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Find Winning Products from Facebook Ads & Typical Examples Study

Find Winning Products from Facebook Ads & Typical Examples Study
CJOct. 30, 2020 08:29:17983

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Hey guys, welcome to our channel, I'm Demi from CJ Dropshipping. In this video, I will show you how to find trendy dropshipping products from Facebook ads, and I also picked some hot products from those Facebook video ads and share tricks you can learn from these typical cases.


In a previous video, I shared 6 websites to hunt for winning products, check the video here, and one of the websites is Facebook. Running Facebook ads currently is still the major way dropshippers choose to draw traffic to their dropshipping stores. Nowadays the fees of running FB ads are much expensive than ever before, though it is still a cost-effective way than many other ways to draw traffic, most dropshipping store runners, those with limited budgets, will be very careful with choosing the products to test. So those products shown on the FB ads have been carefully selected, they are usually trending, so it's much easier to find a winning product among them.


How to find winning products on FB & How to get constant ads push

Now let me show you how to find winning products on FB and how to get constant ads push.


This is the News Feed page of my Facebook, you will get news feeds from your followed posters, groups, suggested posters for you, as well as sponsored push according to your behavior. Look, this is a sponsored push,  another sponsored push. This is a terrific poster I highly recommend, 5-minute crafts, this is a gadgets collection video, you can sometimes find some great products from these videos, and they are fun to watch. This is a typical video ad, if you are selling the same niche, and want to see more products like this, three steps to get more ad push like this. Like the video, like the page, and click the top-right icon to save the video. Another sponsored push, just repeat the 3 steps every time you see a product you like, then you will get constant pushes of these dropshipping products.




3 Typical Examples Study/Spy on Competitors' Stores

Next let's see what I found from FB ads, and let's visit these stores to learn some tricks for running a Shopify dropshipping store.


The first product I would like to show you is an electric clothes drying rack. Firstly, let's see the video ad for this product. This is a very good typical ad video for a dropshipping product, it shows clearly how the drying rack works, and what you can do it with. And the copy for this ad is also worth learning: two sentences, all the selling points included: free shipping, 50% off, dry your clothes and shoes quickly, both for home use and traveling.


And we can see this ad got very impressive interaction, 22k likes, 3.4k comments, and 8k shares. Check the comments, people may leave a comment if they have interests in the product. There are questions about the voltage, shipping fees, price, shipping times, and the like. And the seller replied to these comments one by one. This is a very important step, you need to pay close attention to the comments and answer them in time, this is a key step to build up trust and direct the traffic to your product page or store home page. 


Now let's go checking the product page, this product offers 50% off, we know that this is a common trick, price high and sell low. There is a pop-up to offer 5% off to promote registration, smart set. And we can see the product page is well designed, well organized, and clear. Payment ways listed, bundle save offer, and ways you can get a discount, all the information very clear and effective to increase revenue per order.



Check all products, we can see it's a typical general store, selling all the hot gadgets for dropshipping, we've recommended this face bank and this magic block game toy in our previous videos. And the menu is very simple and clear, and there are free shipping amount and discount code on the top banner bar. I think it is a pretty well organized general store you can learn as an example.


The next product is a moonlight pen. Old rules, let's watch the video first. The video is very appealing, the young generation will love it. It got 1.7k likes, more than 100 comments, and more than 200 shares. Far falls behind the case I just shared. Maybe the budget for this ad is not as much as that, and the audiences for this product are smaller, and another reason is, the seller does not make good use of the comments to increase the conversion rate, the author does not answer the comments, this does nothing good to draw traffic to his store.


Ok now let's go to the product page. I think this product page is not so professional as the drying rack, no very appealing promotion, no payment ways listed, no pop-up window to remind registration, all these steps will affect the conversion rate. But here is a very smart set, we know that pens are low perceived value products, so the seller sells them in packs to increase the price and profit margin, 9 pack and 3 pack available. This is a common trick to increase the revenue for low-value products, sell in buddle, or in packs.




Now let's go to the home page to see more about the store. From the categories, we can see it is a typical niche store focus on mysterious products. This niche will interest certain groups of people, so the seller may have also placed ads on Pinterest or Instagram where you can target advertising better.


Next, let's see a FB ad for a galaxy projector. This product video just shows the fancy effect the projector brings to your rooms. This product is an "evergreen" bestseller for dropshipping, it has been the top sellers on CJ Dropshipping for more than half a year. This ad video got 4.8k likes, more than 6 hundred comments, and 9 hundred shares. This author only answered a few of the comments, it is better to answer as most comments as you can to get higher traffic and conversion rate.


Now let's go to the product page. The common trick again, price high, and sell low, actually the seller does want to sell at $75, but he priced higher and offered a discount, let the potential customers think it is on promotion so they will be more likely to place an order. There is a good setting, show the local currency. But the product description is not good, it's better to add more images, gif, or videos to show the product, in this blank area. We can see there are reviews on the bottom, but this may not be the real reviews from the customers, there are apps to import reviews from Aliexpress, this is a trick to win trust from the potential consumers, then increase the conversion rate.




Final Words


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Thanks so much for watching, have a nice day.