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How to Choose a Perfect Name for your Online Store?(with 120 Name Ideas!)

How to Choose a Perfect Name for your Online Store?(with 120 Name Ideas!)
CJJul. 20, 2021 10:32:182061

Now that you've decided to start an online store, the next step you need to make is to choose a brand name that can reflect your products and hopefully resonate with your audience. However, choosing a satisfying name for your online store is never an easy task: You want your store name to describe what you sell or offer. And you also want it to be original, memorable, and most of all, to stand out from other competitors.


In this article, we'll talk about how to name your business with five basic principles along with a list of online store name ideas. It should help any new online entrepreneur start in the right direction.



5 Principles to Help You Choose a Perfect Name for Your Online Store

1. Keep it Short and Simple

This is the most important aspect of your store name. Domain names can be around 60 characters, but your store name definitely shouldn't be that long.


Your web shop's name should be easy to say, type, and read.


As you try out names, say them out loud. Then ask other people to say them out loud, and make sure they're easy to pronounce. In many cases, online startups will have one or two major geographic regions or cultures in mind when they market. So it makes sense to choose a business name that customers from those cultures or regions can easily pronounce.


You should also make sure that someone who just hears the name but doesn't see it written out would still be able to figure out how to type it into the search bar. So keep it short and simple, so you don't have to continually correct the misspelled version of your name.



2. Think of an SEO-Friendly Name

Getting traffic is crucial in the online store. And SEO is a perfect tool to drive free organic traffic to your website. If your store name is SEO-friendly and your product pages are properly optimized, it's going to pay off really soon. 


You could include keywords in your brand name, this can help boost your SEO ranking. By including a relevant keyword in your brand name, Google sees this as a connection for how you want to rank.


But here is a reminder. Try not to give your start-up a generic name. Or you will find yourself be up against plenty of competition when it comes to ranking for that word or phrase. For example, if your store's main product is the alarm clock. Don't simply name your store: The Early Bird. Or else you will end up facing ranking rivalry from some 260 million better-established Google results.


So before you decide on your satisfying online store name, it's crucial to research SERP competition to give your new company the best chance of success on the web.



3. Use Generators for Inspiration

If you're feeling stuck, a brand name generator may be a good choice to give you more inspiration. You just type in a keyword that you want the title to include, then the site will offer you selections of potential name suggestions. For instance, some of the company name generator options you could try include:









4. Check the domain name availability

If you already had three or more great online shop names on your list (in case any of your names are already taken), you can do a quick Business Name Search online to find out if you're name is available within your country/state, also be sure to search if the name is also available for Trademark and Domain name Registration.


Click here to check if your domain name is available.


You can also run searches about similar domain names. This can prevent confusion or legal issues if your store name is too similar to a trademarked name. To see if a name is available, type it into a domain name search engine. It will tell you if the name is available or if someone already owns it.



5. Get feedback:

When you get enough feedback it provides a representation of how customers collectively perceive your brand. However, to maintain the brand's integrity, feedback shouldn't come from your family and friends but from brand professionals, customers, and your team. We recommend getting reviews from naming professionals because they provide functionality testing, customer testing, and other helpful services that'll make your naming journey smooth. Feedback will also give you key information about your brand name's tone and perceived meaning.



120 Catchy Online Store Name Ideas

Following are the 120 most catchy online shop names to inspire your ideas:


1. General Online Store Name Ideas


2. Catchy Clothing Boutique NameInspiration


3. Makeup and Beauty Business Name Ideas


4. Names for Maternity Boutiques


5. Home Decor Business Names


6. Women's Accessories Shop Names


Summing it up

A great company or product brand name is one that makes people stop in their tracks (even for just a few seconds) and think “What's that?”. Take your time to come up with a creative name that describes what you sell or offer. It helps if it's catchy and easy to remember. By coming up with a thoughtful name and doing your research, you'll make it easier to connect with customers so your business thrives.