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How to Choose the Trending Products for Dropshipping

How to Choose the Trending Products for Dropshipping
CJMar. 21, 2019 09:04:151264

Did you find that successful e-commerce merchants often have products that well meet the needs of the consumers? They always get hot products to lead the whole markets. Are they more intelligent? Absolutely not. They are the men who take time to analyze the trending products of the new season via many internet tools.


And of course, they do well in marketing. And today I don’t want to talk about the marketing techniques, instead, how to choose the trending products for drop shipping. Especially for many green hands on e-commerce business, choosing the correct products to start their business is very significant.  And after you find your favorite products, just to cooperate with CJ drop shipping that will help you find the exact ones and fulfill orders for you. All things are perfect!


Choose the trending products for drop shipping is a necessary course to do your business, which needs unceasing researching and exploring. But it’s not very difficult as you think of. I these ways as follows can help you guys.


  Find out Five Effective Ways to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping here!


1. Using Google Trends


This is a necessary one for you to calculate the trending products.


If you cannot judge if the product can be sold well and bring huge profit to you, I suggest you to search this product on Google Trends to analyze its sales and trends. If the sales is down year after year, it's hard to be hot again.


Google trend is a free tool that not only shows the search volume for a product but also tells if the product is trending up or down. Another benefit is that you can find the number of searches in different regions of a particular country.





2. Via E-commerce Platform


Except for Google Trend, you can source the trending products via current popular e-commerce platforms. You can see what products are sold well on those platforms. I just list some here.


a.Popular products of Alibaba


b.Popular products of Amazon


c.Popular products of eBay


d.Popular products on CJ App



3. Paid Website


There are some websites that particularly help merchants to find trending products. Take Jungle Scount for example. It is very professional research the products on Amazon and then help sellers easier to find the high profit, high demand products, but they charge all information on the web.



4. Pay attention to the Online Celebrity of Niche Market


Why pay attention to these guys? Because in recent years, online celebrities who have huge fans have been a powerful force that plow through the whole e-commerce market. You’ll find their clothing and apparel cause a fashion trend of society. They have been another kind of stars.


I hope those tips can help you find the trending products. If you have any idea, please leave comments here or leave message in the Facebook Group.



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