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What to Sell During the Chinese New Year

What to Sell During the Chinese New Year
CJFeb. 09, 2021 05:38:531307


Nowadays factories in China have all closed. You may wandering factories are closed and available logistics are limited, I probably should press the pause button for my business. Why CJ still keep recommend products? Our customers ain't get it anyway. However, that's not true. Under such precarious conditions, many dropshippers stop advertising, but you are still there, maybe you will have unexpected gains. 


If you haven't stocked your private inventories, don't worry. CJ has figured out the solution for you-local stocked products from our global warehouses and China warehouses. Many dropshippers are quite familiar with our overseas warehouses. It has local stock in different countries, able to provide 3-7 days free shipping. However, products from global warehouses can only be issued in the stored country, limiting available stores that offer international shipping.


What's more, we have summarized all the products with local inventories in our china warehouses, and you can find all stocked products under each category, please check our locally stocked products here. Plus, we have arranged staff on duty in our China warehouses to ensure your orders' fulfillment in time. These two factors combined will significantly reduce the extremely long processing time due to factory closures during the holiday. That's why in this article, we will present 9 innovative, locally stored products from CJ China warehouses. 

Floating Ball Shooting Game
The first product is a floating ball shooting game. By putting the balls on the corresponding grooves, then turning on the switch, the balls will float in the air. Then you can take the gun, start the game and aim for it. Since it is made with plastic, parents won't worry about kids get hurt while playing. It's a creative toy to promote family bonding and reduce stress, can also be used as a warm-up toy for friends union. It is suitable for toy niche, gift niche and party niche. We currently have 277 units in the China warehouse and the product price is 5.8$. The total dropshipping price is $23.15 by CJPacket Liquid. Since the product is stored in our warehouse, the processing time will be extremely short. And we will arrange for parcels to ship out in 24 hours.


Wifi Garage Door Controller
Thwifi garage door controller is a problem-saving product that connects well with smart home applications like Alexa, Google home. After installing the monitor and sensor on the garage door and connecting with the app, you can simply close or open the garage door by voice control, time control, one-key control and remote control. There is no need to run up and down when you forgot to close the garage door. Even when you at work, you can effectively detect whether someone breaks into your home through the garage. This product costs $14.52, and the total dropshipping price is $22.87 to the USA by CJPacket Sensitive. And we currently have 95 units in the CJ warehouse. This product's target audience can be people who own a smart home system or concern about home security.



Coffee Carving Pen
The kitchen niche is trending in Q1 since the second wave of pandemic and gift season. This product has 501 units stocked in the CJ China warehouse and it only costs 2$. If we plus the USA's shipping cost, the total dropshipping price is 6.27$ by CJPacket Liquid US, which is still lower than 10$. This product is the saviour for people who have no hand-eye coordination. With this product, everyone could be a barista or Pâtissier. Press gently on one end of the pen body, open the lid, put cinnamon powder or other selected powder into the pen holder, then cover the lid and press the button to start drawing in a latte or other bakery. Five colours are available, pink, red, green, white and yellow. It is suitable for the kitchen niche or gift niche.


Portable LED Makeup Mirror
This product is a combination of an LED makeup mirror and wireless charger. There are always many items in girls' bags, like a mirror, cosmetics, oversized power banks, etc. But with this product, we don't have to bring that many items. Just one mirror saves so much space. The LED effect can better touch up makeup, use as the fill light at selfie time. And when you need a charger, it can turn to a wireless charger, certificated by Qi standard. Perfect for beauty niche or phone accessory niche. It has 102 units stocked in the CJ China warehouse, and each product only costs $8. 32. it currently has 2 colour options available, pink and red.


Baby Head Pillow
This is an anti-fall cushion for infants or toddlers, designed in angle style or bee style. Backpack style baby can wear it all day. The soft and fluffy design makes the baby more adorable, even look like the real angel falls to earth. Except for the look, the ergonomic shape can well ensure the baby's head safety and provide a gentle neck support. It suitable when a baby is sitting in strollers, cars, airplanes, etc. It is suitable for babies from 4 to 18 months, a perfect gift for a baby shower or birthday. It is currently on sale, costs from $1.02-$1.30, and has 28 units in our China warehouse. If you are interested in this product, hurry up your time before it sells out. I have put all the product links in the description section, don't forget to check it out.



Household niche, especially small electronic applicants, are trending in Q1. The next coming two products are under this category. They are cost-effective and have large inventories in our China warehouses. There are portable hand-held stream iron and portable car vacuum cleaner. Thportable hand-held stream iron has purple and blue two colour options, comes with one base, one cup, one plush brush. It can quickly iron the clothes' wrinkles, and after changing the brush head, you can also remove the pet hair from the clothes. This is a must-have product for travellers. It costs 11.9$ per product and we have 269 items in stock.

For the vacuum cleaner, it has 208 units in stock and only costs $3.57. The total dropshipping price is $16.33 by CJPacket Sensitive to the USA. I strongly believe this price among the car vacuum cleaner is quite competitive, lot of margin gap left. Let’s check on the product. It has a strong suction capacity can even lift a phone. The product comes with one regular head and one brush head that can effectively clean up all kinds of dust and debris hidden in the car, even drain the water stains. It has three colours available, black, orange and blue. If you are running a general store or household niche store, think about these two.

3D Fluorescent Board
if you are running a toy niche store or general store, you definitely can't miss out on this product. It's a magic board when you draw on the board in the dark, and you will see the luminous effect on your drawing. Fluorescent board and pen can be sell as a combo or separately. I do recommend you sell it as a kit for a higher profit. Plus, we currently have a discount on the combo for the A3 size board and 2 light pens. The previous price is 2.49$, and the current price is 1.74$. With 217 units in stock, you don't have to worry about the situation like receiving orders after advertising, and then the product is out of stock due to Chinese New Year.

Multi-function Electric Water Exchange
This product comes with all English package and instructions printed on the side. Simple to use, just connect all the tube as instructions shows and connect the power. By press the start button, the machine will wash sand, purify water and drain the fish poop and dirty to the outside directly at the same time. It is suitable for both fresh water and seawater. Three kinds of adaptors are available for British, American and European voltage. The product price is 9.5$ and the total dropshipping price is 26.74$ to the USA by CJPacket Sensitive. It currently has 197 units in stock.


Last Word

Here are the 9 creative trendy local stocked products to sell during factory closures. If you haven't prepared any inventories or just started your dropshipping business, hope these products will help you out. Looking for more locally stored trendy products, why not check out our global warehouses. All the products from CJ global warehouses have inventories and will reach the end consumer within 3-7 days. If you have any concerns or questions about the locally stored products in the China warehouse, please contact our agent for more details.