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Top 6 Smart Hobbies that would Pad Your Wallet

Top 6 Smart Hobbies that would Pad Your Wallet
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Do you like your current job? Or do you attend work only because you have to pay your monthly bills?


While some of you may find your jobs enjoyable, there are still many others who would rather spend time on their costing hobbies rather than their paying jobs.


So the question becomes, could people earn money doing things they love in their spare time? The answer is yes, absolutely. Keep reading to find 6 smartest hobbies that are both fun and would earn you an extra stream of income.


6 Popular Hobbies that would Pad Your Wallet

1. Writing

Writing is one of the best hobbies for many who want to earn extra bucks in their spare hours. It doesn’t require specific locations or expensive tools to write, nor do you need to be a professional writer if you want to monetize this hobby. You can start with a personal blog or freelance writing.


Starting a blog

Starting a blog isn’t a complicated procedure. You can create a WordPress website and open up a blog on any topic you like. While it may take some time before you have a sizeable audience, blogging is always a fun thing to do by sharing your thoughts with readers around the world. Once you have enough traffic, you can get revenues by offering blog space to advertisements. What’s more, owning a blog is just like owning an asset. You can sell it later if you want to.



Freelance writing

If you don’t have the time to maintain your own blog, or just don’t feel confident enough to start blogging, another option is to try freelance writing. Many brands and online publications are constantly looking out for proficient writers to write for their brochures, social media posts, or other materials.


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2. Photography

Unlike writing, photography is rather an expensive hobby. While you are spending money on your favorite camera lens, do you know that you could also monetize this hobby by using your camera? You can start with uploading your pictures to stock photography sites and sell them to people who want to use them commercially. What’s worth noting, it’s better to determine a genre of photography you are interested in or good at, so that you could build up a stable audience as well as clients.



3. Arts and crafts

Are you more of a hands-on person who enjoys doing arts and crafts? The good news is that there are massive people looking to buy handcraft goods. From paintings and pottery to hand-made clothing and jewelry, there are various things you could create and sell. For beginners, try websites like Etsy and ArtFire where your hand-made items could be more easily found.



4. Video games

Do you know you could get paid by playing video games? Actually, there are many different ways to make money by playing video games. Here we will talk about the most common two ways.


Sell your video games account

If you are a video game enthusiast that always beat the latest version, you can consider selling your video game accounts on websites like eBay to make a profit.


Live streaming

Another way to earn money through video games is live-streaming. There are live streaming platforms like Twitch where you can record your screen when you are playing games. As your subscribers grow, you can make money through viewer subscriptions and donations.



5. Pets

If you are an animal lover who gets pleasure in walking dogs or feeding cats, now you have a chance to get paid by spending time with animals. And that is to take care of other people’s pets, or pet-sitting. To get started, you can ask your neighbors or relatives if you can help them take care of their pets. After you get more skilled, you can expand your clients by posting your service on local forums. Pet-sitting can be fun and profitable. You can even consider it to be your side-hustle as the market is burgeoning.



6. Shopping

Shopping is known for being a money drain. But do you know that you can now make cash doing the shopping? Here are the two common ways to achieve that.


Be a mystery shopper

Nowadays, many retail stores, restaurants, and bank branches hire “mystery shoppers” to visit their business places in order to measure the quality of customer experience. For example, to know how their customers will be greeted, or what’s the maximum waiting time. Each agency may have different requirements for mystery shoppers, you can sign up on mystery shopper sites to seek opportunities.


Shop for other people

There are certain groups of people who are too busy to get their shopping done. For example, homebound senior citizens or working professionals. You can get paid by helping them do the grocery shopping or purchase items for special cases like birthday parties. You may also offer service by giving guidance about what to purchase.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           




Not all money-making hobbies are cash cows, but they will certainly increase your earning potential and give you extra security.  


The key is to get started with the one you have the skills and resources to get started with. And don’t be afraid to fail. You may begin with a rough start, but as time goes by, you will blaze a trail for your side hustle or small business at last.




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