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Chinese New Year: Gear Up the Inventory Ahead, Secure Your Dropshipping Crown!

Chinese New Year: Gear Up the Inventory Ahead, Secure Your Dropshipping Crown!
CJDec. 08, 2023 15:18:1823600



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As the Chinese New Year jingles its way closer, from February 8th to 16th. We would highly encourage you to prepare your inventory ahead to secure an exceptional shopping experience for your valued customers. As always, CJdropshipping will be with you every step of the way, providing continuous and attentive support to keep your business on pace.



CJ staff & warehouses: Always at Your Service!


Our staff will be on duty and our global and Chinese warehouses will remain open throughout the holiday, ensuring continuous order processing and timely dispatch. Private Inventory and Deposit Inventory in our US Warehouses will be fully ready to fulfill your demands at any time. However, do take note that some orders may experience certain delays after leaving the Chinese warehouse, owing to the holiday schedules of shipping couriers. Therefore, stocking up your inventories now in our US warehouses will be the best way to stand out from your competitors.



Factories & Logistics: Embracing the Festive Pause


Most Chinese factories & logistics will take a well-deserved break after a whole year of hard work. Factories typically close 2-3 weeks earlier than the regular holiday hour and the logistic couriers will also shut down a few days earlier, which will all lead to impacts on your order fulfillment. Even after the holiday, the services of the factories will be gradually back to normal which leads to another reason you should do Pre-Inventory in our warehouses. To confirm your current factories‘ holiday hours, please kindly check with our 24/7 Chatroom to stay informed.



Advantages for Pre-Inventory


Smoother than silk orders: faster processing times and fewer stockouts will ensure your orders flow seamlessly.

Leverage the benefits to maximize your earnings: By optimizing your shipping costs with sea freight and pre-planning, you can easily boost the profit margins for each of the orders.

Customer cheers: With faster shipping & sufficient time for quality checks, more smiles & positive reviews will made by your loyal customers.



Why Stock Up Early?


Check this Chinese New Year Holiday Calender we have made for you based on the following timeline:


Production Time in China: 3-7 days (longer for large orders)


Shipping Time via Matson by Sea: 18-20 days to CJ‘s US Western warehouse, 25-30 days to CJ‘s US Eastern warehouse  


Shipping Time by Air: 8-15 days to CJ‘s US Western warehouse & Eastern warehouse  



Final Words


Let your dropshipping business blossom with Chinese New Year by stocking up inventory ahead and wishing you a season of dropshipping triumphs!






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