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CJ Affiliate Program -New Interface for Being Dropshipping Suppliers

CJ Affiliate Program -New Interface for Being Dropshipping Suppliers
CJMar. 05, 2019 03:09:154224

Is there anyone interested in being a dropshipping supplier but having no clues about all the involved stuff you have to deal with, such as the supply of goods, warehousing and shipment, etc.? If you are just the one who’s been in the situation above, then you should definitely check our affiliate program!

Just creating an affiliate account and setting up the interface details, then you are about to own a personal website based on app.cjdropshipping.com and thus easily become another CJDropshipping without any cost. The only difference is that you are free of every tricky product and order issue since all your received orders will be sent to us and fulfilled by us. Furthermore, if any disputes occurred, they will be handled by us as well. That is, the only thing you need to take care of is marketing to get customers’ orders. Sounds cool, right?

But how can an affiliate make profits if all the orders are sent to us? So let me introduce the two different ways of getting profits. (More details can be viewed at https://affiliate.cjdropshipping.com/)

1) A fixed 2% profit at least if you set the same product price as ours.

A simple example here. If a Bluetooth earphone is priced at $50 each in our system, and you also sell it for $50, then you will get $0.5 per product.

2) All the price difference if your product price is higher than ours.

Still an example for you. If a Bluetooth earphone is priced at $50 each in our system, but you increase the price to $55 each, then you make $5 per product.

However, we have set some business requirements for this program. Only when the affiliates reach at least ten customers can they be rewarded with profits for a whole year whatever the order amount is. Also, the money will be paid to us at the beginning. And your profit on the completed orders will be settled in full to you monthly.

Now, do you want to see how to create this magical business with us?

1. Register an account at CJ AFFILIATE;

2. Log into your account and change your website settings in ‘Interface’;

3. Set your profit rate in ‘Price’;

4. Build your personalized website in ‘Theme’;

(Tips: View an example by placing your mouse over the question mark beside guide)

5. Change your domain name in "Domains" (It would take some while to be reviewed and activated);

6. Choose the categories of products you want to sell and save the change.

Just some simple steps, then you can make big profits with a little investment!