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Facebook Payment is Now Available on Shopify while Shopify Develops Inbox Function... Dropshipping News Weekly Updates

Facebook Payment is Now Available on Shopify while Shopify Develops Inbox Function... Dropshipping News Weekly Updates
CJJul. 22, 2021 07:45:151293

Welcome to our new column: Dropshipping News Weekly Update Vol.08

This week we prepared five dropshipping news for you to catch up with.


U.S. social e-commerce sales growth is expected to reach 36% in 2021

The latest data released by eMarketer shows that the total sales of social e-commerce in the U.S. market this year is expected to increase by about 36% year one year, reaching 36.6 billion dollars. This increase is slightly lower than the one in 2020. Affected by the epidemic lockdown, U.S. social e-commerce sales in 2020 increased by 39% year-on-year. In contrast, the total sale of social e-commerce in the Chinese market in 2021 is expected to reach 351.6 billion dollars.


eBay launches "eBay fulfillment by Orange Connex" service plan

Recently, eBay announced that it would launch eBay fulfillment by Orange Connex service plan for all sellers. According to the announcement, the plan will provide sellers with end-to-end, one-stop warehouse and distribution logistics services through cooperation with logistics service providers. It could also increase the delivery speed, provide more reliable services for popular items and reduce the cost for sellers. It also can reduce the operational complexity of distribution costs for sellers and help sellers develop global markets.


Shopify cooperates with data service provider mParticle to provide users with personalized purchase push

Mobile data analysis service provider mParticle announced its cooperation with Shopify. Through this cooperation, mParticle will be able to obtain user information and user historical purchase behavior data from Shopify. It then will analyze the user's consumption habits, integrating with user information data collected from other multi-channels, and provides users with a user-friendly purchase push service. After the user made a purchase, Shopify can push related after-sales service to the user through the order status feedback from the system.


Facebook payment will be open to Shopify merchants from August

Social media giant Facebook announced that it plans to separate Facebook Pay from its ecosystem and start working with Shopify in August. US users will be able to use this payment method to make purchases from businesses supported by Shopify. At present, Facebook Pay is limited to be used on Facebook's platforms, including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


Shopify launches chat tool ---- Shopify Inbox, said it can achieve a 70% conversion rate

Integrated Ping and Shopify Chat into one, the new Shopify Inbox can now bond with both Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat, which enables all the messages, no matter it’s from the online store, emails, or social media, centralized on one platform. The platform can be used for free, but currently only supports APP-downloading on iPhone or iPad. According to Shopify, by chatting to the customer directly through Shopify Inbox, the selling conversion rate is up to 70%. Shopify Inbox also plans to support Instagram binding in the future. Shopify claims that during the epidemic, business priority shifted to the online model, and merchants have begun to use chat as the main sales drive.