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Top 5 Successful Dropshipping Websites/Stores To Learn From

Top 5 Successful Dropshipping Websites/Stores To Learn From
CJMay. 20, 2021 08:24:331321

Learning how to set up your dropshipping website is crucial when running a dropshipping business. But somehow, you will find it hard to drive more traffic to your store and feel lost about breaking the deadlock. It is necessary to learn from others and find out what is missing in your store. Today, this article will introduce successful dropshipping websites for your reference and you can learn how to create a successful website on your own.

What a Successful Website looks like?

1. Unique Selling Point

The essence of a unique selling point is all about how to distinguish your website from others. When you choose the niche to start a dropshipping business, you should ask yourself the question--what’s the unique selling point? This question is throughout the dropshipping business. So it is in the process of building a website.

Many stores lack a sense of identity. Nowadays, setting up a website can be finished within seconds by using the formula offered by website builders. So your website may look just like others, and there is no unique or special style. Here’s how you can develop your own unique selling point:

  • Custom fonts
  • Your own photograph
  • An impressive logo
  • Personal website design
  • Unique product

The key is to create your store with your own idea and style. Put your personal stamp on your store and be proud of it.

2. Great social media following

Social media is a popular way to do business today. It is a powerful weapon to scale up your business and improve traffic. In addition, using social media allows you to enter or amass communities which are invaluable sources of information about what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what you need to be doing in the future.

3. Great SEO score

Those successful stores share one thing in common. That’s a high rank of SEO score. Every seller wants their store to rank top on Google for the keywords that their customers and potential customers are searching for, but how can you do that?

SEO is a long-term and time-consuming task, which is penetrating various industries. Talking of SEO, there can be no end to it. But you can follow some simple tips to make your site perform better in SEO.

  • Install an SEO plug-in. Shopify has a wide range of SEO plug-ins on its app store that analyze your site and give you suggestions for optimizing your SEO.
  • Be original. Original contents are favored by Google. The more original contents show in your store, the higher rank your website can be.
  • Write a blog. A blog is in essence a way to improve the exposure of your website. You can use the blog section to advertise your products, build external links with others, and eventually drive more traffic to your site.

Top 5 successful Dropshipping Stores

Notebook Therapy

Niche: Japanese and Korean Stationery

Peak traffic: 273.8K (November 2020)

Unique selling point: Notebook Therapy has clear, simple product designs and custom fonts, hand-drawn doodles, and color schemes.

Incredible Instagram following: 1.3 million followers enjoy product updates and short tutorials on cute art creation. Their Instagram following is linked with their impressive YouTube following to maximize the impact of young influencers on both platforms.

Great organic traffic: Notebook Therapy’s blog offers articles on how to draw certain doodles along with the best types of stationery to use. This generates a ton of organic traffic from young, Western enthusiasts of East Asian culture.


Oddity Mall

Niche: Unique and wacky gifts

Peak traffic: 1.7M (December 2020)

Unique selling point: Almost everything linked by Oddity Mall has huge potential to go viral.

Large social following: If 3.2 million Facebook fans aren’t enough, what about over 10 million unique viewers monthly on Pinterest? These are frankly tremendous numbers and they contribute so much to the revenue of the store.

Organic traffic: The amount of detail in gift guides such as ‘unique gifts for gadget lovers, or in blogs like ‘10 unique toasters that belong in your kitchen’, means that Oddity Mall generates huge organic traffic through their writing. This means that they don’t have to rely heavily on expensive paid adverts.

Until Gone

Niche: Daily deal

Peak traffic: 1.1M (November 2020)

Unique selling point: Until Gone changes the button for shopping with “Grab it”, creating an easy and free shopping experience. Also, it values the trust of customers and provides warranties on all goods.

Loyal followers: It enjoys over 26,000 Facebook fans, but the customers will repeat buying products because they offer a rewarding program for loyalty. Until Gone offers exclusive coupons and up to 3% cashback.

Natural organic traffic: Ranks high in the U.S for ‘until gone’, a keyword that receives 6,600 monthly searches in the US alone, and its organic search remains pretty high.

Blue Crater

Niche: Hilarious and personalized gifts

Peak Traffic: 72.7K

Unique selling point: Blue Crate specializes in personalized gifts. There is still the potential for this in dropshipping, you just need to get products sent from your supplier to a printing or packaging company before they arrive at your customer.

Great following: Their young audience can, and do, keep up to date with the latest products through Blue Crate’s great integration of Facebook and Pinterest.

Good organic traffic: Colourful design and funky shapes really help Blue Crate to stand out. Since April this year, they start to update blogs, and the keywords and SEO have gradually paid off, receiving 5.9K organic search traffic in total up to now.

Dog Pawty

Niche: Dog supplier

Peak traffic: 19.2K (November 2020)

Unique selling point: The store isn’t limited to just dogs. They’ve branched out their merchandise to ensure that dog-obsessed owners can buy doggie-themed shirts, mugs, and even jewelry, which has expanded their revenue potential.

Social media following: It has over 320k followers and some viral videos of individual products. Still yet to effectively link Instagram to their site, though.

Blogs to attract organic traffic: Writing about what’s best for dogs is a great way for Dog Pawty to attract traffic, plug their products, and collect some affiliate income from other dog sites. The blog is fairly basic at the moment, but regular updates will help to push up the store’s overall SEO score.