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Why You Should Consider CJ Dropshipping If You're Looking For A New Droppshipping Supplier

Why You Should Consider CJ Dropshipping If You're Looking For A New Droppshipping Supplier
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Dropshipping has the potential to be an incredibly profitable business venture. It is easily accessible, does not require a degree, allows for mass retail without the need for storage space and can be done from anywhere there is access to the internet (which these days means anywhere from the USA to Antarctica). One thing, however, that is vital to your success, is having the right supplier. So, what then makes CJDropshipping the best fit for you?


The most important quality of a dropshipping supplier is of course their ability to provide you with products to retail. CJdropshipping, in addition to having a wide range of products displayed from with you can select what you believe will sell best, offers the unique service of sourcing directly specific products upon your request. This allows you to tap into niche markets and execute novel ideas in the retail world as you will have access to not only commonly sold products but goods which you may be one of only a few individuals, or indeed perhaps the only one, to even think of offering to the general public. It also saves you the hassle of wading through an endless sea of suppliers and ensures that every care will be taken by professionals who have expertise in the field to locate quality products for your business.


CJDropshipping has more to offer than supplying goods. Their service of creating studio- quality videos to advertise your products is a highly effective method of marketing without the any costly monetary or timely investments in conventional methods such as locating, selecting and employing the services of a marketing team. In addition to this, they also offer customizable packaging, product branding and promotional inserts to help promote your personal brand.

3.Fees and Charges

Unlike with many other dropshipping suppliers, you will not find costs tagged onto everything with CJDropshipping. There is no monthly fee, no limit to the amount of orders that can be fulfilled without additional costs, no cost for storage in one of their 200 co-op warehouses, no fee per item sold and no cost for registration. 

4.Storage and warehousing

CJ Dropshipping uniquely has warehouses located in the USA. This allows for same-day processing of orders and domestic shipping in as little as 2-4 days. This storage, as aforementioned, comes at zero cost to you.

5.Connect with 10 eCommerce platforms

There are 10 types of stores that can be Authorized on CJ, including Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Lazada, Shopee, Etsy, Squarespace, Shoplazza, Magento and API authorization (for personal websites).


CJDropshipping has a number of features that help make it as accessible as possible to anyone and everyone. On their website you will find 20+ video tutorials to help guide you through the world of dropshipping. Should you still not fully understand anything, there is completely free, friendly customer-support team available in several languages, 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, to answer any queries you may have. CJDropshipping has also designed an easy-to-use app that makes dropshipping accessible even from your mobile phone.



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