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How to Create an Automatic Order on CJ?

How to Create an Automatic Order on CJ?
CJ2020-11-24 16:47:4434
Are you still doubt how CJ helps you deal with the orders in your store? Please follow the steps and create automatic orders on the CJ platform.
Main Steps:
3. Product Listing/Connection.
4. Add to cart & Pay.   
Here is a flowchart for your reference:


General steps: 

1. Store Authorization

The first step is to authorize your stores on the CJ platform. It's the precondition to list or connect our products to your stores and generate synchronous dropshipping orders.


Please go to My CJ > Authorization, you can see the 6 types of stores we currently support. They are Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Shipstation, Lazada, and Shopee, as well as API, which is for a personal website.


For each store type, we have general and detailed authorization steps on each page. For instance, if you want to open a Shopify store, please go to the Shopify page and Add Store. Then you can see detailed instructions on how to authorize your store step by step. Just follow the steps to complete the authorization.  





If your stores are not in the list of the 6 types, for example, stores from Etsy/Clickfunnel or personal website, you can authorize your stores through our API keys. The detailed flow is in the API document, but it needs you to be familiar with IT and Code. You can go to our Chat or contact your personal agent for more information.




2. Product Searching/Sourcing.

After the store authorization completed, the next step is to find the products you want to sell. There are four ways to hunt for products.


a. Browse our website. Products are classified on the homepage, and you can search for what you want. 


b. Search the keywords or SKU on the searching bar. SKU is the identification of a product. You may get it from your agent or our product push and recommendation videos. 


c. Search by image. If you have images for a specific product, you can drag the image or upload it by hitting the camera icon to find a product.


d. Sourcing a product. If you don't find them on CJ, we recommend you to use the service - Sourcing ProductsOur sourcing team will source for you and give you a result within 24-48 hours.


· Go to My CJ > Sourcing;

· Post Sourcing Request


Note: You can post an existed product from your store, or upload images and details for an individual product






3. Product Listing/Connection

Product listing and connection are a must to build a bridge between your store and our platform. Then the orders in your store will be synchronized to the CJ system.


a. How to list a product?

When finding a product you want to sell on CJ, please list it to your store directly. Then the product will be imported to your store successfully. The steps are as follows:

· Enter the product page and click "List";

· Select all variants and set the price;

· Click "List it Now". 


If you want to list one variant as a product or list some variants, please click "Edit Before listing". The listed products from CJ will be automatically connected.   





b. How to connect a product?

If you want CJ to fulfill orders of products in your store, you need to create a connection between them and CJ. The steps are:


· Go to My CJ > Products;


· Click "Add Automatic Connection"; 


· Sync products from your store, and find the same product by searching image, clicking "Match", or entering the product name/SKU; 


· Click "Connect" to make it.



There is another option to connect your sourcing products to your store products quickly - Add Sourcing Connection. The connecting process is similar to adding an automatic connection.


Differently, on the left, it will show your products that have been sourced successfully and products from your stores are on the right. 

4. Add to cart & Pay.

When you finish store authorization and product connection, orders of these products from your store will be pulled into your CJ platform automatically. 

· Find those orders in My CJ > DropShipping Center > Imported Orders;

· Select the orders and add them to the cart;

· Go to Cart and Submit;

· Confirm the order details and pay. (It will show the product deduction if you have your own inventory. You can also choose to deduct or not.)








If you don't pay right now, they will show in Dropshipping Orders - Awaiting Payment. The system will lock the inventory for 24 hours. Please pay for it timely.





Invalid Orders

When some products in your order are not connected well with CJ, or you changed the product title/SKU, they will go to Invalid Orders.


How to proceed with these orders?

Please check the details of your order and connect these missed products to CJ. Then go back to the Process Required, and hit the icon "Sync Store Orders". Then you can continue the steps: Add to cart, confirm and pay.


Note: You may need to copy the SKU first, and then go to Products-Connection to add an automatic connection.




If you have any other doubts, please contact us