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How to Do Product Research? | Top 30 Dropshipping Product Research Tools Review 2022

How to Do Product Research? | Top 30 Dropshipping Product Research Tools Review 2022
CJNov. 05, 2021 03:22:433815

On the striving way of online business, product researches always go ahead of marketing. Good products will help to lighten the way for sellers.


Thanks to big data nowadays, there are numerous product research tools and plugins on the Internet that can be easily found. eCommerce sellers can get access to various recommendations on product research tools.


But the key issue is, how to pick the right one? How do we determine a tool from all the misconceptions surrounding it, practically and reasonable?


Here it concluded three basic but fundamental questions for eCommerce sellers to think about before making decisions and we collected top 30 tools and plugins 2021 after time-consuming comparison and study just for your reference.



1. Your goal: How are you planning on using the tool? What are you exactly looking for?


Do you want tools that help you to find the hottest products over this time period? Or do you want some hand-picked products with potential and take a faster move before others do? Or do you just want to study the niches first?


So many product hunting/researching tools over there, to make themselves stand out, every app gets its specific features. Some have very comprehensive functions, while others may focus on vertical development.


So questions like what kind of product research tool you need will help you to choose the direction. All you need to do is take the actual condition of your online business into consideration and work out the answer.


2. Your budget: Are you going to pay for a trial? Is a free account necessary for you?


Why do you think you need to pay for a research tool (or use a free tool)? If you are going to pay for the app, then what is your budget? If you are going to register a free account, what function is the most essential for your research?


What is mostly considered is that actually, the issue goes to the balance between cost and time.

To lower the cost, doing product research on your own or using a free trial is an ideal choice. The only problem might be sometimes the research will be time-consuming.


If purchasing a plan, then you can use all their resource, the database, the searching engine, etc. to get all the information you need in hand in a quite short time. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch. You need to pay for it, to use their services.


3. Extra Aids: Any additional support you need for further study? Do you want some assistance with your product hunting?


When you are searching for products, there are so many elements that need to be combined into evaluation or forecasting.

Need to analyze competitors? Want to know about the suppliers? How about marketing saturation? Any assistance to do with the FB targeting? …

It can not be better that you could find a tool that combines the main feature and other data support together so that you can save lots of effort on products.




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Examples for product research Apps





▸ What it is?


ShopInspect is a research website tool that searches through the Internet for specific keywords that you enter. You can search for products or shops, and then ShopInspect will generate a related report.


▸ Featured functions


Product Research







Type a keyword for either a product or shop name, and the system will generate a report including Smart Score, Interest Over Time, Word Cloud, etc.

Hot Products: See the products that have the highest factory orders. It also shows the percentage of increase in sales of each hot product with the selling price.

Top Dropshipping Products: You can view the monthly page visits for that product, the price, how much the product is earning per month.



Store Research




See online Shopify stores that have a lot of monthly visits.

These websites usually have a lot of traffic, you can visit the sites and see what they are doing well.


Ads Research

Search by brand or keyword to see what ads have worked on Facebook and Instagram. See how many likes or shares an ad achieves, and who is targeted.


▸ What is the price?


✔  Free account option available with a few free searches.


Paid trial: You can choose between two paid plans, the LEGENDARY is the most popular choice, to bill $19 a month once a year. For a total of $228, that will be paid one-time.







▸ What it is?


SaleSource is an analytical web App to help eCommerce sellers by store, product, and supplier analysis. It is an AI-Powered application that is compatible with Shopify as well as available for all e-commerce platforms.

SaleSource provides different perspectives to identify the hottest, in-demand products, and view how much any Shopify store is making, and find the best suppliers.


▸ Featured functions


Competitors Analysis




With the AI-powered dashboard, you can discover top-rated suppliers, and find trending products before others.

View all other stores (Shopify, Amazon, WordPress & many more) selling given products; See their apps, theme & accurate sales estimates.


Product Research




View top buyers of products, to see exactly who has ordered the most units of a product to determine market saturation.

View detailed trends of the past 6 months of a product's units sold per day, determine if a product is trending now or has had its time in the limelight.


Supplier Research



Find Top Suppliers With One Click.

Instantly view suppliers for products with bottom price, USA shipping, and other benefits.


▸ What is the price?


7-day free trial. The free trial gives you full access to the software.


✔ SaleSource is available in three pricing plans. To access all the competitor and product data, you will have to upgrade your plan.






▸What it is?


Allfactor is an eCommerce competitive analytics website that aggregates big data from many platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, etc. It provides millions of data insights to help you understand the whole market, monitoring more than 1,300,000 top Shopify stores.


▸ Featured functions



Market Insights




Identifying emerging trends and new consumer tastes to help to optimize your marketing campaign strategy.



Advanced Analytics



Using its database and search functions, obtain a clear picture of the trend from various dimensions through its core market metrics.



Tracking Features


Real-time Tracking: Enabled by its proprietary algorithms, you can closely monitor the changes in your selected variables over time.


 ▸What is the price?


✔  Free account option available with a few free searches.


✔ Two paid plans:  $19 per month as a professional plan and $199 per month for a business plan.




Reviews on Best 30 product researching tools 2021



Of course, if you are worried about the product data is too limited from one App, choosing some more research tools and using them together is also a good way to study winning products.