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Top 10 Dropshipping Winning Products to Sell Big Now | 2022 Summer

Top 10 Dropshipping Winning Products to Sell Big Now | 2022 Summer
CJJun. 22, 2022 09:39:247171

Dropshippers! Are you ready for Q3 marketing campaign in 2022? This blog will show you ten amazing dropshipping products that are making crazy profit recently and what will keep on growing in this summer. So if you are looking for good product ideas then just scroll down and save the products!


And bonus! If what you interested is not on today's list, you can also use CJ’s free sourcing service to find whatever you are planing to sell.



Crystal Hair Remover



This crystal hair remover definitely should talk about first because it is doing so well recently. Essentially, it is a painless and reusable hair remover upgrade from callous remover.



Combined with some nano-crystal technology, users can simply rub it on their skin to remove hairs easily after showering.


This idea targeted consumers' pain points perfectly like they want to remove their hairs painlessly and look good in summer.


In terms of google trends, now is the most profitable period for hair remover products; people also want an easier, safer, more comfortable shaving experience, better to be reusable and that's what crystal hair remover can bring them. So no wonder this product can go viral like this.



The Facebook ads that one top shop is running recently that it already got 4 thousand likes and 1.4K comments, and this post is constantly receiving new comments, which indicates that this amazing problem solver raises people's interests successfully.



Currently this product is hot selling on CJ as well at an $11.04 total dropshipping cost with 6-10 days shipping to the US by CJPacket YT Ordinary, which is much faster than the estimated 25 days AliExpress standard shipping.



As a new viral selling item, there are also chances for sellers to customize the design with reliable suppliers to improve the user experience and you can even brand it and sell bigger.



Shark Slipper



The shark slippers have already got 3.1 millions views and 99K likes on TikTok. Tons of people are showing their love to this cool slipper and I bought mine too recently, just think about the huge market potential over there.


There’s no doubt that this one is absolutely perfect to dropship now, and the slipper got so many different options like the kids version, draining version, the cloud-cushion version, people can wear whatever they like.



There are so many different angels to market well, targeting young people who love fashionable stuff and sharing pictures wearing them on social media, or for families with kids who are looking for comfortable household slippers and so much more.



Here's one online shop that is currently selling shark slippers at $29.95 and they prepared ten different colors for buyers to choose.



And the supplier page on AliExpress is selling the slippers at $7.31. Additionally, the shipping set you back at least $5.28 but the estimated delivery is not so perfect.



When we go to the product page on CJdropshipping, you can find the product at $4.44 and you can choose to deliver by CJPacket YT Ordinary with a 6-10 shipping days so the total dropshipping will cost you $14.44, you still got a pretty good margin on it.




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Retro Pocket Camera



Product number three, the retro pocket camera is what start to catch on recently. It is very portable, just like a toy but it's literally a real digital camera that can capture HD photos and videos.



You can even switch different filters and selfie modes to save special moments by creating your unique film-like pictures.


Product like this is perfect for TikTok marketing. Here is a shop that is currently selling this kind of pocket camera, and one of their recent posts has got over 8k likes and 6 hundreds of comments.



Good customer reviews like telling stories about using this camera, beautiful pictures took by themselves can engage more potential customers. Or you can market it as a mini camera for little kids, there are many things you can do with it.



Their store page listed three variants by colors and selling each item at $24.97. On AliExpress thid kinf og pocket camera has already got over 2000 orders, and the product costs only $7.26.



Therefore we know the profit is very promising. And if you also search such pocket camera on CJ you can find the same item, with a price could be even lower like $5.62.



Baby Beach Tent



The next product is called baby beach tent, it is a mini sun-proof tent designed for babies. 


Now is time for families to go to the beach and enjoy their summer vacation and for new parents, this tent is exactly what they need when they are taking babies with them.



It is water and sand proof and easy to open and organized, comes with a mini pool design so you can put water in it and the baby can play inside safely.



This tent becomes a proven seller, not only because of the people's increasing demands on leisure and relaxation but also because summer is a golden season for baby niche, because now we are going to have more newborn babies during this time, which given more opportunities for merchants.



And let's take a look at the store page, the shop is selling it at $49.95, and when we go back to check the supplier, it costs $10.46 and you can choose an estimated 8 days shipping so you could have $20 margin for each tent.




Meditation Tongue Drum



The next successful product we have this meditation tongue drum. It is currently a hot selling item on CJ, which is used to play peaceful and healing sounds while meditating.



Apparently meditation lovers like it, here's an online store that is doing pretty well with various color options and selling each drum at 119 euro. 


They also put on high-quality videos and photos to engage buyers by showing meditation scenes that are full of peace and relaxation.


You can also find such tongue drums on CJ at only $15.83, and the profit margin can be still promising after adding the shipping cost.



Magnetic Powerbank


The next winner of this summer is this magnetic power bank. It is a real problem solver for everyone with smartphones.


This power bank allows you to simply snap it on your phone when you go out on a trip and then your phone can get charged immediately.


It is small and lightweight, no need for additional cable, and you don't have to worry about losing it because it has become a part of your phone.


This is a very cool product, and here's a shop selling this at $59.99 with three color options as well as lots of good reviews that you know how customer like it.



Another amazing marketing example is that to customize the pattern of the charger, there is a top rating store currently doing this, they are running a lot of FB ads, and we go to their product page you can see they offer so many different patterns and the ratings are great, they just made this product unique and appealing for young people, especially for ladies.



Slushy Cup



The next trending product we have for summer is this slushy cup, especially for this year, the increasing orders every day have shown how viral it goes.


This cup is used to DIY slushies or ice cream you like in seconds by simply squeezing it.


This is a very neat product idea with a wow-effect for summer to market on TikTok, sellers can come out with tons of different filming ideas to promote it.


The TikTok shop below as an example, their posts are all about this slushy cup, and every day they upload short videos about how to use this cup to freeze different kinds of beverage and they got very high click-on and likes of almost every clip they post.



There’s another top rating dropshipping shop that is currently selling the slushy cup at $24.99, they got a quite clean product page, and the reviews look good.



When we source it on CJ we can find the product at only $4.12 and dropshippers can also choose to stock private inventory here to lower the cost.


Hummingbird Bone Conduction Speaker



The Hummingbird bone-conducting speaker is exactly a game-changer that turns almost everything into a speaker.


It got the smallest bone conduction speaker design that works in various contexts, you can even customize your own sound effect by putting it on different surfaces.


The trends that over the recent few years with huge spikes ups are starting to pop off so that sellers can go ahead and maximize on this niche.



On AliExpress, this speaker costs $24.30 but still has already got over 500 orders, essentially this speaker got a higher add-on value while selling it so if you find the right supplier with a lower price or better shipping time then you could optimize the margin.



You can choose CJPacket Sensitive to ship this item in estimated 8 days delivery at only $5.96 to the US now.


Anti-static Hair Brush



The next product you want to know about is this Anti-static Hair Brush. This brush offers ladies a smoother hair-styling experience by using ionic technology.


Simply press the button and brush your hair to remove frizz and flyaways, and you can see the amazing effect from the before and after shot to make the item more convincing.



This problem solver works on all hair types of ladies who want a more shiny and smooth hairstyle in the summer, here's a top rating shop selling it with impressive videos at $34.99.



Back to AliExpress you can find the same item at $6.98 with over 600 sales, the total dropshipping cost $15. The total dropshipping price is even lower at $13.61 on CJdropshipping.



Portable Blender



The last product on today's list is this portable blender. You may have already seen such product before, they are still doing a great job.


On Amazon US, 357,000 searches for the term “portable blender” has been generated in April. Which is 30% higher than the search rate in March.


People love the concept of a healthier life that having a portable, lightweight juicer in the bag so it feels like they can drink naturally wherever they go.


Dropshipping store that is currently selling this has got over 2000 sales a month and over 7000 in all.



However, the competition of selling this kind of blender is fiercer if you are a beginner in this niche, but still adding a portable blender to your store to ride the wave is feasible after all it's a trending product that is shaping consumer's lifestyle.



All the suppliers of this portable juicer on CJ are qualified to provide you with a full list of certifications including FDA and CE, this kind of juicer got the potential to have more iterations for a higher-level brand.




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