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How to Set a Default Shipping Method for My Store?

How to Set a Default Shipping Method for My Store?
CJDec. 22, 2020 09:33:183211

A default shipping method can help avoid repeated clicks when your store orders come into CJ. The orders meeting the requirements will have a shipping method automatically as what you set before.


You can set the default shipping methods for two situations:


1. Set for your store;

2. Set for your products.


The following are the introductions of these ways:



For your store:


Step 1: Go to the Authorization page, and click "Store Logistics;"




Step 2: Click "Add Shipping Method". You can add 3 shipping methods at most. 



Step 3: Select the priority and save.




For products:


Step 1: Go to Products > Shipping Method, and click the gear icon;






Step 2: Click "Add Shipping Method" and select one to add;




Step 3: Set the priority and save.




That's all the information about the setup of default shipping methods. 


If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact your agent for help.