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5 Business Problems That Can Be Solved by Using Our Dropshipping Service

5 Business Problems That Can Be Solved by Using Our Dropshipping Service
2018-09-12 06:42:1716
1. Not having to find storage for large quantities of items. 

Going through a dropshipping fulfillment company like CJDropshipping eliminates the need for an e-commerce company's own storage facilities. CJDropshipping has a vast amount of warehouse space, both in China and in the USA. This allows the e-commerce site to operate from a smaller workplace, opening up the opportunity to work from home, and/ or to make large savings on costs of renting or owning a warehouse space. This also eliminates the stress and process of inventory management, allowing the company to focus on other, more important aspects of its business.

2. Cutting out the intermediary. 

Cutting out the middle-man eliminates a lot of the stress, difficulty, and effort on the business' part, effectively making the company more easily manageable and even allowing for the opportunity for a passive income, or at the very least, a greatly reduced workload. It also eases the business process of sourcing products from suppliers and negotiating with them, and makes the whole process of being able to offer customers a greater variety of products far easier. Cutting out the middle-man also reduces overheads on the company's part, as they no longer need to ship inventory to another location, store it, and then ship it again to the customer. This also reduces the risk of holding inventory that becomes outdated or does not clear. 

3. Allows for greater flexibility and growth. 

The use of a dropshipping fulfillment center opens up a great deal of opportunities for an e-commerce company concerning the variety of products that they are able to offer to customers, and also the number of orders that they are able to fulfill. Distribution can be adjusted quickly, either up or down, to match demand without the risk of over or undersupply of products, and without the possibility of being left with costly unsold products. This is a simple and effective solution to one of the most common business problems with an e-commerce company and ensures that a business is able to grow much faster, as more products can be offered without increased risk of oversupply, and without having to raise enormous amounts of capital to pre-purchase a large inventory. This is one of the most noteworthy benefits, especially for a start-up, of outsourcing fulfillment. 

4. Cuts stress and costs of employment and employee management. 

For an e-commerce business, cutting out the need for a warehouse/ storage space, while simultaneously outsourcing packaging and shipping to a company like CJDropshipping can relieve the business of the unnecessary stresses and costs of employing the numerous warehouse employees and managers, which are required to oversee and carry out duties such as inventory management, packaging, labeling, etcetera. This can greatly reduce the overheads for a start-up, or further increase cost savings for an existing e-commerce company, while simultaneously removing all the stresses and issues that come with employing a large staff, such as resolving HR issues, dealing with numerous tax and insurance policies and salary management, etcetera. Not having to deal with numerous employees and making sure that each staff member is doing their job correctly, that orders are fulfilled correctly, etcetera, can be a great source of stress and frustration, so outsourcing all of these duties makes the running and success of the company far easier. 

5. Enables the business to offer better service to customers. 

By outsourcing fulfillment, it is much easier to offer customers varied delivery options and prices, perfectly packaged orders, a greater variety of products at more competitive prices, and faster, more efficient shipping. Order tracking is easily achieved through various software, and delivery around the world can be more easily and efficiently achieved, opening up new markets for the company. Additionally, outsourcing all of the intensive work such as order fulfilling, packaging and shipping ensures that more time and resources are available for ensuring that customers are satisfied and sourcing various products at more competitive prices. The company is able to focus more closely on building customer relationships and taking care of other important aspects of the business, rather than dealing with the technicalities of orders.