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Miniature Marketing Sharing -- Sign Up for WED2C Beginner Support Project

Miniature Marketing Sharing -- Sign Up for WED2C Beginner Support Project
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Miniature Marketing Sharing-- Sign Up for WED2C Beginner Support Project



Name: a_novel_mini  Posts: 828     Followers: 28.5K


INS Account: https://instagram.com/a_novel_mini?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


Product: Miniature


Price: $5-$25     Cost: $1


Purchase link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HoneyBeeCuriosity



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Ⅰ Account Analysis


1. Basic information 

1). Name and Logo:


Product name is used for the title and avatar, the two echoed. Meanwhile, the avatar is used bright colors and is more prominent.


2). Personalized Signature:


Independent book reviewers and miniature artists print products with branded artist's handmade IP.


3). Story display

The story introduces 5 items: Yummy gifts+Local paper+Interview+❤+Artist feature. The Story function is to top the posts that are considered important and to divide them into sections so that followers can find them quickly.


2. Followers data and update frequency


Posts: 828      Followers: 28.5K  Following: 636


Update Frequency: Maintain 3 posts per week



Case Analysis:


From the update frequency and traffic comparison, we can see that the daily update is very important to help increase the exposure rate of the account. It is best to maintain the update frequency when newcomers start. After the followers have accumulated a certain degree and have stable and exclusive traffic, the daily update can be increased or reduced according to the specific situation. It is also important to keep the video style highly consistent, and the cover images are all displayed on a uniform background, which can greatly add points to your content.



Ⅱ Content Analysis


1. Overall Style 

The pictures are scenic product pictures. In addition to the scenic shots, the pictures are taken with the hand as the background, placed in the hand, and with a bright filter to form a contrast between the mini and the large palm. The product images are brought with the watermark of the account name to be more professional and prevent handling.



2. Copywriting Content


Usually, each post may add some words with symbols and some expressions to make it look easy and pleasant. The overall look is organized and beautiful. 


Tips about label usage:


1). Number: Up to 30, recommend 10~30


2). Tag structure: From broad to narrow (primary category + secondary category + single product)


3). Label tool(Enter 3 main tags to automatically generate 30 popular tags):




3. Comment Interaction:


If an account only posts and does not interact with followers, it is not helpful for sales. Some daily interactive behavior can improve the quality of the account. As long as the product-related comments suggest replying, reflect the interaction and lead to the purchase.


4. Shooting Method


Shooting equipment: mobile phone + bracket


Shooting requirements:


a. Quiet shooting environment


b. The background color is consistent


c. Focus on the product


d. The cover image is eye-catching


Shooting steps:


a. Display of finished products


b. Small pinch


c. Large pinch


5. Background music selection


The account video is in Asmr form with no extra music. If you use ASMR format, make sure the surrounding environment is quiet and free of noise.

If you use the music form, you can choose the appropriate style of music according to the style of the video. For example, if the video is entertaining, try to use a cheerful type of music and refer to INS popular music.



Ⅲ Products for Sales

The account is hanging a variety of microscopic food, and per order is 5-25 USD for one product.


Store link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HoneyBeeCuriosity




Main product: Mini food


Category: Miniature


Product price: $5-$25, the price is moderate.


The product has the properties of entertainment decompression, more suitable for consumers' impulse consumption.




1. Sharing content should not be too mixed. It is recommended to focus on a type of product in the social media platform to attract the same type of followers and promote sales, but the store can shelve other related products to drive sales. So, determine your positioning in the early stage, and focus on one type.


2. Have imitative value. If the content has imitation value, followers will have the desire to buy and imitate when they see your content. For example, if a coffee account only publishes photos of the finished product without a video of the production process, it will be difficult to attract followers to imitate and buy the same product.


3. Have a selling attribute. Avoid a pure entertainment/pure sharing account.




Have selling attribute



No selling attribute



Pet health, pet diet



Funny pet videos (pure entertainment)



Book section explanation (leaving suspense)



Full book explanation (no suspense)




4. Persistence. Even if your content is high-quality and original, it's hard to guarantee a large number of effective followers early on, since Instagram can only drive a limited amount of traffic to new accounts. So update your account regularly at the beginning.


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