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Why You Should Use CJ Dropshipping if You're Looking for An Oberlo Dropified Alternative

Why You Should Use CJ Dropshipping if You're Looking for An Oberlo Dropified Alternative
CJSep. 11, 2018 22:24:144012
The internet provides users with access to a wide array of dropshipping platforms. Some of them, like Oberlo, are very-well established. So, what then sets CJ Dropshipping apart, making it the right choice for you to spend your time and money? 




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2. Being your own boss.


First of all, unlike Oberlo which simply provides a list of suppliers with which you will have to go through the tedious process of selecting, contacting and purchasing from, CJ Dropshipping offers the unique service of sourcing products directly upon your request. It's as simple as entering the name, target price and description of your desired product, and Cj Dropshipping’s expert team will consider its feasibility and locate it for you if at all possible. This slick service is absolutely free of charge.
Fees and Charges
Secondly, when it comes down to it, business is a matter of making money, and Cj Dropshipping is the superior partner for assisting you in this. They offer unlimited order fulfillment free of charge, unlike Oberlo which requires you to pay a monthly fee for more than 50 orders per month. In addition to not being required to pay a monthly fee, you will not be charged for storage in one of their 200 co-op warehouses. There is also no fee per item sold, and registration is absolutely free. On Cj Dropshipping alone you are able to manage multiple stores free of charge. 
Other Cj Dropshipping-unique features 
There are several other features exclusive to Cj Dropshipping. For the small fee of $50, the produce studio-quality videos for you to market your product (the copyright to this video is also available for purchase. Free customer support is available in several languages, 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. There is a self-service platform provided for disputes with suppliers. Product branding, promotional inserts and packaging are customizable to best promote your personal brand image. Order fulfillment monitoring is free of charge. Cj provides the ability to connect with (in addition to Shopify as offered by Oberlo) Woocommerce, which is listed by Builtwith as the most popular e-commerce platform on the web. Their US warehouses allow for order processing times as brief as one day, and delivery within 2-5 days. 
Cj Dropshipping App
All of this and more is packaged into Cj Dropshipping's user-friendly app. Here you are able to view recommendations for current top-selling products, list products to our own store in a few taps of the thumb, and select from hundreds of products which are all free to source. You will be provided with delivery tracking and statistics, and tracking numbers will automatically be generated and updated to your store. The app will automatically sync and place orders to Cj to assist the continuous flow of products and revenue. Paying through store credits gives you the potential to win awards and fast shipping. 
Cj Dropshipping is designed for you 
All of these features add up to one main point: Cj Dropshipping is customer-orientated. Their focus is not on taking monthly fees from users or adding hidden costs to every purchase, but on providing every customer with the best possible services to grow their business in the form of branding, advertisement videos or whatever best suits you as the user.


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