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CJ Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement with DHL in April 2019

CJ Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement with DHL in April 2019
CJApr. 15, 2019 07:32:592989

DHL, the world's number one air transportation logistics supplier, is the leader of the international express and air freight transportation. As the first international express company that enters the China mainland market, DHL is a most experienced one and has a complete courier network that reaches 120 thousand destinations of 220 countries and regions.


For its overwhelming strength, we are very glad to sign strategic cooperation with DHL and fully confident with the future.


What does CJ get via strategic cooperation with DHL? What will CJ’s clients get from this cooperation? 4 aspects are explained here.



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1. For logistics


CJ is able to offer global delivery service, whole process instant tracking, timely online tracking for outgoing packages and customs clearance services. No extra delivery fee for private address and remote address. A one-stop logistic service model is established for all of CJ’s clients.


2. For price


The shipping fee for goods under 20 kg and over 21kg is quite cheap. And for goods over 21 kg, a particular price is offered, which is much lower than any other international express company for some destinations.


3. For time


Under normal circumstance, 2-4 working-day shipping is available worldwide due to the extensive delivery network, especially to Europe and Southeast Asia. To Europe, it takes 3 working days and to Southeast Asia, 2 working days. Accurate online tracking information is updated timely which is convenient for customers to follow up.


4. For DHL international special line


Establishing European line and special lines to surrounding countries speed the traveling up, ensures successful delivery and offers a convenient inquiry and reliable service.  Last but not least, a special line has a strong capacity for customs clearance.


If you have DHL packages, please choose CJ. If we charge higher than others with the same transport speed, we'll refund the price difference.



There are two forms of DHL in China, one is DHL( freight forwarder) and the other is the DHL official which CJ is cooperating with. The difference is as follows,


DHL official: Tracking number generates as long as the shipping label is printed. And it takes 2-4 working days of shipping.


DHL: One more step than DHL official. Goods are shipped in bulk to Singapore DHL company first, and then the tracking number will be updated there, and packages will restart their way respectively. Accidents may occur in the course of transferring. For example, packages may loss because of the customs clearance or customs clearance fails. Shipping to Singapore takes 3-4 working days and delivering to customers takes another 3-4 working days, so the shipping time is 6-8 working days in total.


The shipping time of DHL official is half of the DHL.


Which one to choose should be according to your own situation.


Price comparison:


DHL official charges a little higher than DHL, but the shipping time is half of it. Actually, the price does not differ much. For goods over 21kg, DHL official is much better. The following picture shows an example for you.


If you are interested in DHL official, you can also check in calculation link:


CJ and DHL both believe it will be a win-win cooperation.



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