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4 Core Tips to Improve Your FB Ads (Engagement & Conversions) | Dropshipping Tips

4 Core Tips to Improve Your FB Ads (Engagement & Conversions) | Dropshipping Tips
CJJan. 25, 2021 09:53:271124



Facebook ranks as the number one social media site to draw traffic and drive purchases for countless eCommerce business. As for dropshipping, Facebook ads are still the no doubt top choice to quickly scale up your business, which makes creating effective Facebook ads very important for your business. So today, I would love to share my shortlist of 4 tips for improving your Facebook ads. 


What makes a good Facebook campaign?

Before we talk about improving your Facebook ads, let us make sure what makes a good Facebook ad campaign. Generally speaking, if your ad got a lot of engagement, this could not be a bad campaign. Besides, if your ad got a good conversion rate, you got many orders from that campaign, you got a high ROI, then you know it is definitely a great campaign. All we have to do is to interest the audiences, get more engagement, and a high conversion rate.


1. Create eye-catching visuals.

The research said it takes only 2.6 seconds for a user's eye to choose where to land on a webpage. The use of eye-catching imagery increases the chances your audiences' eyeballs will land on your ad. Here are some tricks you can adopt to create more eye-catching visuals:


· Adopt high-contrast colours. Like the example I showed you just moments ago, human eyes are sensitive to colours, and high-contrast coloured advertisements can catch people's attention at once. As the background colour is white, and the dark mode is black and dotted with blue colours, so your ads visuals should not massively use these three colours or similar colours, or your ads may hide in the background, and hard to be spotted, which definitely does no good to your ad campaign.


· Don't overload images with text. Instead, Facebook recommends you use text sparingly in pictures if needed. Instead of crowding visuals with text, consider moving the copy to the designated text area. There is a saying, and one image carries information of 1,000 words. So why spurn the opportunity of conveying more information about your product?


· Use GIFs or videos. Movement imagery usually has a better performance than static imagery. We found nowadays, sellers are more likely to opt for video ads over image ads, for videos nab audiences' attention easier, and they convey more information to the audiences.


2. Keep the copy concise and clear.

We know that Facebook users scroll down the home page to see what their friends are doing or to get interesting pushes, they don't have purchase intention. If people want to buy something online, they will go to marketplaces or Google for it. Facebook users are not likely to read the lengthy text. If you want audiences to buy your product, it's unwise to let them do the reading comprehension. Just use several sentences to express your intent. In addition, there are extra 2 points you need to pay attention to your copy:


· Get personal. Using personal pronouns like "you and your" suggest a relationship between brand and audience. Besides, be careful with "we," "we" is better used with returning customers.


· Avoid jargon. Speak in your audience's language, not a technical vernacular no one will understand. This is a big obstacle to get a high conversion rate.


3. Set a direct call-to-action

Like I have shared in tip2, Facebook users do not have the intention of purchasing anything. They may have an interest in your ad, but they are leaving very quickly. So set a direct call-to-action is essential to get a good conversion rate. Strong phrases like "buy now" or "sign up" are great to drive purchases.


4. Broaden your targeting audiences

When creating an ad, you can set your audience in by creating audiences. Besides the general settings, you can set detailed targeting, set it with the Ads Manager. With the Ads Manager, you can create a Custom Audience, and you can also create a Lookalike.  If you have data sets such as an email subscriber list, you can upload it to Facebook to find pre-existing customers on Facebook. Go a step further and use your custom audiences to identify Lookalike Audiences, which are new users that have similar profiles to your customer base. Facebook will find more users similar to those you have specified. Not only does this allow you to reach more people, but it also has the potential to drive more conversions at a lower cost per conversion.



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