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8 Dropshipping Winning Products with Fast 2-5 Days Local Delivery | US Dropshipping Warehouse

8 Dropshipping Winning Products with Fast 2-5 Days Local Delivery | US Dropshipping Warehouse
CJMay. 07, 2021 05:40:141078

Shipping is always the pain in the ass for all dropshippers. The high-paced lifestyle has made customers used to place orders today, and packages got delivered within two or three days, maybe even same-day delivery. Customers are no longer satisfied with the shipping time of more than 15 days. Local suppliers have few products with high prices but fast delivery; Chinese suppliers have vast products with lower prices but long shipping times. You may wonder, is there any way to enjoy both the benefit of Chinese suppliers and local suppliers? Yes, of course - CJ overseas dropshipping warehouses.

Let’s take our US dropshipping warehouses as an example, and it has more than 4000 kinds of products in stock and ready to delivery within 2-5 days. This article will introduce you to 8 amazing but low-budget products from the CJ US dropshipping warehouse to start your business. Give it a shot for our overseas dropshipping warehouses. What’s more, if you already have winning products or unique custom products, ship them to our overseas dropshipping warehouses to enjoy the exclusive fast local shipping service.

Food Preservation Tray

The first product is the food preservation tray. It’s a problem solver kitchen product that can help with organizing food storage. Environmental-friendly materials make the tray reusable. Simply put the product in the tray and cover the lid, which can effectively keep the product fresh and seal the product. Uniform size can be stacked to reduce storage space. It’s safe to use in the microwave, fridge, dishwasher, and sterilizer. It’s the perfect solution for food preservation after grocery or goes out camping. It’s the winning product since last summer, proven seller in Aliexpress and CJdropshipping.

The kitchen niche is an evergreen niche. If we look at Google Trends, the search volume for "Kitchen" has not changed much in the past 12 months or the past five years, are all relatively stable. If you are just started dropshipping and want to play a safe card, then it is the product for you. It costs $1.55 and the total dropshipping budget is $8.73. It will be delivered in 2-5 days by USPS. And we currently have 109 units in stock in the US dropshipping warehouse.



BBQ Bear-Claw Shredder

The following product is also under the kitchen niche. Look at this unique claw shape, and you may be curious about this. It’s actually a BBQ bear-claw shredder with a wow effect. The odd shape can attract customer attention initially and separate the meat into strips easily. When we jump to Google Trends, we can see BBQ’s searching interest is rising as the weather gets warmer.

What’s more, it’s a proven seller in CJ and Amazon and has stable order amount every month. You can sell it in packs to increase the dropshipping value. We have already created the different paired variants for your convenience on the product page. The product price for one pair is $1 and the total dropshipping price is $6.43 by 2-5 days USPS. It has 50 units in stock.


Toilet Brush with Base

The next coming product is ranked number 56 on the top sellers' list in April from CJ. And it has 912 units in stock in US dropshipping warehouses. It’s a simple toilet brush with a base. This toilet brush uses the soft silicone brush head instead of the traditional brush, which can effectively avoid hair entanglement and make the brush easy to clean. The bottom of the toilet brush has a unique hollow design to prevent the growth of bacteria. Two styles are available, wall mounted style and flooring style can ensure the different needs of customers. It is suitable for home improvement niche stores or general stores. The product price is $2.61-$6 upon different variants and the total dropshipping price is $11.76-$19.10 with USPS shipping.


Tennis Trainer

As the weather gets warmer and COVID-19 under control, more and more people are interested in sports and outdoor activity. If you want to know more about this niche, find out the details in our niche prediction video for what to dropship in May here. If you are running a fitness niche store and want to make changes to your store because of the over-saturated fitness market. Then the next following products will be excellent choices for you.

The first product is the self tennis trainer. You only need to fill in the water into the tank and tie up the rope. Then it’s all ready to get self tennis training in your backyard, neighborhood, even at the park. Then there will be no more expensive personal trainer costs and venue fees. It can be reused and environmental-friendly. On Aliexpress, it costs $12.06 with more than one month of shipping. However, on CJ, it only costs $2.16 and the total dropshipping price is $9.58-$9.84 upon different variants. And we currently have 72 units in stock in our US dropshipping warehouse. I believe this price is really competitive and you can easily triple or quadruple the price for better margins.



Multifunctional Walking Stick

And another product under the sports and outdoor activity niche is the multifunctional walking stick. Removable design can turn the walking stick into a knife, bottle opener, harpoon, screwdriver, lanyard, hammer, and survival whistle. It’s perfect for wilderness survival lovers, hikers, and campers. 8 sizes are available for different heights, from 73cm to 139cm. I believe this product has huge potential in Q2. It only costs $7.99-$12.87 upon different variants. And the total dropshipping price is $14.17-$41.13, and we have 271 units in stock in the US dropshipping warehouse.


Mini Projection Humidifier

Projectors are really popular, especially for the starry star projector and the sunset projector. And this product combines the feature of both projector and humidifier. Small volume but with multiple functions can be used as a projector to create a romantic atmosphere or turn into a table lamp. It’s an easy-to-use product at the office or home. It is suitable for office niche stores or general stores. It’s a pretty product with a wow effect. And we currently have pink color available in our US warehouses with 65 units in stock. And the product price is $4.61, and the total dropshipping price is $11.79 with 2-5 days delivery. As a humidifier, there are huge profit margins. It currently has 75 dropshippers listed this product from CJ to their store.


Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner

The following product is an angry mama-style microwave steam cleaner, definitely an eye-catching problem solver. Open the lid and fill in water and vinegar, close the lid, and put it in the microwave. Start your microwave and steam will come out from the toy’s head. After steaming, you can easily wipe out all the dust and rust. If we check the reviews for this product, it has really great feedback 4.7/5. Many reviews with pictures showing how useful it is. It costs $6.9 with 2-5 days shipping. And processing takes extra 1-2 days. And we currently have 378 units in stock.


Portable Mist Spray Water Bottle

Last but not least, our final product is the portable mist spray water bottle. This is a sports water cup with a spray function, a perfect idea for the coming summer. After exercising with the sweat, the unique build-in spray feature can perfectly cool down the heat. This kind of novel product can get a lot of engagement on Facebook. It has 400ml and 600ml two choices of water capacity, is the ideal choice for summertime. 4 colors are available, prices are from $1.3-$1.36 depending on different variants. And the total dropshipping price is $7.49-$7.79 with USPS shipping. And we currently have 273 units in stock.