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5 Strategies to Improve Your Q4 Selling | Dropshipping Tips

5 Strategies to Improve Your Q4 Selling | Dropshipping Tips
CJNov. 16, 2022 08:45:221877

Q4, which is the time of year with the most people shopping online, and for eCom business beginners, you definitely want to ride the wave and make the most out of this biggest online shopping party.


In this blog, we are going to share with you some tips to help you improve Q4 sales, which is also a warm-up for Q1 of next year since we know that as Christmas approaches, the Chinese new year is not that far away, so let's start to get prepared asap.


Here we’ve also collected a list of amazing apps with powerful functions to help you boost sales in Q4, so don't forget to save this article for further use!



#1 Make your discount more enticing to win shoppers hearts


That 20% off, and 30% off discounts are becoming less appealing to shoppers since they have already seen a lot of the same old things and they can compare the prices directly.


So instead, you can create a special discount that shoppers can only get from your website rather than cut the unit price directly, which may leave you a thinner profit margin and do no good to your evergreen campaigns.


There are many different strategies to try out, for instance, create a buy option for set in 3 with a special price as your main holiday offer, and the shopper will find that the price per item goes down to let’s say 60% off.


But if they only purchase one, they could only enjoy 20% off.



You can try apps like WideBundle to create all kinds of amazing offers for your product to increase the average order value.



Here you can also add some shopping tips to encourage customers to buy and share the products with their friends together, to ease their concerns like it is too much to buy three of the same products at a time.



And you can use affiliate tools like UpPromote to create links for shoppers to let them share with friends to enjoy your special offer together, and the one who shares the link can get a hidden discount additionally.


Source from UpPromote: Install now to enjoy 20%OFF


What’s more, you can do free give out, especially if you got some unwanted inventory and you want to consume it asap. You can gift it away when someone’s order reaches a certain amount of money in your store.



Anyway, an enticing discount doesn’t mean that you have to give up the profit margin but make it a win-win campaign.


#2 Give more flexibility to prestocking winning products


We all know how important it is to make sure what your customer purchased can be sent to his or her hand in time during peak seasons, especially the Chinese new year cuz almost 80% of domestic factories are going to slow down or stop producing completely for about two weeks.


So to prestock in advance is an effective way to lower the risk of order delays.


source from theodmgroup


You want to go over your order fulfillment records and your ads campaign performance first or you can do a presale with discounts to give an estimate about which products and how much you need to prestock, so that you can check with your supplier to purchase inventory with lower product costs.



And speaking of which, just keep in mind to always set up a completely automatic process for your businesses. For example, to fulfill orders and update tracking numbers automatically, monitor and sort pricing and inventory, bulk edit listings, manage multiple stores at a time, etc.


You can try apps like AutoDS to achieve a more hands-off business like this so that you can save yourself a lot of energy to focus on other parts that are more important to deal with.


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And back to prestock, you want to find suppliers with overseas warehouses and be able to provide fulfillment service in your target country, you can collect the quotations from suppliers and make comparisons, Better to find one with a lower moq, or completely free storage to save the warehouse cost as well as to shorten the processing time.


CJdropshipping offers 3 months of free storage in both our domestic warehouse and US warehouses, and there’s no moq needed to stock in the domestic warehouses, you can start a conversation with us anytime for more details about stocking in warehouses for free.




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#3 Give shoppers a heads up and provide a special offer for the unhappy customer 


Since we are heading to the peak season of dropshipping, which is also the busiest time for producing and shipping, for sellers, you need to plan ahead for aftersale support so that you are able to respond to the customer as quickly as you can.


source from shopifyplus: Try free Shopify trial now


You need to be proactive and remember to communicate with customers about possible delays as soon as possible.


You can add a notice on the product page about the estimated delivery time during Q4, or launch a presale banner on your homepage with a discount so that you can prestock to a local warehouse in advance, and the shipping time will be greatly shortened as well.



To create responsive pages that boost sales and drive conversions for your Shopify store, you can try page builders like GemPages to optimize your store design with a super user-friendly editor panel.


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If you are not a Shopify user, or you are a beginner and just testing the water to optimize website speed, you can go check Shoplazza, which is a marketing and eCommerce SaaS to help you customize your own online store with ease without downloading tons of plug-in tools, or try Webkul to build up your own mobile shop app.


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Trust and good reviews from customers are crucial for sellers who want to scale their businesses during Q4, however sometimes delays just happened unexpectedly, so we need to find a way to reduce our additional loss and to reassure unhappy customers in such cases.


Here you can provide a special offer to customers who are complaining. Such as sending loyalty points to reward with discounts, in-store cash or even little products for free.


There are many solutions you can come up with to reduce complaints, and you can use marketing apps like Growave that can offer your solutions including reward with points, drop in price, referral program, sending personalized emails to a specific group of your customers and so much more to strengthen the relationships between you and your customers.


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#4 Attach great importance to emotional concepts in your marketing content


Q4 is the best time of the year for gifting. People are searching for amazing products as gifts for family members, lovers, best friends, classmates, their pets, newborn babies, or maybe neighbors anyway almost everyone is planning to give someone a surprise.



So for sellers, when you are creating ads content and doing marketing, you would like to emphasize shopping triggers like “giftable”, and this trend is going to last for the following next couple of months.


If you are looking for more profitable products to test, then you will need a trustable product research tool like Ali Insider to help you to do the work like getting instant analytics above the product images, sorting new trending items, checking profitability, and spy on competitors and so forth to save your efforts from googling everything all by yourself.


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And speaking of Q4 marketing, it’s highly recommended to combine emotional concepts in your ad creatives. Because the empathy of shoppers is the most powerful trigger to make them click on your product page and decide to purchase something.


You want the shoppers to imagine the moving moments in their heads like when their father or mother, brother or sister open the gift packaging, crying tears of happiness, reading the letters, hugging each other and telling you how much they love you and the gift you give to them.  So the emotional trigger is way much stronger than simply showing the functions of the products in your ads.


source from youtube shorts


# 5 Get the best value of the traffic from multiple social media platforms


It’s a big trend that popular social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, etc are adding online shopping as part of their services because they got massive traffic, and tons of active users spending time on the apps every day. So for online sellers, it’s still a great chance to create channels for your brand and to post marketing content.


And of course, you need to figure out which platforms are just right for your product, for example, you can create UGC content on TikTok and youtube shorts if you are selling a product that is easy to show to viewers and be able to impress them in just a few seconds.


source from TikTok


If you worry about the content created by yourself is not convincing enough, now you can find UGC creator tools like Billo to do all of these for you. Just simply post your request on video type, like unboxing, testimonials, or how-to tutorial to them, and they will provide you with vetted creators that match you and take care of the shooting.


source from Billo


And apart from UGC video, the live stream is another way to reach out for more traffic for your store.


There are even multistreaming tools to help you boost your views and expand your reach like Restream, you can live stream on FB, Instagram, Youtube, telegram, and 30 more platforms at the same time to reach a wider audience quickly.


So if you are running your own channel and launching your own online shop based on this, multi-streaming can help you engage more traffic through live videos.


source from Restream




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