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The Easiest Way Ever to Buy/Source from Aliexpress, 1688 and Taobao for Dropshipping

The Easiest Way Ever to Buy/Source from Aliexpress, 1688 and Taobao for Dropshipping
CJJun. 05, 2020 07:14:193208

CJ Google Chrome Extension is an extremely useful extension which can save you tons of time if you are running an online store and source from China, it works in buying or sourcing products for your online store from Aliexpress, 1688.com and Taobao with just one click.



What are the differences between Aliexpress, 1688 and Taobao?


Known as the world's factory, Chinese suppliers are the top choice for most dropshippers. Aliexpress, 1688 and Taobao are 3 independent stations of Alibaba Group. While they are platforms for vendors to sell products on, they have differences from each other.



1688.com, 1688 in Chinese, is the largest wholesale site in China. You can find almost the lowest price in 1688 because many of the sellers are factories, they can offer a  floor price for purchasers. Through 1688, nearly 500,000 small and medium sellers provide products for Amazon, Wish, eBay, Aliexpress and other platforms. And if you dropship from China, most of your products are originally sourced from1688. Either you buy from your agent, Aliexpress or CJ, most of them purchase from 1688.


You may ask, "Can I buy from 1688 directly to save money?" Sure you can, but it is not worth your time and effort, because 1688 is open to Chinese, no English available, no one speaks English, no USD accepted, and no overseas shipping support.





Taobao is the largest e-commerce retail platform in Asia. It has 500 million registered users and over 1 billion online products. The platform has strict policies with the sellers. Some of those sellers cooperate with the factory to get inventory, but most of them have no inventory. They import products from 1688 to their own store, when they have orders, they shipped out products through 1688 to complete the orders.


The advantage of Taobao is that they have cheaper prices and better service than offline stores, but the disadvantage is that the sellers are not the manufacturer, therefore the price is available for consumers but not for wholesales and dropshipping.





Aliexpress, in some way, can be regarded as international Taobao. It provides multi-language versions, and ship worldwide. Many dropshippers start with Aliexpress, because it is quite simple to source and buy from Aliexpress. But when you scale up, you will find Aliexpress is not a good choice, it can not fulfill your orders automatically unless you use it with other apps.


What's more important, if products in one order placed on your store are purchased from several vendors, this order will be sent separately then the shipping cost will increase. If you encounter problems, communication is not efficient enough.




Why sourcing from Aliexpress, 1688 or Taobao?


Though each of these 3 sites has its own shortcoming for dropshipping, they are great sites to source winning products for their abundant product listings and cheap price. But import products from these sites to your store directly? Definitely not a smart choice.


You can find many videos and blogs teach you how to buy from 1688 and Taobao, how to transfer these sites into English, or how to negotiate with the suppliers, you will find them too complicated, and time-consuming, it is not worth your time and effort, you can make much more money using the time and energy on marketing.


That's why we have this CJ Google Chrome Extension, with which, you can source or buy products from Aliexpress, 1688 or Taobao by just one click, just one. You don't have to know their process, do not need a Chinese payment account and do not need a Chinese agent.




How to source from Aliexpress, 1688 and Taobao by using CJ Google Chrome Extension?


1. Installation

First of all, you need to install the extension.


There are two ways to install CJDropshipping Extension in Google Chrome:


1) Install the extension from Google Web Store:

You can go and install the extension directly.




2) Visit our website: Click "Go To 1688" / "Go To Taobao"/ "Go To Aliexpress" Then you will see a popup window,  just proceed to install the extension as it requires.



After the installation, you will see an icon of this extension in the upper right corner of Chrome. Then please refresh the web-page to start it.





2. Log in/Registration

Log in with your CJ account. If you don't have one, please click "Register" to set up a new account. To enable the extension, you also need to sign in to the extension additionally by clicking its icon and then entering your CJ account info. After signing in, you will see your sourcing history, the status of your order, and change the currency in your favor when shopping.




3. Request Posting

Find See More Products button on the right of the searching bar, move the cursor on the button, you'll see 3 entries, Go to 1688, Go to Taobao and Go to Aliexpress, you can click to visit these sites directly.




1) Aliexpress

First, let me show you how to post a sourcing request from Aliexpress, it's quite easy because you guys will have no difficulty in searching for products on Aliexpress.


Once you find an attractive item, go to the product page, you'll find one icon on the right side-Sourcing. Sorry, purchasing products from Aliexpress is not available now.



If you want to source the product, just click the sourcing icon to post a sourcing request to CJ, not a single extra movement required, just one click, your request is posted to CJ successfully, then CJ sourcing team will come back to you with its detail information and usually a better price than Aliexpress at the earliest convenience. It takes 1-2 days before the sourcing result comes out.


Notes: Make sure you have set the language English, and the currency USD, or you will fail to post a sourcing request to CJ.



You can click the extension icon or go to the Sourcing page from CJ's home page to check the status. Once sourcing success, you can view details of the product, and list it to your store on the product page.



For user LV1: 7 sourcing requests available daily.

For user LV2: 12 sourcing requests available daily.

For user LV3: 22 sourcing requests available daily.

For user LV4: 52 sourcing requests available daily.

For user LV5: unlimited sourcing requests available daily.

For VIP users: unlimited sourcing requests available daily. 



2) 1688/Taobao

You can go to Taobao from CJ's homepage, you will see the site is in Chinese, no multi-language versions, but it can't be a problem, just right click, and translate the page into English. The translation may not be perfect, but clear enough for you to understand.



And you can input English to search for a product, because the system can read English, and show you the searching results. Besides, you can click the camera icon to search by image, it's more easy and accurate to search for a specific item.


Once you found the target product or an attractive item, just click the icons on the right navigation bar to post a sourcing or purchasing request to CJ.



There is a wonderful feature when you search products on Taobao/1688 with CJ Google Chrome Extension, you will find a tag showing the USD price of the product, the price is calculated according to the current exchange rate. This feature is so time-saving and convenient, that you need not calculate for every item.



If you want to buy the product directly, you need to set the feature and quantity you want to buy, then click the purchasing icon to send a purchasing request to CJ.



Once purchasing request posted, you can go to My CJ to check the Purchase List from 1688/Taobao, and view the status of your purchased items. You can cancel the request anytime, or pay the order when it is available.  





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