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What to Dropship in September? Top 100 Best Sellers on CJ Dropshipping & 4 Promising Niches in Q4

What to Dropship in September? Top 100 Best Sellers on CJ Dropshipping & 4 Promising Niches in Q4
CJSep. 10, 2020 08:35:021626

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Hello everyone, welcome to our channel, I'm Demi. In today's video, I am going to share with you guys the top 100 best sellers on CJ Dropshipping the previous month, as well as 4 niches that had an excellent performance according to the bestseller list.

Here's the list of the top 100 best sellers on CJ Dropshipping in August.



From the list, we can see that there are many winning products and hot niches got a very excellent performance, but some have long been the best sellers, and some products got great sales only because 1 or 2 big sellers made a success on them, I would like to recommend products and niches that are easier for newbies to get started with and have more chance to succeed. so I picked 4 niches that are promising in September, and they are hot niches maybe in Q4. I marked these niches with different colors so they can show in a clear way. They are Mother & Baby Products, Pet Supplies, Kitchen Gadgets, and Consumer Electronics. Hair remove products got not bad sales in August, but I don't think they are still promising in the coming season, as the autumn coming, the weather gets cooler, the demand for this kind of products would decline in the countries on the Northern Hemisphere.
Now let's see what products are on trending for each niche.

Mother & Baby Products

Mother & Baby is a great niche for dropshipping, because it's highly targeted, and people never hesitate to buy what they need, whether for themselves or their beloved one. From the table, we can see that there are 6 top-selling products under this niche, and 3 of them are mommy bags, the left is shape belt, maternity pillow, and baby heartbeat monitor. Mommy bag is a must-have product for families which have newborn babies, every new mon or new dad will probably buy one when seeing a multi-functional and large capacity mommy bag, so mommy bags have been winning products from last year. This is a classic design mommy bag, it seems not a big bag, but I was surprised it can pack so many items, all well organized.


But these months, many new designs with fancy additional functions appeared, like this mommy bag can turn into a baby bed that both baby and mum could have a good rest outdoors. And this mommy bag is also a portable baby bed. So as the market saturated for ordinary mommy bags, new designs are more easily come out as winning products. Shape belts and maternity pillows are also very popular under the mother & baby niche, the former helps new moms to get in shape, and the latter helps expectant moms to sleep better during pregnancy.


Pet Supplies

Yeah, pet supplies again. Pet supplies seem to be a permanent hot niche for dropshipping, every time I make niche recommendation, pet supplies is one of them. And pet supplies got increasing sales during the quarantine because people spent much more time with pets. There are 6 hot selling products under this niche, pet shaver ranked #2, pet bowl, traction rope, pet comb, and two pet beds.


I don't remember how many times this pet bed appeared on the top list, and I just showed it on a previous winning product unbox video, you can go to watch it via the card. It got more and more variants. There were only solid colors at the very beginning, now there are rainbow-colored ones and type with a cute face for option. I do really love this rainbow-colored one, some kinds of unicorn color, very gorgeous.


Pet bowl, traction rope and pet comb are three hot products under pet supplies, in a coming video, I am going to unbox and show this pet comb, subscribe to our video and stay tuned to get what you can sell for the first time.
We can see that pet shaver ranked #2 on the top 100 bestseller list, this is a new hot seller under pet supplies. As the market for pet bowls and pet beds becoming saturated, I think it may be a better idea to test pet beauty products like pet shavers and pet combs.

Kitchen Gadgets

The sales for kitchen products increased obviously since the outbreak of the pandemic as restaurants closed and people dine more at home. Now the restaurants haven't totally back to normal, so the demands for kitchen products are still great.
The bestsellers under this niche were knife, BBQ cleaning brush, BBQ mat, food preservation tray and two multi-function food choppers. Knives and food choppers are two kinds of permanent winning products for dropshipping. 



There is a brand new winning product under this niche, the food preservation tray, it was a private product, but because it is too hot, so it is now opened to everyone. This food preservation tray is just so convenient to preserve food, just hit the pain point of the consumers, so no wonder it could be a best-seller, and I think there is great potential for this product.
There are two BBQ gadgets on the top seller list, but I think they are no longer a promising sub-niche in Q4, because I checked the word "BBQ" with Google Trends, and found that the peak searches of BBQ were all in summers over the past five years, then it fell in autumn. As the weather gets colder, fewer people would BBQ outside.

Consumer Electronics
The last promising niche is consumer electronics. There were 7 winning products on the bestseller list, two drones, two gamepads, two cameras and a 3 in 1 wireless charger. The wireless charger ranked #1 of the top100 bestsellers, which is really amazing, and this product was also shown in this winning products unbox video, the quality is quite good. Gamepads are new on the top seller list.


The quarantine forced people to stay at home, many people play video games to kill time, so the demand for video game products like gamepads increased massively.
Besides, consumer electronics are super hot in Q4, many dropshippers made their first success in Q4, so if you are about to start a dropshipping business, Q4 is a golden time.

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