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How to Use CJ Drop Shipping and Aliexpress Better at the Same Time?

How to Use CJ Drop Shipping and Aliexpress Better at the Same Time?
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It is undeniable that AliExpress is the best choice for beginners to start dropshipping. There are many different kinds of products and vendors in AliExpress. Unlike CJ Dropshipping, most stores owned by couples or brothers in Aliexpress don't have many stocks. Most factories in China sell only to native people so usually, they don't sell in AliExpress.



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Here are 4 tips for you to use CJ Dropshipping and AliExpress better.


1. If you are just trying to find your winning product, I'd recommend AliExpress, because they have a wider range of products to choose from and usually they have stock (but the inventory is usually low), and they can ship your packages as soon as you place an order


2. CJ has many customers and some want to drop ship all the products from us. We appreciate it that you trust us but this is not the best way to do dropshipping. Just like what I mentioned before, you should figure out what your target is.


From our experience, most CJ customers sell only several winning products in their stores. Take drones for example. You may have thousands of orders every day, but most of your orders are always from the same several drones. So does this rule apply to other products like shoes? If you sell everything, hardly you will succeed.


3. The reasons why you can not succeed if you sell many different kinds of products.


a. Too many categories mean you can't spend much time in improving product quality and supply chain.

b. Too many categories mean you will have to spend a long time in processing orders and we can not guarantee that we have all that you sell in stock.

c. Too many categories mean your suppliers can not stock for you due to limited profits. And without stock, your order processing time would be very long. But of course, you are welcome to buy the inventory to CJ warehouse and we are happy to provide a free warehouse.

d. Too many categories mean you can't run your ads well. Your Facebook pixel maybe not smart enough if you have many different types of ads.


4. Focus leads to success. You can find your winning product through Aliexpress. After you figure it out, you can ask CJ suppliers to stock for you and spend more time in improving product quality and supply chain. In the meantime, CJ can help lower your product cost because you have continuous needs for the same product. Besides, we can help you build your own brand.



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