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Top 100 Bestsellers on CJdropshipping 2021 | 7 Hot Niches Recommendation

Top 100 Bestsellers on CJdropshipping 2021 | 7 Hot Niches Recommendation
CJSep. 03, 2021 05:53:112275

Choose the right niche is not that easy because you always need to spend tons of time doing research. Here it collects the top 100 bestsellers on the CJ marketplace this year from January to August as well as 7 niches that are super hot according to the sale data this year for your reference, hope it can help to save your precious time and efforts.



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The table below shows the best 100 sellers ranked by orders over the past eight months on the CJ. You can see many products are under the same niche, the data was processed and highlighted into 7 niches with the hottest products among the top 100 bestsellers.


1. Beauty & Personal Care


The first niche on the list that is super hot is beauty & personal care. The beauty & personal care niche has always been a hot niche, this time it ranks as the top hot niche. Find the product names in pink, with 15 products of 100 and one hair product ranks top 5 which is scalp massage comb.


The manicure products seem to be the winner out of these 15 beauty products since there are three similar nails products on the list and the total sales are way higher than other sub-niches of beauty. 

Ladies are doing manicures at home seems to be a popular way as nails salons were closed during the quarantine. Also, DIY manicures are more affordable than doing outside.


2. Pet


The pet niche is known as an “evergreen” niche since pets are one of the important family members in many people’s lives. It shows that there are 11 pet products on the list which are highlighted in green.


Among these 11 products, the most popular item is pet traction rope, taking up the largest percentage of the sales for pet products. One selling point of this pet traction harness is that it’s a print on demand, people can add the text to print on it, like the name of the pet and the contact numbers of the owner, in case the pet gets lost.


Personal care products for pets hold another big part, products like pet hair clippers and nail clippers are also in great demand since these products are more like must-have items for families who are keeping pets and they can be sold all year round.


3. Fashion Jewelry


There are 8 fashion jewelry products on the list in golden. Fashion jewelry is a high profitable niche for dropshipping.


By proper marketing, it is not hard to have a promising profit margin on this kind of product, since the buyers always tend to be attracted by the unique design of the jewelry.  Also, the jewelry is tiny and lightweight, so it will not take too much for shipping, which makes the total dropshipping price reasonable.


The zircon earrings and pet-shaped jewelry sets became the trendy types because of their adorable designs, as you can see from the ranking, the zircon earrings rank 14th place and the jewelry set is at 15th.


The other hot fashion jewelry item is a natural stone bracelet. There are 4 different types of the bracelet on the best 100 sellers list. The design is friendly to both women and men, which means it can be a perfect gift for people and no needs to worry about if it is too girly or manly since it is designed neutrally.


4. Electronic products


The electronic products are highlighted in blue. There are only 7 electronic products on the list but three of them are among the top ten.


Especially for the fuel saver, and power saver got amazing sales amount which made them rank at the first and third place over the 100 products.


Thus, it can be seen the rising of the demand from people for this kind of electronic accessories from an economic perspective.



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5. Sports


The fourth niche for today is sports. People are now more likely to do exercise at home. So these sports products are on the rise, too. You can find the four sports products which are marked in yellow.


The strength training bars are doing a really good job, ranking at the top 7, which shows how popular this kind of item is among people.


The hula hoops with the new design are also selling well, with this kind of hula hoops, people can easily work out at home anywhere and anytime, with almost no cost on this exercise. At the same time, women’s yoga leggings are also very popular among female consumers.



6. Underwear and Pajamas


The next niche that is booming is women’s underwear and pajamas. 6 items are on the list this time and they are highlighted in purple.


People want to wear more comfortable and prettier even at home, no wonder that the pajamas sell so well, the silk pajamas for women rank top 9 on the list.


Nowadays ladies prefer to dress up more comfortably, especially when they are picking the underwear. Three types of wire-free bras are popular in the marketplace, to meet the customers’ demand for a cozier wearing experience.



7. Kitchen


The last niche is the kitchen niche, which is also an “evergreen” niche cuz it is related to a rigid demand among people-food. There are 5 kitchen products on the list and highlighted them with the grey color.


The hand-forged boning knife in the kitchen niches is doing pretty well, with a huge sales quantity that ranks the top 8 on the list. And vegetable slicers always sell, they have a broad market base, they are very popular in the US market.