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11 Dropshipping Winning Products from Global Warehouses | 3-7 DAYS FREE SHIPPING

11 Dropshipping Winning Products from Global Warehouses | 3-7 DAYS FREE SHIPPING
CJ2020-12-30 17:23:0130


As the new year is coming, the Chinese Spring Festival is reaching the corner. All the factories and logistic companies are going to shut down and prepare for the holiday. Have you stocked products in China in advance? Or are you looking for a local supplier for your products? This article will introduce some local stocked winning products from our worldwide warehouses with 3-7 days free shipping to your pressing needs during the holiday season. The US is always a huge market for dropshipping.


Here are the products in the US dropshipping warehouse.

Waterproof Mattress Cover


It's a waterproof mattress cover made of polyester for young kids and allergy suffers. The waterproof feature protects your valuable mattress from spills and accidents, also prevents dust, bacteria, sweat, and urine. It's an ideal solution for children, pets, the elderly, and allergy sufferers. Two sizes are available, suitable for king-size mattresses and queen-size mattresses. It is stocked in the USA warehouse for only $17.89-18.49 with 3-7 days USPS delivery. Suitable for a general store or mother-baby store, or one product store, it currently has 23 lists.

Little Chef Kitchen Set


It's a role play kitchen toy that genuinely restores the appearance of the kitchen. It contains a sink, a stove, an oven, a shelf, and all different attractive kitchenware and tableware. Kids can experience boiling water, using running water in the sink, and turning on the stove. Parents can teach the cooking process with their children and bonding during the parent-child interaction. It is made by ABS, weighs about 5 lbs, product size is 22.5x10.5x29.5 inches. This product has 758 units stocked in the USA warehouse, currently has 28 people listed. It only costs 45.89$ with 3-7 days free shipping. It's a high perceived value product for a toy niche store or one product store.


Hair Straightener


The next product in the US warehouse is a hair straightener. It's a black hair straightener with four temperature settings from 160-220 degrees, suitable for all different hair types. It uses a PTC heating chip, prevent potential hair damage and fast heating in 15 secs. It has a US plugin and 2-meter cords. Easy to use, suitable for beauty niche store and one niche store. It has 100 stocked in the USA, only costs $21.6 with 3-7 days free shipping.

Ultrasonic Humidifier with Projector Light


This product is a combination of an ultrasonic humidifier and a light projector. The projection humidifier is equipped with starry sky and ocean projection effects, 360 degrees of automatic rotation effect. It has multiple modes such as single spray, double spray and intermittent spray. "Projector" is a popular niche in Q1. With the current second wave of the pandemic, many countries are locked down. Plus, this projection humidifier will perfectly have a wow effect for entertainment purposes in the cold weather. It has 254 units stocked in the USA warehouse, only costs 39.99$ with 3-7 days free shipping.




The next four products are from our UK supplier warehouse.


Garden Swing


As we know, air shipment has strict weight and size restrictions. So usually, we don't dropship large and heavy products. But this product is stocked in the UK warehouse, and the supplier will provide free shipping! Isn't it amazing free shipping with a huge garden swing? And it only costs 39.99$ with 3-7 days shipping time within the UK, including North Ireland. The swing also comes with a UV protection cover. When you don't use the swing, you could cover it to prevent water and dust. Green and Grey two colors are available, and the seat size is 220x125x170cm. Perfectly for one niche store or the furniture store or general store. Unfortunately, this product only has 12 units in stock. But don't worry about it. We have a solution for you guys. If the products in our overseas warehouses are low in stock, and you see the potential of hot selling. You could contact your CJ agent and inform them about your concern. We will evaluate your request and decide on pre-stock products for you.


Bag Organizer


It's a multi-pocket bag organizer for a tote. Tote bags have large storage space but don't have many pockets to organize it. This bag organizer is the perfect solution for the highest storage space. And the middle section of the organizer is removable, so when you don't need that many pockets, you can remove them. You could sell it with a tote or a handbag as a combination. Red, beige and pink, three colors are available. Suitable for bag niche or home improvement niche. And it only costs 8.56$ with free 3-7 days shipping within the UK. It's a similar price when it shipped from the China warehouse. It could be your additional supply option during the holiday breaks.


Microphone Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker


Lockdown at home during the quarantine, craving to hang out with friends? A microphone karaoke Bluetooth speaker is your ideal solution to experience the karaoke effect at home with family members. And the built-in high-quality Bluetooth module can be used as a speaker, a player and a recorder, compatible with various singing applications. It is compatible with Android and IOS devices and the maximum effective distance can up to 10 meters. The product comes with an English manual, one micro-USB cable and one recording audio cable. Only costs 20.99$ with free shipping within the UK and it has 79 units stocked in the UK supplier warehouse. Suitable for gift niche store, amusement product store, and one product store.




Garden Rotation Sprinkler


The garden rotation sprinkler has three head sprinklers, which can reach a 360 degrees rotation feature that helps irrigate the whole garden. Three nozzles contain 12 small holes and the spray distance can reach 8-10 meters. The product price is 6.88$ with free shipping, and we currently have 194 units stocked in Britain warehouse. It's a high perceived value for one product store or home improvement niche store. You could easily triple or quadruple the price.

There are some quite impressive products in the AU warehouse. Let's take a look at the first one-Blood pressure monitor. As Kamil predicted, the gift niche will be a hot-selling niche in Q1 2021, as Valentine's day, Mother's Day is reaching. This product is perfect for parents and the elderly to care for their health status. Easy to use, wrap it on the waist, then press the start button. This monitor will monitor your blood pressure and pulse. Large number display suitable for elderly, dual memory allows parent data to store separately. And this product only costs 18.99$ with free shipping within Australia. It has 87 units stocked. It is suitable for health care niche store or one product store.


Sports Fitness Yoga Circle


With the new year passed, people gained some weight during the holiday, and they want to get rid of the new year fat in the coming months. So, for Q1 2021, it's the best time to sell fitness products. Check out this yoga circle. It's a 37 cm diameter back yoga circle, 3.5cm thickness, can bear up to 300kg. It's an essential tool for Pilates, suitable for anyone who wanna keep fit. With this product, you can do Pilates at home during the quarantine, helping to practice inner and outer thigh muscles, upper arms, chest, and even the pelvic muscles. This product costs 20.75$ with shipping within Australia, currently has 43 units in stock. If you are already selling it, it can be your alternative solution for fast shipment.


Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head For Dyson


The next product is a money-saving and trouble-saving electrical accessories-Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head For Dyson. Dyson is known for its vacuum cleaner. Many families have one, especially young generations and newlyweds and pets' families. However, Dyson vacuum has one common issue: the brush bar is easily becomes jammed and stops spinning in the house where have pets or people have long hair. And Dyson's original motorhead costs 199.99$, quite expensive, right? This vacuum cleaner brush head is the alternative solution and only costs 23.09$ with 3-7 days free shipping within Australia. Imagine the profit, and you can easily triple the price. Currently, it has 173 units in stock in AU. Don't forget to check the suitable Dyson machine series on the product page.

If you are not interested in the products I introduced above, or your targeting countries aren't mentioned. Don't worry about it. Check out our worldwide warehouses for more products, pick your unique taste and sell it now with the local supplier. Go to our worldwide warehouse page to check out the products from different countries.