months, but from April, the shipping times of Yun Express and Yanwen had great ups and downs, and ePacket had ridiculous long shipping times in May and June due to the quarantine. By contrast, the trends for CJPacket shipping times were on a steady decline.



Dispute policies
The next part is about dispute policies. Different carriers have different dispute policies, some have loose policies and some have very strict policies that may take more than one week to settle your problem, that is really annoying, because your customers are waiting for the parcels, and they don't have the patience.

CJPacket has a very loose dispute policy, they have a team to follow the parcels that aren't delivered in time. And once they find the parcels missing or damaged during shipping, the CJ dispute team will resend or refind on the same day.

While Yun Express usually takes 8-10 days to check the problem and a very long time for disputing. Yanwen also has a long dispute time, and a greater chance to lose parcels than Yun Express.

Shipping costs
The last part is about the shipping costs. Let's take the normal product to the US for example, for products weighing 100 grams, CJPacket charges $4.14, Yanwen costs 10 cents more, and ePacket is the most expensive one. For products weighing 100 grams, the cost difference is not obvious. But for products weighing 500 grams and 1000 grams, the cost difference could be 1-2 dollars. For products weighing 500 grams, ePacket charges the least, CJPacket only costs 2 cents more, but as we shared in the former part, the shipping times of CJPacket to the US are much faster. And for 1000 grams, CJPacket has the most competitive price. These prices are for normal products, for electronic and battery contained products, CJPacket, Yun Express, and Yanwen cost the same, but please note that ePacket can only deliver normal products. For products contain liquid, cream, and the like, the costs may be different, you can check with CJ Shipping Calculation 

Now the shipping costs are still very high, they are still “COVID-19” prices. But the trend is downward, the shipping costs declined steadily. CJPacket is going adjust its charge in the near future, the prices will be very competitive.

That's the end of today's sharing.