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Custom Packaging


How to Get CUSTOM PACKAGES for Your ECOM BUSINESS- How CJ Packs Parcels for You

How to Get CUSTOM PACKAGES for Your ECOM BUSINESS- How CJ Packs Parcels for You
CJSep. 25, 2020 09:14:473592

This post is the script of the following video on our YouTube Channel .


Hi guys, this is Zoey from CJDropshipping. Welcome to our channel. The customer package has become a symbol of branding. More and more dropshippers begin to value brand building to gain more margins and improve consumer experience. However, most of the procedures for creating a custom package are done online. Won't you guys curious about all the processes behind the screen? Today I'm going to show you guys what the custom package will actually look like when the customer receives it?.   


Create A Brand by Custom Packaging

CJ has our own packaging produce department. Part of our packaging is printed in our own warehouse, and part is printed by the manufacturer. I have placed a test order of custom packaging of the zipper bag with the CJ logo. The warehouse has received my order, and it's under printing. Here is the shooting video from the warehouse. Our staff will typeset the pattern first and then print it through the machine. We could see the design is slowly coloured by printing multiple times. After the packaging is printed, the warehouse colleagues will put the packages on the packaging category's shelves and well organized. I kindly asked my colleague to ship me the custom packaging sample.


Let's take a look at how the zipper bag actually looks like. It is clear with a matte texture and CJ's logo on the center, just like I was designed. Besides the zipper bag, some other excellent custom packaging will also help to build a brand, Like thank you cards, clothes tags, cloth bags, customized shipping bags, watch boxes, etc. Luckily, I just have these samples on hand. I will borrow one product and demonstrate how the warehouse staff pack and how the parcel will be looks like when it reaches the final client. For example, this is a sports underwear came with the original packaging, I will replace it with our custom zipper bag, place it with the thank you card inside the shipping bag, and seal it. It is the perfect packaging for clothing products. Oh, don't forget we also have these cute stickers with the store logo. Imagine sticker it on the carton. Terrific!



How CJ Custom Packages Your Products

We are often asked: My products are irregular objects, could you customize the packaging for me? YES, of course, it is possible to offer you a customized packing branding plan about all kinds of different shapes of products, like round, triangle, square, or even irregular shape. You may also be wondering how do we packing for all these different kinds of custom packages. Here are available custom packaging we currently offer and how will we pack it.


1. Jewelry Boxes or watch boxes.

We will place jewelry in the card slot. Suppose it is an ordinary box without a card slot. In that case, we will put the jewelry with a plastic bag into the box (If there is a flannel bag came with,  we will remove all the original packaging and put the jewel in the flannel bag then into the box.)

For watch box: remove the original packaging of the watch and replace it with a watch box.



2. Box: Glasses case

If there are other accessories, such as cloth bags, glasses cloth, etc. We will put the glasses in the cloth bag first, and then put it with all the other accessories in the glasses case.


3. Box: airplane box

There are two kinds of situations. One is used for clothing, we will keep the innermost layer of packaging, such as a zipper bag into the airplane box. (If a zipper bag appears in the order at the same time, we can replace it with a customized zipper bag. Then put it in the box). For the other type of products, we will place it directly into the box.




4. Other standard paper boxes with lid

We will compare the original packaging size with the box first. Suppose the box is the same size or similar size with the original packaging. In that case, we will remove the original packaging and place it into the new package. Otherwise, we will place the product with the original packaging into the new box.


5. Cartons

The default option is placed directly into the carton with the original packaging.


6. Bags (like zipper bags, shipping bag, bubble envelope, flannel bag, etc.)

Usually, we will remove the packaging that comes with the product and place it in a bag;


Note: If the customized packaging is a shipping bag, then we will use the customer's own shipping bag and avoid covering the logo.


7. Tags

Tags are more for clothes. Generally, we will place the new tags with the original labels.


8. Cards, gifts, stickers, manual

For cards and small gifts, we will place it wherever it has space. Stickers are placed inside the package as a default option unless there are special notes or requests about where to put. Manuals or product instructions usually remain unfoldable and will replace the original one with the new one.


When there are multiple customized packages for the same product, we will combine the above methods. If you have any other special requirements, you can always contact your personal agent or our custom packaging specialists.


How to Create Custom Packaging Orders

First, we will need to create a custom package order. Let's start our design first. Go to MY CJ- CUSTOM PACKAGING. At the pre-designed packaging section, there are all the available custom packaging. You could select it by category or searching bar by SKU or custom packaging name. Let's choose one clear zipper bag as an example. This one looks pretty nice, click lower right area the little pencil to redirect to the product page. Then click start to design, we can uploading the image and adjust it in a suitable place and choose the right variants in product information and click save. It will show design successfully. We could check it at custom packaging- my custom packaging. Let's purchase it to our JINHUA warehouse. If you wish your parcels are packed with custom packaging, don't forget to connect your product with custom packaging before your orders synced. And for each product, it could be connected up to 5 custom packaging now, like a set. How to connected custom packaging with the product, you guys could check our previous video- How to Use CJ Custom Packaging 2.0.



Final Words

Just a little reminder: the high season for dropshipping is back soon and our average processing time for the custom package is around 5-10 days. If you would like to order custom packaging for your parcels, please schedule it in advance. So it will leave our warehouse colleagues some times to prepare your requests. And once you have orders, it won't cause a delay due to the missing packaging. That's all for today's video about the custom packaging. Thank you for watching it, and don't forget to put a thumb up for this video and subscribe to our channel for further notification. Have a great day. Bye~