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Top 10 Sourcing Agents in China for International Trading Import and Export

Top 10 Sourcing Agents in China for International Trading Import and Export
CJJun. 21, 2019 10:11:598832

What is a sourcing agent?

Just like a real estate agent helps you find and purchase the best property, a sourcing agent will help you with the whole sourcing process, from China to your country, from start to end. For one thing , they provide you with a wide range of service that will make your supply process relatively easier. For the other thing, they takes away all the burden of the hassle involved in importing the order, making the process of procuring goods from China highly efficient and effortless. 
No matter you are a new player in importing products from China, or you are a experienced importer, the services of a sourcing agent are indispensable and vital if you want the process to be quick, and hassle-free.


Why sourcing agent is needed in purchasing products from China?


 Save time
Sourcing agent will help you save time on your overall production experience. It will allow you to put your time towards other efforts that will make the sales of the product successful. You will have enough time for operations and marketing.


• Help in finding reliable suppliers
A good sourcing agent will help you find suppliers for any products you desire to import from China. They will help you locate new suppliers, and look for the best manufacturers to manufacture your products.


 Help in price negotiations 
They are already familiar with the manufacture price of most products, during negotiations your agent will help beat down price, and supplier have no option than to bring the price down.


• Help with quality control
Sourcing agent will not only help you inspect the factory to check whether they has the capacity to produce, but also help you with product quality control, if the products are defective, they will connect the supplier to solve this problem.


 Manage shipping and logistics
Managing the importation process requires your time and attention. The sourcing agent on the ground will help you manage the whole shipping and logistics process.


• Reduce your risk of importing from China
A good sourcing agent has a lot of experience in product production, product safety, compliance certifications, import & export process rules, as well as international logistics.


• Follow market trends
Sourcing agent will provide you with new market trends in your product price, price list of different suppliers, and even give you new design trends on that particular product you're interested in, making you choose the best design for your customers.


How to identify a suitable & reliable sourcing agent?

• For Reliability
You should go to their websites, check out customer feedback on their social media if they have any, or you can ask a friend or business partner who has sourced products from China, which method they used.


• For Product Price
One of the major reason you are thinking of sourcing products from China in the first place is the price of goods manufactured there. That's why when dealing with a supplier, sourcing agent you should consider the price for the whole process, and do your best to beat the price down.


• For Product Quality

Top sourcing agent make sure they do quality checks and testing for clients.


• For Communication
A good sourcing agent must have a strong command over English in both writing and speaking and should be able to communicate with you smoothly by phone and email. Besides, they must also be highly-efficient and prompt in responding to the emails. There is a time difference between China and most countries.


• For Understand your requirement
It is also essential for the sourcing agent to be quick in understanding the precise requirements of his clients. They can communicate with the factory on behalf of you according to your product ideas. If your sourcing agent can't understand your real need very clearly, then it will take more time to modify the product back and forth.


• For Professional product knowledge
The agents who deal in all kinds of products have an extensive network of cooperative factories and suppliers. So, they can find the best suppliers for the products you want in a very short time.


• For Professional import & export experience

Any good sourcing agent must have a good understanding of the legalities and paperwork involved in import & export. This includes the process of import & export, certificate and document requirement, licenses, etc.




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Top 10 Sourcing Agents in China 
A sourcing company is an important partner in your China sourcing process. Below we listed top sourcing agents in China, they will help smoothen your sourcing.


Top 1. CJdropshipping
Website: https://cjdropshipping.com/
Why CJDropshipping is the best? CJ is a professional team with more than 300 employees aim to drop shipping, we are the primary drop shipping partner of many top 100 Shopify and WooCommerce stores. OUR OWN FREE APP for products sourcing, order processing, and shipping to the customers. Thousand of products can be posted to your stores with just a few clicks, and allow you to source from 1688 & Taobao directly.
CJ Offer:
Print on Demand with thousands of products
Quality control before dispatching, almost one by one checking
Price normally lower than Aliexpress and eBay vendors
Provide professional images & video of the products 
Customer service support: one to one communication, almost 7*24 
Custom cards and pouches are available
Update hot selling products 
No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Storage Fee, No Minimum Order

How to Use CJ Google Chrome Extension for 1688, Taobao Drop Shipping?
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Top 2. jingsourcing
Website: https://jingsourcing.com/
In the past 3 years, jingsourcing has supported over 3,000 small to medium business owners. They not only help them get quality products from China, but also help them achieve greater success.
They Offer:
Free & Efficient Service: Customers can get the best price from supplier in less than 2 working days.
Small Business Friendly: Sourcing companies usually serve experienced importers, but they dedicate to help small business since 2015.
One to one Service: They are a 50 people company in China with years of sourcing experiences. 
E-commerce Solution: They offer complete solution including product labels, packaging, free product photos, shipping to Amazon, and more.

Top 3.leelinesourcing
Website: https://leelinesourcing.com/
Registered in Hong Kong in 2009, Leelinesourcing started its purchasing business for small-and-medium-sized sellers. In 2015, th
ey created the current company in mainland China with a specialization in product sourcing. 
They Offer:
Product Sourcing: the sourcing agents will assist you from the complex purchasing process.
Quality Inspection: personalized quality inspection services based on your needs.
FBA Prep Service: better preparing before you start selling your products.
FBA Shipping Service: provide a variety of logistics solutions in addition to conventional shipping methods.

Top 4. Meenogroup.com
Website: https://www.meenogroup.com/
This company is based in the Yiwu international trade center. They are great for companies that are just starting up with Amazon selling or e-commerce business.
They Offer:
Free Sourcing Consultancy: quote within 48 hours for the required products
Professional Factory Audits: local Chinese team can evaluate the factory’s conditions and minimize risks from the beginning.
Reliable Logistic Forwarder: help customers in shipping cargo to worldwide stably.
Small Business Supported: small businesses with minimum order as low as $500.

Top 5. Imex sourcing services
Website: https://imexsourcingservices.com/
They offer a full range of sourcing service, anything that a sourcing company offers. This sourcing company specializes in sourcing for large companies, engineering firms, and e-commerce stores.
They Offer:
360° Sourcing Service: help customers systematically from sourcing a supplier or product.
Easy Logistics: for countries like the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada,they can deliver right at your doorstep, they also manage customs clearance and logistics in China and destination country.
Save Time & Money
Customers will see the processes and costs optimized to find the best combination of price & value.

Top 6. Sourcingbro.com
Website: https://sourcingbro.com/
It is located in Shenzhen China, and it is recommended for medium electronic product retailers, provide high-volume goods to clients around the globe.
They Offer Low Cost Sourcing:
Chinese Supplier: act as your supplier and assist with product design, source for raw materials and plan the production process.
Chinese Trade Consultant: act as your Trade Consultant by helping you to select and manage your Chinese supplier.

Top 7. Dragonsourcing
Website: https://www.dragonsourcing.com/
Dragon Sourcing is a procurement service provider in China and Vietnam focused on delivering sustainable value from emerging global markets for clients. It is recommended by some small and medium companies. 
They offer:
A complete sourcing service to companies across the globe looking to procure effectively from low cost countries through cost savings, increased quality, and service.

Top 8. Guided imports.com
Website: https://www.guidedimports.com/
They offer great sourcing services, and they are recommended for e-commerce stores and Amazon sellers.
They Offer: 
Sourcing & Manufacturing Services: act as your project managers, consultants, and purchasing office. 
Quality Control Inspections: they will visit supplier as well as inspect products before shipping.
Shipping & Logistics Services: they can ship anywhere in the world, also manage the entire logistics process, including customs clearance and warehousing.

Top 9. LINC Sourcing
Website: http://www.lincsourcing.com/
Based in Europe, but with branch offices in China and other countries. This company is recommended for small and medium scale European companies who want to source products from China.
They Offer:
Product Sourcing: help customers become more efficient in their purchase from China.
Supplier Evaluations: suppliers has been carefully checked and selected. All suppliers offer competitive prices, high level of service.
Quality Control: they put very high quality demands on the suppliers and have developed methods to assure high product quality, delivery precision, packing, etc.
Logistics Services: they takes care of all logistic matters in getting the products from the factory to its final destination.

Top 10. Easy Imex
Website: https://www.easyimex.com/
It is an international sourcing company owned by Adam Gilbour. Easy Imex helps Australian, UK and US business source cheaper products from China. Recommended for medium and small business from Australia.
They Offer:
Source Better Suppliers: source the right supplier will make successful business in importing from China. 
Product Quality Control: ongoing quality control inspections tailored to customers’ needs
Minimize Risks from Importing: negotiate strict payment terms, production lead times, and penalty clauses with your supplier.
Shipping Worldwide from China: sea freight, customs clearance with all required documentation.


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All-in-one dropshipping solution provider: product supplies, global logistics, free sourcing, POD, video shooting, and other dropshipping-related services.