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All the Possible Fees to Work with CJ

All the Possible Fees to Work with CJ
CJDec. 03, 2020 14:04:401040

CJ is an all-in-one dropshipping solution provider, who is devoted to offering a solution for store owners. Basically, we don't charge any fees for our general services like store authorization, product listing, or order synchronization. For other add-on services, we will charge fees to some extent. Here is a list of fees that we charge and we don't charge.


Free of Charge:


1. Setup fee/Monthly fee;


2. Sourcing request


It offers a solution when you didn't find the product you want to sell on CJ. We can help source and publish it on CJ for your order fulfillment.


3. Product listing and connection


You can import CJ's products to your store by simply filling in your price. It will build a connection between your products and CJ products. 


4. Product photos and videos.


5. Product recommendations (report). Our editors will pick the winning products regularly according product categories or popularity. You can read it or download the file to view.



6. Order synchronization and creation.


When the connection of products is made, your orders will be synced to CJ automatically with the products and shipping information. You just need to pay for it and CJ can handle with order processing and shipment.


If you don't have a store, it's also practical to create an order manually on CJ and fill in the shipping information. It will be delivered to your customers directly.


8. Order tracking and notification.


9. Quality check for products from CJ.


10. Global warehouses.


11. 24/7 customer service.


12. Free courses about dropshipping.



What We Charge:


1. Your private inventory.


2. Processing fees for fulfillment service.


3. Request for more sourcing limits.


4. Videos and photos shooting service.


5. Custom packaging.


If you have any doubts about these fees, you're welcome to contact us for help.