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Why You Should Choose Us If You’re Looking For An AliExpress Dropshipping Alternative

Why You Should Choose Us If You’re Looking For An AliExpress Dropshipping Alternative
2018-09-12 06:39:0619
AliExpress is a well-known e-commerce platform, so before doing proper research it is easy to assume that such a popular company is the best option out there. Once you take a closer look, however, you will find several reasons why CJDropshipping is the superior choice for your dropshipping business.

Storage and Shipping 

The most important function of a supplier is of course the storage and delivery of products. While AliExpress suppliers store all their goods in China, meaning delivery will have to be across continents, CJDropshipping has the revolutionary feature of warehouses within the USA. This allows for the processing of your orders within as brief a time as one day, and domestic deliveries within 2-4 days. It also removes the numerous potentials for unpredictable delays resulting in very unsatisfied customers who are highly unlikely to be recurring buyers after being told that the arrival of products they have purchased has been delayed indefinitely. 
Countless Sales – One Supplier 

As your business grows you will have an increasing need for reliable, easily-accessible, and efficient suppliers. CJDropshipping removes the cumbersome, time-consuming task of managing several suppliers by supplying every product you could desire directly. As well as having on display a wide array of products which currently are selling rapidly, CJDropshipping will source for you directly any product upon your request if at all possible, taking every care to ensure you are provided with the best quality without having to sort through an endless mass of suppliers before finding a reliable one. With you, supplies taken care of you are free to focus on marketing to draw in customers and making sales. 

Say Goodbye to the Dangers of Fraud 

With the suspiciously low prices presented by small, China-based vendors on AliExpress comes the imminent danger of fraudulent products. While AliExpress may itself may be a perfectly upstanding and credible platform, the masses of independent suppliers who market their goods there without any need for verification has resulted in so large an amount of scandals that AliExpress itself displays on its website a page educating users as to how to be avoid being scammed and case studies of such events. With CJDropshipping you will never have to deal with such danger and uncertainty, as the only supplier you will ever have to deal with is our experienced, educated, well-established team of professionals. 


CJDropshipping is designed to produce the same business potentials for users as AliExpress and other dropshipping platforms, but in as easily-accessible and user-friendly a form as possible for your convenience. The 20+ video tutorials on the CJDropshipping website provide the perfect engaging and easy to understand guide through the world of dropshipping. CJ's app displays hundreds of products, the top-selling of which are recommended to you, and any of which you may list to your own store with a few taps of your thumb. The app is also able to automatically sync and place orders to CJDropshipping once sales have been made in your store. This allows you to manage your business and generate income through your mobile phone, which will continue even as you sleep.