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Easy Management & Automation For Your Dropshipping Business with AutoDS

Easy Management & Automation For Your Dropshipping Business with AutoDS
CJ2021-03-24 11:08:1930

More and more new entrepreneurs are starting their own online businesses via dropshipping these days because of all the benefits it reveals. However, there are huge earning gaps between the businesses; some people are achieving 6-7 figures per month while others still struggling. Not surprisingly, behind every successful dropshipping store, there is a dropshipping tool helping it run smoothly and efficiently. From importing products, price and stock monitoring, store optimization to automating orders. Whether big or small, these tools are crucial for every dropshipping store to be able to scale properly. And here is how to save time and simplify your dropshipping experience with this magical tool: AutoDS-the dropshipping tool.


Product Importing To Your Store

US vs. China Import

When selecting a product to sell from CJdropshipping, you will see the option to choose "Shipping From." You will have a dropdown menu present itself where you will need to click on either US or China.


If you want to choose products from US warehouses only, you can do so. Simply filter by clicking US Warehouse on the top menu, and you will see all your product options.




AutoDS Helper


AutoDS is a comprehensive dropshipping tool/helper specifically designed for dropshippers. Its developing team has created its very own Helper Chrome extension to save you time. One of its functions is an item grabber to ease your daily work routine and help you increase your sales.


The Helper allows you to grab items from the supported suppliers' sites in just a few clicks of a button


For example, you could go to CJdropshipping, search for a keyword, click the extension’s icon on the bottom right side of the page, and click "Extract" to extract all products from the current page into the grabber table.





Bulk Imports

Save time on importing products to your store—no more single imports and working on one product at a time. Bulk imports are easy and efficient. When adding products to your dropshipping store using AutoDS, you have two options for bulk importing.


You can simultaneously take multiple product URLs or IDs and copy-paste them to the area shown in the image above. Or, using the Helper extension, if there is a product page on CJdropshipping you like, click the extensions “Export as CSV” button to download a CSV file immediately. 


Then, go to the ready file, select which items you want to import from the list, and upload the CSV file to AutoDS to start the import process.



Price & Stock Monitoring


Once you're done importing, you need price and stock monitoring. This is an essential feature that is critical for your dropshipping store. Without price and stock monitoring, your store and its products are not safe. Here is an example of why.


Let’s say a product you are selling suddenly goes out of stock. You are not going to be stuck sitting in front of your computer all day checking each product to see its status. So, if the product slips out of stock and you have not updated that in your dropshipping store, that product can still be bought by your customers.


If you get a sale and the product is no longer available, you will need to cancel the order and lose a saleThat's not good! Customers might start doubting the reliability of your store. The same can happen with a price change. If your supplier decided to increase the price and the change was not automatically synced to your store, you will not necessarily lose your sale, but instead, you will have a sale with no profit. No one wants that.