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Why Sometimes CJ Dropshipping Processing Time is Too Long?

Why Sometimes CJ Dropshipping Processing Time is Too Long?
CJOct. 16, 2020 08:58:564257

Sometimes CJ received complaints of "Why my orders take so long to process?" "Your processing time is much longer than you promised," and the like. In this article, we will go through this problem, why orders take a longer time to process, and how to control the processing time.


Generally speaking, for those stocked in CJ warehouses, the processing time is 1-3days, others 3-5days. These are the processing times for most of the orders; however, some unexpected situations could prolong the processing time. In the past, especially in high seasons, the processing time was long due to the overload orders, but CJ newly launched some warehouses and hired more staff to solve it. You can check our video- a warehouse tour of our new warehouse in Jinhua on our Youtube channel, that is quite a large warehouse, and the daily processing orders in this warehouse are more than 50,000 orders. You can see how CJ process orders in that video. Now we have 8 CJ warehouses worldwide, and more are under preparing and planning, so no worries about CJ's processing ability. Nevertheless, some other unexpected situations make the processing time longer than estimated. Here are the listed examples.



What leads to long processing time?

As you know, CJ Dropshipping does not manufacture those products, so we purchase them from suppliers. For some hot products, we will pre-stock inventories. However, you know there are numerous merchandise in the market, so we cannot pre-stock all of them; most of the products are not stocked in CJ warehouses. Once orders are generated, our purchasing team is looking for the best suppliers to purchase products. Then the CJ team will check the quality, remove the invoice, and other information from the supplier, then repackage and send out to the end customers. These procedures usually take 3-5 days. However, sometimes, unexpected situations will happen. For example, suppliers make mistakes, and sometimes they do not send out products on time, sometimes they send the wrong items, sometimes missing items, these situations all lead to boresome delays. 


Another situation that may lead to a processing delay is the defects or poor quality of the products. As we mentioned, the CJ processing team will check every item's quality after they arrive at the CJ warehouse. Any for those fail our quality checking, warehouse colleagues will return the items and ask for a resend or buy from another supplier. This situation will certainly prolong the processing time.


Furthermore, for orders with muti-products, the chance of meeting the above situations will be greater, like short of one or some products, so usually, orders with multi-products will take longer processing time than orders with one or within three items.





How to prevent long processing time?

Then how to prevent long processing time? There are three suggestions.


First of all, keep an eye on your orders. CJ has a team to check the lagging orders, those do not process in 3 days, but some orders may be omitted because they go over a huge number of orders every day. Now we are working on a feature of checking the lagging orders automatically, once this feature launched, things will be much better. Nevertheless, it is always an important thing to keep an eye on your orders by yourself so that you can take full control of your business. If you have too many orders every day, then you can hire somebody to assist you or ask for a dedicated agent to take care of your business.



Second, sell those with plenty of inventory in the CJ warehouse. Here is an exciting new feature for you guys, you can check the updated inventory in CJ warehouses now. You can check the actual inventory on every product page for each variant. Those stocked products' processing time is 1-2 days; you can expect those orders to be sent out in 24 hours.






Moreover, if you got winning products in your store, it is advised to purchase a private inventory for your winning products, which means fast processing time, and you can buy a private inventory to CJ US warehouse, Germany warehouse, or any other overseas warehouse, then you can enjoy a 2-5 days delivery time. You could refer to our tutorial video on how to buy a private inventory.


You may worry about when you bought too much inventory, but you cannot sell them all out. That will not be a problem anymore because CJ has launched a supplier plan. You can transfer your private inventory into supplier inventory and post them on the CJ marketplace, other sellers will help you digest the stock.