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What to Sell in October 2021? | Potential Winning Products Recommendation

What to Sell in October 2021? | Potential Winning Products Recommendation
CJSep. 24, 2021 09:39:361422

Are you still struggling about what to sell this October? For winning product recommendations, the more the better. Here are ten more potential winning products in this article that are picked up for the coming October.


Get yourself armed for the sales in October as well as Q4 2021, the last three months of the year, a long list of big events, and booming sales for your dropshipping business.





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1. Bohemia Sunflower Ring



Jewelry has always been a best-seller, especially in recent years, the sales of such products in e-commerce have been rising. People get attracted by beautiful accessories, especially those eye-catching ones with unique designs.




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Recently you can see from Google Trends, people’s interest in rings is rising again, as well as the ranking from searching on Amazon.


Google Trends


Amazon Ranking


For this sunflower ring, it adds details in the design to make it stylish and full of meaning: the sunflower means loyalty, health, and vitality, if you are careful enough you can even find here it carved “You are my sunshine” on the inner of the ring. You can feel the texture from real product pictures, it will be a perfect gift for festivals or anniversaries to show people’s love and gratitude to their important persons.



More importantly, you can see from the source page for this sunflower ring on CJ, it only costs $0.74 for the product and you can choose CJ’s special shipping line for jewelry products which is called “Jewel Shipping”. It only costs $1.96 to ship this out to your customers, with 7-13 days estimated delivery time to the US.


So the total dropshipping price will only be $2.70, which means you can have a promising profit margin on this ring with proper marketing on your store page. So far, there are only 14 people listed this item, you can go ahead and seize the chance before others do.


2. Cute Frog Earrings



This pair of earrings are designed in a very creative and interesting way- when you are wearing this, it looks like you are taking two lovely little frogs with you. Meanwhile, the earrings are designed neutrally, they will be friendly for both boys and girls. Young people will absolutely love this.


The searching for men's earrings keeps rising on Amazon during this period. It can be a cool gift not only for the coming Halloween but also any other big day for your families, your lovers, or your friends.


Google Trends


Amazon Ranking


You can see this kind of earrings got a lot of positive reviews from buyers, people love to share the picture when wearing the unique earrings, these good reviews can also be powerful ads to attract more customers in your online for purchasing.


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3. Crossbody Phone Bag



The next product is a crossbody phone bag. The trend for phone-bag-related topics is now going to rise again, as you can see from the graph. This may be because that the release of the new iPhone 13, so the phone accessories-related topics going up again. So why not try some phone accessories items like this crossbody phone bad to get the wave to ride.



A similar product on Amazon has got many sales and also lots of five-star reviews. This crossbody phone bad got a bunch of cool colors, and thanks to its stylish design, this phone bag makes sense to ladies with more than practical function but also a fashion accessory for daily outfits.



Now there are only 3 people who listed this product from CJ, it will be good timing for you to take advantage of and sell before others do. The product price on CJ is only needs $1.81. The most affordable shipping method is CJPacket Ordinary for this product, it takes $5.41 with 12-18 days shipping to the US in recent days.


But if you add a bit more on shipping, you can get a much faster 7-15 days estimated shipping time for your customers by CJPacket YT US Ordinary in $5.84, and I think this will be a much better choice for delivery time counts a lot in customer satisfaction.


4. Plush Tissue Holder



This plush tissue holder for cars. Isn’t it lovely? Young car owners, especially female car owners will love this plush tissue holder. We can see from the data, according to the Amazon search ranking, car-tissue-related topics are all on the rise, at the same time, if you look into Google Trends, you will also find a similar result.



When the outside is getting cold, the plush designed interior accessories for cars can help to create a warm atmosphere. The families with kids will also love this design every time taking their children for a drive.




Until now there are only two people listed this tissue holder, the total shipping price only costs $9.07 by CJPacket YT US Ordinary with a 7-15 days shipping. You are still ahead of other dropshippers on this product!




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5. LED Interior Lights for Car



The next product I would like to share with you guys is the LED interior lights for cars. People want to create a cool atmosphere inside the car when they are playing music, especially at night. When the weather gets colder, all you need is a simple LED strip light to lighten the mood.


Recently, people’s interest in LED car interiors goes up, as you can see from Google Trends. More and more people are searching for a related topic.



This LED strip light for cars is easy to install, you can put it anywhere in the car you like. With remote control, you can set the light anytime, anywhere. This kind of LED car light attracts many car owners, you can see from their reviews, the car light breaths with the music, a good product video will help you to increase sales. This lightweight car light doesn't take up too much space, it will be a good choice for dropshipping.


6. Breathing Exercise Trainer



This breathing exercise trainer helps to expand and improve vital capacity without the risk of having to do a lot of aerobic exercise and burning calories. This device is also easy to carry and clean.



This kind of breathing trainer ranks as the top three on the Amazon best sellers in its subcategories as you can see the data on the screenshot. The average price on Amazon is about $20, from the CJ product page, it only costs you ¥3.42 for a single item, the total dropshipping price is $7.89 includes $4.47 shipping cost by CJPacket YT US Ordinary. So there’s enough profit margin for you to set up in your store. You can also sell in packs to increase the total value.


7. Pet Water Fountain



The next product on the list is a pet water fountain. Pet supplies have always been an evergreen niche. This water fountain can help to supply water automatically for pets, with a  low noise design and long-life motor. The pet fountain includes a stainless steel top, a carbon filter, an air intake pipe, an engine cavity, and a cushion. It is made of food-grade materials, so it is safe for pets.



Similar products have made successful sales on Amazon, you can see from the feedback from the buyers. When you take a look at CJ’s product page, the product price is lower than on Amazon, at the same time, a good product video to show how your pet drinks water by using this water fountain can help to promote sales when you are planning on marketing.


8. Tummy Control Yoga Shorts



The next product you want to know about is tummy control yoga shorts. As a proven seller, yoga leggings have been popular among ladies all these days. Recently, keywords like “high-waist” “tummy control” also goes up in rankings.

When you enter “short yoga pants” on Google Trends, you will find that such items have received a lot of attention lately.



These yoga shorts have a  high-waist design with multi-layered buckles that help to make your tummy slimmer. It also comes in five colors that look stylish in 4 sizes. So that there are more options for people to choose from.



Now let’s see customers’ reaction to this kind of yoga shorts, with 3799 reviews on Amazon and a high star level, similar items have made successful sales. There are many positive reviews from buyers to show how people love this.



So far it only costs $5.59 on CJ, plus shipping, for example, CJPacket YT US Ordinary for $6.25-6.65 with 7-15 estimated delivery days, the total dropshipping price will be $11.84-12.24. So far there are only 14 people listed these yoga shorts, why not have a try before others do.


9. Turtleneck Sweater for Men



Recently, the sweater-related topic has gone popular again according to the ranking on Amazon searching, which is not hard to know the reason that October for this year is coming, people start to get ready for winter. What’s more, people tend to search for turtleneck-related keywords on the internet, which also shows the interest in turtleneck sweaters is increasing.



This kind of sweater with a turtleneck helps to keep you warm enough when the outside gets colder, five classic colors with 5 different sizes help to widen the circle to fit a wider range of customers.


The stylish design also helps to set off a perfect body shape, you can get ready in advance for the sales in the winter before other dropshippers do start from this turtleneck sweater.


10. Portable Blender



The last product on today’s list is this cute portable blender. It can be told from the graph that people's interest in “smoothies” has been kept at a high level, according to the Amazon ranking, the search for “blender for smoothies” is also on the rise. It is easy to find how people have cared about healthy smoothie-related content.



This cute portable mini blender can help you to DIY your favorite drinks easily at home. Without the need of going outside, you can put the fruits you like in the blender.


This blender is charged by USB, meanwhile, it is easy to clean and take out, it can also be a good idea for presents for your friends, families, or colleagues, with different variants to choose from, this mini portable blender will be a perfect item for a one-product store or a kitchen niche store.




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