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10 Top-Selling Summer Products in 2019

10 Top-Selling Summer Products in 2019
CJMay. 29, 2019 03:55:121093

Now that summer is upon us, it is the strange season that makes people love and also hate. Love is that we can take off the heavy clothes and get outside to enjoy swimming by the pool and get some cold beverage. Hate is also too much, such as the hot sunshine, high temperature and fat.


But for sellers, there's a whole new range of trending products in summer to sell - and a whole new market of hungry buyers - to explore and. So here we have sorted out our top-selling summer products.


In this list, we'll look at the hot new products you can sell this summer. For summer 2019, you can start off by picking some (or all!) of the items from this to kick off your best season yet.


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1. Zipper body Shaper Vest - CJNSSYCS00096


Summer is a season when you need to take off the heavy clothes and wear a more beautiful and sexy dress. So come summer, come summer body goals.


Demand for exercise-related products, especially weight loss clothes, tends to spike right around summers.


This sleeveless, summer-ready vest top can easily become your seasonal bestseller. Not only it is one of the most favorite types of performance vests (perfect for hitting the gym or a boot camp session in the park), with the slim version and a good design concept, it can also become a staple of casual wear. It is a hot vest which applicable in running, hiking, camping, cycling, fitting body.


2. Shaping wear - CJNSNYNK00129


There are many reasons to love shapewear - whether it's a smoothing slip or seamless bodysuit, the right piece provides a great foundation for clothing to drape properly and fit in the most flattering way. But when the summer heat hits, you may find yourself regretting those extra (and extra-tight) layers. Here's the thing though: You don't have to ditch shapewear when the temperatures climb. We've rounded up the best options to keep you cool, comfortable, and confident all season long.


What makes this product worth considering is that it offers retailers a lot of versatility: whether you sell lingerie, women's fashion, or want to add this category on a store for general apparel, you'll be able to find shapewear in different colors, styles, and sizes to meet the needs of your diverse customer base.


You can sell trending products like this breathable shapewear, which has been skyrocketing in sales in the past 30 days. It's anti-slip and it creates a visibly slimmer figure for your customers. The same paneled body suits and bike shorts you wore in winter won't work for the warmer summer months–customers need something that is more lightweight. It is absolutely the best, most lightweight and breathable summer shapewear on the market. It smooths out skin (ie. cellulite) so women look absolutely flawless in body-hugging, thin summer dresses. The material is paper thin so customers don't feel like they're wearing shapewear, and it has a silicone tape trim at the leg holes, so it stays in place.


3. Cooling Sun Hat - CJNSFSMZ00305


Summer is here and you may already plan your next kayaking trips or beach get-together. A cute and stylish hat that can be worn on almost any occasion, regardless of whether you're going to the beach, on the boat or simply going out on a summer day.


Not wearing protective headwear during summer isn't just uncomfortable, but it can be a health hazard, too. Since sun rays are the main culprit behind skin aging, a wide-brimmed hat is ladies' best friend, hence the popularity of this particular model.


Our hat is double-sided, and the cap style is dome basin cap/fisherman hat. The large brim is very suitable for blocking sunlight. This hat is the best choice for the people who're very protective of their skin and worry about sun rays and the potential damage they can bring.


4. Beach Blanket Towels - CJYDYYST00006


Nowadays, we're seeing more and more diversified beach towels appear. From fruit shaped to Bohemia style, these Instagrammable beach towels are photogenic enough to sweep sales off the ground with impulse purchases. There are 90,500 monthly searches for “beach towels,” proving that they're a powerhouse summer product to sell. June and July tend to be peak season for this must-have accessory. You can sell these on a standalone store or add other summer products to a general women's or impulse buy store.


For a sprawling, oversize towel at a great price, this is an excellent choice. There are two sizes, Medium and large. The medium is 150*130cm and the Large is 150*210cm. This towel is practically a small blanket and fits 3-5 people comfortably. With a beautiful array of colors and patterns of the towel, it is easy to spot when returning to the sand after a refreshing dip in the ocean. It is available in polyester/modal cotton fabric/super soft crystal fabric. It has a smooth texture, moderate thickness, opacity and softness!  Single-sided printing on the bottom is pure white and stain-resistant which makes it become the best choice to play on the beach.



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5. Ice cream frozen plate - CJJJCFCJ00632


When you're melting in the summer heat, you’ll find that all you need is something ice cold. Enter ice cream. Ice cream frozen plate tends to grow in popularity in the summer months making them a must-have on kitchen and home online stores. This novelty summer product also makes a great gift for Children's birthday parties in summer. This Ice cream frozen plate is more and more popular in families with children. Product size: 30*30*6.5 cm; Product material: Children's food-grade material.


STAY HEALTHY and still enjoy frozen delicious treats that fit into your eating plan using the easy and fun Ice Cream Time.


NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED. Because there are no cables and plugs to worry about it's easy to serve great ice cream anywhere!


  • [Production Steps]
  • Step 1: put the fried ice tray into the refrigerator freezer for more than 8 hours, put it into the refrigerator, and put it upside down. The temperature of the freezer in the refrigerator is adjusted to a low level. Generally, the temperature is lower at 18 degrees in the seventh gear. The longer the time is, the better the effect is.
  • Step 2: Take the fried ice tray and pour the prepared ice cream mixture.
  • Step 3: Wait patiently for 1 minute; the mixture begins to freeze until it is in the shape of ice cream. You can directly stir it with a shovel and add fruit pieces to shape various shapes!


6. Wedge sandals - CJBHNSNS05620


You will toe-totally love selling these sandals on your store. Wedge sandals have been growing in popularity these past few weeks meaning they'll be pumping up the sales this summer. A quick look at Google Trends shows that searches for "sandals" are climbing and will reach peak season in June. Wedge sandals, in particular, have also been getting some publicity right now.


Sky-high wedges are great, but probably not the best shoe for walking around all day. Enter the micro wedge. With a heel height of just a few inches and not a platform in sight, these delightful shoes are more stable and comfortable than your average heeled sandal but don't miss the mark on being chic.


7. Mini Car Fridge - CJJJCFHS00377


Foodies who dabble in all things outdoorsy are sure to fall in love with this Mini Car Fridge. Not only is it essential to any dorm, office space, playroom or garage-turned-man-cave, but it offers gourmands the unique option to bring their favorite snacks with them on the go.



By adapter and a cord, your favorite new appliance can easily fit in the backseat of your vehicle. That makes this versatile mini fridge a must-have addition to any camping trip or a long drive to your family's next vacation destination. And it's perfect for truckers who want to take their favorite pick-me-ups on the road with them!


8. Metal diamond polygon UV protection sunglasses - CJNSFSYJ00268


One of the things you shouldn't overlook when making summer plans to the beach is choosing good sunglasses, whether it's for a vacation or for day to day use. Women's sunglasses are one of the most popular dropshipping products that you can sell during summer.


As we have already found it out earlier, the 90's are back. Retro-style tiny sunglasses saw a sudden revival last summer and immediately witnessed a huge burst of popularity: basically, fashion icons and role model celebrities were the ones to detect and develop the trend.


9. Letter printing T-shirt - CJNSSYCS01309


Every year in the summer and early autumn months, T-shirt searches re-emerge as a seasonal trend.


T-shirt has popped up on trending product lists for a couple of years now. It's a trend that's proving to be a staple in the fashion space. From sports bras to T-shirt, these comfortable clothing that you can wear lounging at home or working out at the gym is the everyday outfit that more people are wearing. Data shows strong search growth for the term “athleisure” and more brands are adding athleisure apparel to their stores.


10. Hair Remover - CJBJPFTX00009


Hair removal can be an annoying problem for women. If they shave, it grows back in a couple of days. If they wax, it shows up again in a month. This trending product solves an age-old problem making it easy to build a store around it. According to Google Trends, searches for "remove hair" have been steadily growing. This is one of those trending products that won't go away anytime soon.


This 2 in 1 Hair Remover Instant & Pain-Free is safe and gentle to the most sensitive skin, no more pain or odor removal, no more nicks, cuts, sputum or burns. It is for all skin types.




No matter you're relying on Instagram influencers and fashion magazines to find those new hot trends for you or feel comfortable designing your own concepts based on popular themes (colors, characters, typography, etc), building your summer product catalog long before the festival season opens is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.


Please keep in mind that the best strategy for maintaining steady sales throughout summer is to offer both trendy as well as essential items. So even those who don't go to festivals can find a decent tank top to wear on a sunny day.


This way, you ensure a steady trickle of sales (from evergreen products) as well as regular sales spikes (from trending products).



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