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How to Open/Close a Dispute on CJ APP?

We would like to help your business grow, and we will be responsible for each dropshipping order from CJ. Here we summarize the steps for how to open a dispute for bulk purchase orders (begin with "ZF") and dropshipping orders. Every order will be handled strictly under our Refund, Resend and Retu

Why work with CJDropshipping, and What is it offer and strength?

No Setup Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Storage Fee, No Minimum Order CJ APP is easy to use for hundreds thousand products posting, order processing and free US warehouse inventory and shipping, another faster shipping than ePacket Sourcing any products for your drop shipping business and free

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Top 10 International Fulfillment Center or Logistics Company for dropshipping in China

Many drop shippers use the traditional method of using DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT or oversea container to send bulk orders to their overseas warehouse and then use local fulfillment centre to send orders to their customers. This is an outdated method that is not only inefficient but also ineffective. A

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How to Work with CJdropShipping?

You may know CJ from several ways, but have no idea about what is CJ and how to work with CJ. Never mind, we will make it clear here.What is CJ?CJ Dropshipping is one of the best dropshipping suppliers and solutions for dropshippers. You can Connect your WeD2C, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Lazada, Sh

How to Clear Cookies?

Not all cookies are safe for munching. Here's how to clear them in your browser Cookies are small text files written by a web browser that contains information about your interaction with one specific site. They include information such as what you shoved into a virtual shopping cart, your username


Reasons why Aliexpress inventory levels are FAKE and how it can HURT your dropshipping business?

You’ve been in the dropshipping business for a while testing different products on your e-commerce shop to find the hot-selling items that you can scale with. Finally, after numerous trial and error, you found the winners! Orders are flowing in quickly and you placed more and more orders with th

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Hot selling drop shipping items available in US Warehouse

Hot selling items available in the US dropshipping warehouse TODAY! Hi, everyone, there have been so many inquiries on hot-selling item suggestions in our US dropshipping warehouse and it's finally here! Please head over to app.cjdropshipping.com and scroll down to the product section, select th

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2018 USPS Rate Comparison for CJ users

2018 USPS Rate Comparison for CJ usersFirst Class Mail PackageFirst Class Mail Package is a great way to ship smaller packages economically. If your package weighs less than 16oz and does not exceed 108" in combined length and girth (the measurement around the package at its


CJdropshipping Service Fee

Check out the below information of how does the Service Fee charged in our different warehouses:1. US Warehouse2. Germany Warehouse3. Thailand Warehouse4. Indonesia Warehouse5. China Warehouse1. US WAREHOUSE SERVICE FEE (Products Existed or Sourced in CJ US Warehouse) = FreeAll Free If the Products

How to Connect Shopify to CJ APP?

Click Here for instant installation: CJdropshipping on Shopify APP Store You can also search CJDropshipping on Shopify APP Store After authorizing your Shopify Shops, you can: 1. Easily post sourcing request regarding the existing items in your Shopify store; 2. Connect the items in your s

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How to Post Sourcing Request to CJ?

Sourcing offers a solution when you didn't find the product you want to sell on CJ. CJ can help find the product and publish it for you to sell after you post a sourcing request to us. For user LV1: 5 sourcing requests available daily. For user LV2: 10 sourcing requests available daily. For user

ASD March 2018 Followup

Hello,Hope you are enjoying a break from all the walking in the ASD show! This is Tina Wu from CJ Dropshipping. It was nice to meet you at our ASD booth last week! I want to take this opportunity to reintroduce our company! CJ Dropshipping Inc. is a one-stop-shop designed specifically for drop sh


CJ Dropshipping

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