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Delivery Time and Shipping Price

Delivery Time and Shipping Price
CJJul. 14, 2020 10:53:0227099

Dropshippers have been in tough times for several months since the outbreak of the COVID-19. Because of the worldwide quarantine, international flights declined sharply, led to bad shipping delays and shipping costs inflation.

The following 3 questions are the most concerned questions about shipping for these days:

· How many days does it take to the US, UK, etc..?

· How much are the shipping costs?

· There are so many shipping options, which line should I choose?

If you dropship worldwide from China, you might once choose e-Packet as your shipping method, because e-Packet can reach most of the countries, and the fees were cheap. But for recent days, if you still stick to e-Packet, you are taking a risk with your business. E-Packet is DEAD. After several waves of price inflation, the price of e-Packet is no longer competitive, let alone the unacceptable horrible delays due to tons of backlogs since the quarantine.

Though shipping fees decreased gradually since May. Thanks to the recovery of flights, now still at a relatively high price, which influences the dropshipping price and margin massively. E-Packet, China Post Registered Air Mail, and PostNL just announced another wave of a price increase.

Is there a shipping method that is fast and cheap as well? CJPacket is a good solution for your dropshipping business in the current situation.  


What is CJPacket?

CJPacket is a special shipping line formed by CJdropshipping. To provide a better experience under the quarantine, the packages of CJPacket will be shipped with special airlines and trucks, which will greatly shorten the delivery time. The estimated delivery time to the US is 7-12 days, much faster than other shipping methods like ePacket, in the meanwhile, the price is cheaper.

Being faster and cheaper, CJPacket has many sub-lines for options. To some countries, CJPacket sublines may be faster, especially when it is a special line to a specific country.

Till July 2020, CJPacket can reach 18 major countries, and Adding More Countries. You can check the countries available here.


Shipping Lines with Faster Delivery Time

First and foremost, delivery time is the chief concern of dropshipping business under the quarantine. I checked and selected the lines with better efficiency and better price to some major countries for reference. 

(Note: All the shipping times mentioned in the following part do not include the processing time, which takes 24-48h when there is an inventory in CJ warehouse, if not, the processing time will be 3-5 days.)



North America

The USA is the biggest market for dropshipping.

For ordinary products to the US, CJPacket is mostly recommended, the delivery time is 7-12 days, the same as it was before the quarantine. A suboptimal solution is CJPacket YDS US or USPS, USPS takes two days faster, the delivery time is 10-20 days, but costs at least one dollar more. And if the products are stocked in our US warehouses, the delivery time is 2-7 days by USPS+.

CJPacket              7-12 Days

CJPacket YDS US      12-22 Days

USPS                 10-20 Days

USPS+                2-7 Days


To Canada, there are still delays nowadays. Because there are tons of backlogs for local post offices. It takes 15-25 days for recent orders. 

CJPacket    15-25 Days

To Mexico, there were delays due to the e-commerce promotion for the past two months. The delivery time is the same as to Canada, about 15-25 days by CJPaket, CJPacket YW Ordinary, or CJPacket YW Sensitive.

CJPacket/CJPacket YW Ordinary/CJPacket YW Sensitive    15-25 Days


To Australia, CJPacket Australia the best choice, it takes 8-14 days, while CJPacket, CJPacket YW Ordinary, and CJPacket YW Sensitive take 1-2 days longer.

CJPacket Australia        8-14 Days

CJPacket                9-15 Days

CJPacket YW Ordinary   10-16 Days

CJPacket YW Sensitive   10-16 Days



As to the UK, CJPacket Sensitive GB is the best choice, takes 7-12 days. And here is the point, the line with the name of a specific country is a special line to the country, so the delivery time is promising. CJPacket and CJPacket Euro Ordinary are of efficiency, if your packet is heavier than 3kg, you can choose CJPacket, the delivery time is 8-12 days.

CJPacket Sensitive GB            7-12 Days

CJPacket/CJPacket Euro Ordinary  8-12 Days


As to France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium, for these four European countries, CJPacket Euro Ordinary is the best choice, this line is the cheapest and fastest, the delivery time is 7-14 days. CJPacket and CJPacket YW Ordinary come next, the delivery time is about 8-16 days.

CJPacket Euro Ordinary            7-14 Days

CJPacket/CJPacket YW Ordinary    8-16 Days

As to Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, CJPacket is the top choice, the delivery time is 9-18 days.

CJPacket   9-18 Days


Southeast Asia

To Southeast Asia, the recommended line is CJPacket JL Express, it takes 4-8 days to Thailand, 6-12 days to Singapore, and 7-14 days to Malaysia.

CJPacket JL Express   7-14 Days


Shipping Costs Comparison

The shipping costs are another concern of dropshippers, shipping fees increased fiercely since the outbreak of COVID-19CJPacket has a very competitive price while other shipping methods are increasing their fees.

If you are checking the shipping fees on the product page, it’s a quite simple way to know the shipping costs. Select a country you wanna ship to, and then you will see the shipping lines available and each cost. 

(Note: The Estimated Delivery Time has not been updated for the delivery time varies day by day, please refer to the delivery time given above.)

From the result, we can find that CJPacket lines have a considerable advantage over other lines. For this product weighed 100g, the shipping costs of CJPacket lines are about $4.50, while USPS $5.65, ePacket $5.58, and other lines cost much more.

For heavier products, the price advantage of CJPacket is more obvious.



For this backpack weighed 730g, the shipping cost of CJPacket is $12.64 to the US, about 2 times by PostNL, about $30 by DHL and EMS, and e-Packet charges for $15.61, costs $3 more than CJPacket.

When you check with Shipping Cost Calculation, if you do not set correctly, the result will be different from the final dropshipping costs for your orders. The shipping costs are not only influenced by the destination country and weight, but also by the attribute, this column is often ignored.

There are 15 option boxes, different lines are available for different attributes. All the lines can ship ordinary products, and when you select electronic, the available lines reduced from 13 to 8.

And if you choose liquid contains, the available lines turn to 2.

About the attribute of a product, you can tell by yourself, or refer to our product descriptions.

You can find the Product Attributes on the product page, the attribute of this product is Electronic. If you try with Shipping Cost Calculation, you need to check the attribute, and the weight is 344g, then count.

CJPacket is going to have another price promotion in weeks, and the delivery time will be faster. Start to use CJPacket now, enjoy a better shipping service here.




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