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7 Dropshipping Winning Products Unboxing (Product Trial January 2021)

7 Dropshipping Winning Products Unboxing (Product Trial January 2021)
CJ2021-02-05 16:18:1234



Here is the script of the 7 Dropshipping Winning Products Unboxing.


Hey guys, welcome to our channel-CJdropshipping. We will be unboxing seven hot selling dropshipping products in today's video to see if it's beneficial and convenient as its market. Many products perform well in ads every day, but not every product will have positive feedback. So testing and unboxing your selected products will be the previous step before you push to the market. I purchased these hot-selling products from 1688 to show you guys as a consumer, what's my actual reaction and opinion about these products. I hope this video will inspire your product picking skill. 


LED Shimmer Tree


Let's take a look at the first product-LED Shimmer Tree. The product package looks nice, all English packaging, marked product size and colour, printed with after effect images. I really have a high expectation of this product cause when I check it on Aliexpress, this product has thousands of orders on every store, and the picture looks dreamy and warm. Ehhhh, it's just one sparkly tree trunk wrapped with golden tape to cover the wire, all the branches are gathered together, and one plastic switch base and one USB cable. That's totally not what I was expected. It looks like the brunch should plug into the base. But what to do with the USB cable? I don't see the instruction. Oh, the instructions and product components are printed on the sidebar of the package. And I suppose to arrange the flexible branches in my desired style. Okay then, it looks a little bit better now. The folded extensions probably are to reduce the package size to lower the shipping cost. I will insert the battery, finger crossed, hope it will look nice like pictures. Wow~much better! Let's see the effect in the dark. Now it looks exactly like the picture, especially when we look at it with a little distance. Great! Overall, this product is matching with the description and pictures. Be careful about the folded branches style when opening it and the obvious tape ink. You may want to avoid these two pain points.



Adjustable Quantitative Spoon

The next product is an adjustable quantitative spoon. The kitchen niche is trending due to the pandemic; people spend more time dining at home. Let's check out this product. All English package with product using images looks really lovely and easy to understand. There are two measurement spoons, and the big one can measure by cup or tablespoon, the small one can measure by tablespoon or teaspoon. Simple to use, just by pushing the button to desired tick mark. The button moves very smoothly. Besides the tick marks on the handle, there also have tick marks by the ounce and millilitre on the scoop. It is very convenient to use for different measuring units on the recipe, and you don’t have to look for the right size among a pile of measuring cups each time. Now let's test out to see if it will leak. No leak, great! And we can easily separate the spoon into two parts and wash it. After cleaning, we can just stick the spoon on the fridge since there is a magnet is on the bottom. Highly recommended!


Robert Bluetooth Speaker

This a Robert-style Bluetooth speaker with a power bank, have black and white two colour options. The first moment I got the packaging, I had an intuition that this product was not easy to sell. The package prints in Chinese and English, mostly Chinese. Although the product looks quite technological, when I open the speaker, this lousy opening music really ruins my mood. I have tried the Bluetooth feature and voice call, and it has poor connection and voice quality plus low tone quality. I don't want to waste my time testing more features on this product. A biggie NO for this product. I must say that electronic products are better to test out before increasing investment in advertising. Ads for these products often look nice, but they will cause a high rate of disputes after receiving. Let's move to the next product.




Maternity Bag


Maternity bags were so popular in 2020 and it evolves into all kinds of features like bag can turning into a crib, comes with a power bank. This product comes into my sight is because of the low price. This product is only half or one-third of the other maternity bag. This product comes with a plastic bag, and it might be better to change to a customized zipper bag. Let me see, a vast storage space with 4 pockets inside. It can accommodate at least four 15inch laptops. Imagine converting to baby clothes. How much we can put. On the front, three pockets are made with insulation materials that can effectively prevent nursing bottles from getting cold. The other two side pockets increase storage space; one side is specially designed for tissues, with no rough edges and thread end. This is far beyond my expectation. If you're selling similar maternity bags, you could consider this to fill in gaps for low-priced products.


Portable Pinter


Unlike regular large printers, this is a specialized label printer. Imagine that all the future labels printed by the mobile phone and look more tidy and unified. I have pre-download the app and fully charged the printer. I can design the word, style and font in the mobile app and print for bar code and QR code with the template. I have created my own content on the app. Let's check out the printing result. There is a paper cutter at the paper exit. Clear print and can stick well on the item. The result of this product is quite powerful, compactness and a rugged design, convenient to carry. All the features can level up your price setting. However, the package contains Chinese characters, and the product comes with an instruction and a warranty card written in both Mandarin and English, which will lower the consumer's purchasing experience. The product package is another point that we will need to consider when we were testing products.



Pulse Oximeter


Due to the COVID-19, any products related to health and pandemic come a hit. This product is no exception. It was originally just standard home medical equipment for elderly or chronic disease sufferers. And now, the audience base is widely expanded. This product comes with an English package, one oximeter and one English manual. Easy to use, just insert the batteries, then put your finger on the clamp and press the white button. This oximeter will collect your pulse and your oxygen saturation, show it on the screen. It's the same as the oximeter from the hospital, just without the heavy machine and cords.



Lotus Acupuncture Mat


I am sure you guys are familiar with this product-Lotus Acupuncture Mat. This is actually an old product. Every year in Q1, we will receive many sourcing requests for it. It comes with a storage bag for a yoga mat printed with the brand name-posture upright. I am not sure about the MOQ of reprinting the brand, but for sure, we can customize the package. Inside the bag, there are one pillow and one pad full of massage units. Each unit looks like a lotus flower, and all the tips are like needles. I suppose to lie on the mat and all the massage units will pinch to my acupuncture points to promote my health on the product description. Ouchi, that's really hurt when I try it, especially with bare skin. You can see dense marks on my arm. I can't even imagine how the model lay on the mat when they were shooting the images. And no one will know can this product promotes health or not. Even though the cover is removable and comes with a storage bag, I still won't recommend this product.



There are many factors we will need to weigh the pros and cons when deciding to promote one product. You can't consider all factors at once without the real product. That's the point I am trying to show in this video with 7 popular products unboxing.