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Why Dropshipping Needs Custom Packaging?

Why Dropshipping Needs Custom Packaging?
CJJun. 15, 2020 02:13:043040

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a new ecommerce business model. The traditional ecommerce business model is you buy a minimum quantity of products from your suppliers upfront and keep them in stock. Build up your online store. Once you get orders from customers, it’s your responsibility to pack and ship the products to your customers.


But dropshipping, is a fulfillment strategy where your product ships from your supplier directly to your customer. You don't hold any inventory. You don’t pack or ship your orders. What you do is list products from your suppliers to your online store, and once customers come to your store and place orders with you, you pass orders along to your suppliers and they’ll send the products directly to your customers without you even touching it.


But when your customers receive their parcels, which one do you think will suprise them more? The plain boxes or the customized ones? That brings us to the topic we will be discussing here - custom packaging. Is it a good choice to go for custom packaging?  


What could custom packaging do to dropshipping business?

Unlike marketing, more focused on driving targeted traffic to your dropshipping store, your customers have already bought from you and are waiting for their packages to arrive.

The package is the first physical interaction customers will have with your brand. Other than the product itself, the package matters as well.


Custom packaging is a good but also easy way to brand your dropshipping store.

You customize the package with your brand logo, your slogan, your style, even color scheme you designed for your online store. Every word and every picture you print on your package is sending a strong branding message to your customers. By building up your brand, it is much more likely you can win over loyal and repeat customers.



Custom packaging enables you to differentiate your products from others and stand out among the other competitors in the market.

Imagine when your customers receive many parcels they ordered online, which one would stand out and grab their attention immediately? One of those plain boxes? Or the one with different designs and colors. Remember, the more eye-catching the design is, the more audiences it will attract.


Free advertising.

What does it mean? Marketing like posting Facebook and google Ads, the main idea is to get people see you, products you sell and get your brand into people’s mind, so that they will be brought to your store.


But for custom packaging? When the package reaches to your customers’ porch, people walking around might see it. When your customer pick it up and unpack it, their family or friends will see it. Now when your customer throws it, people living nearby might see it. More people see your brand, more chances your store will get visitors, thus more purchases might be made.


Wanna give custom packaging a shot now? Go test it out and see how custom packaging is going to help your dropshipping business grow.


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