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Welcome to CJ POD

Welcome to CJ POD
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POD is the expertise of CJ Dropshipping, a dropshipping company that strives to be the best within the dropshipping industry. With global warehouses and a database of products as well as worldwide shipping, it is one of the best and most popular print-on-demand sites based on traffic and feedback and combined with dropshipping makes CJdropshipping a great choice. The only thing you need to do is to sell online Print on demand products and to do marketing. We will help you source, Print and ship to customers. 

We print logos, photos and texts of your demand. It mainly has two main purposes for a custom design: Firstly, to build the brand for shop owners and secondly, to satisfy your customers. This allows you and your customers to add special designs to our products in the "Print on Demand" area. If you have great design ideas, you can design by yourself. And you can also provide opportunities for your customers to express their creativity and uniqueness.

Why choose us? 

· Unique Products - Thousands of printable products like Jewelry, Phone Cases, Mugs, Pillows, T-shirts, Shoes, Bags, Bedsheets, and many more. On top of that, there are also printable products that are suitable for most holidays, such as Valentine's Day.

· Competitive Price - We fulfill your demands from china, which gives us the advantage of producing great quality products but at a much cheaper price, allowing you to enjoy higher profit margins and satisfying your customers at the same time.

· Smart POD feature - CJdropshipping's smart and convenient POD feature helps drop shippers to easily allow their customers to upload pictures and text, no need to send these files by emails. Once you list CJ's POD products to your store or connect your Shopify POD products with CJ, CJ's POD feature will be synced to your store product page, and customers can directly upload images and text when placing orders. And these files will be directly synced to CJ together with the order.

· Quality checking  - We thoroughly inspect all our items before shipping them out as a mandatory process, regardless of the order volume. You can rest assured that your customers will get nothing short of a great product.

· Fulfillment and Shipping - Providing Print on demand, Fulfillment, and Dropshipping service at affordable prices for our dropshippers worldwide. With the 6-years of experience, CJ is mature and professional at fulfillment.


Our Advantages

· Free Signup, No Monthly Fees - Registration at CJ Dropshipping is completely free, and we don't charge a monthly fee. No hidden fees, you only pay when you have an order ready to be shipped out.

· No Minimum Order Quantity - There is no MOQ request for your order quantity. You do not have to worry about any unsold inventory or have to purchase expensive printing equipment. 

· Local Factories Joined - We can provide directly or find a good supplier in China with a better price through our vast network of suppliers. We are a Chinese company so we know the market very well. It's easier for us to negotiate the price for our customers. 

· Branding Options - We can print or engrave your company or personal logo on the products. What's more, CJ can also add your logo on the polybag, zip bag, box, or thanks cards, custom stickers. If you want to engrave a mark on the product or put together an existing product in a subscription box, in a gift set, or in some kind of holiday bundles, CJ can help with that as well. 


You don't have to worry about product printing, shipping and product inventory. We promise to provide you with the best services and the lowest product price with guaranteed quality. Start your business now with CJ POD.



Contact Us

If you are interested in us and want to have deep communication with our agents, please click the following chat links and any link is fine.
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