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CJPacket Ordinary VS CJPacket Sensitive

CJPacket Ordinary VS CJPacket Sensitive
CJSep. 15, 2020 07:03:077422


CJPacket Ordinary? CJPacket Sensitive? CJPacket Fast Line? What are they? What's the difference? What should I choose?


First thing, CJPacket has been split into CJPacket Ordinary and CJPacket Sensitive. The only difference is about the product attribute that they can ship. Except that, the shipping cost and delivery time are the same. Here are all available countries: 


                                                                                          (Updated on Sep. 14, 2020 and just for reference)  


We often say the shipping cost and time depend on the weight, destinations, product attributes, and shipping methods. The difference among different shipping options also focuses on these elements.


But for CJPacket, the difference is about the product attributes. You just need to choose the affordable shipping time and cost. 


Here we make a list of average delivery time and estimated price for a 300g product. From the table, it's clear to get to know what shipping method you should choose. 





                                                                                               (Updated on Sep. 14, 2020 and just for reference)    


The conclusion is:
CJPacket Ordinary/Sensitive is the most cost-effective. It has a good delivery time and the lowest cost. 


CJPacket Fast Line focuses on the fast delivery time but not the cost. 


Most people may want to ship from China to the US. So here are more examples for you.


                                                                                               (Updated on Sep. 14, 2020 and just for reference)    


If you want a lower shipping cost and good shipping time, we recommend you to choose CJPacket Ordinary/Sensitive.

If your business is growing and you guarantee the delivery time, CJPacket Fast Line can be a good option.


By the way, all the ETA and price are edited on September 14th. Please check the real-time ETA and shipping cost here


With any uncertainties, please feel free to contact our agent.